Mommy Makeover

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I am carrying ALL my weight in my midsection and...

I am carrying ALL my weight in my midsection and in need of a Mommy Makeover to regain my confidence.

I've booked with CG Cosmetic. Just in the initial stages. So far it's been a bit crazy with my coordinator and/or their assistant trying to switch docs on me and then realizing the doc they wanted to switch me to doesn't work there anymore. Now have the office manager as my coordinator. Already paid $3k through Alphaeon.

Before pics

How I look now.

In the process of rescheduling consultation and switching PS

Hi everyone, I am in the process of switching my consultation date and confirming my surgery date with Dr Krau instead of Dr Freiman. Please pray for me because it seems as though since A I paid a chunk of change already and B my surgery date is in the middle of next year, CGC cannot be bothered save for one coordinator that I chat with on their online chat. Pray I get these dates and PS changed ladies!!!! Thanks xoxo

Switched to Dr Ary Krau!

I am so excited, elated, over the moon happy!!!! I have finally got the PS I wanted in the first place. Why did it take so long to get switched? Because I had to endure the rigmarole of getting my surgical coordinator switched at CG cosmetic first and the one I have now, Karina, is amazing thus far. Now I'm on the search for wish pics!

Checking out recovery house options...

So the plan thus far is for my mom and I to stay at a recovery house until I'm able to help myself to do the basics on my own and then my mom would return home and I would stay at my dads house for the remainder of the time, roughly 6 weeks total I would be in South Florida just in case I need to rush to see Dr Krau or the ER etc; God forbid. What do you surgery sisters think?

Supplies list

My list is as follows:
Faja d' Prada - the strapless girdle
Make me heal pre/post vitamins with bromelain
Arnica gel
Scar fx silicone sheets
Bacitracin belly button
Unrefined coconut oil
Naked green juice
Low sodium organic vegetable and chicken soup
Water of course
Bendy straws
Button down pjs
Walking sneakers (don't own sneakers lol)
Zip down hoodies and lounge pants
Undies for post surgery

I'm also staying at a recovery house for the first 7 nights the nurse does the lymphatic, nutrition, bathes you, bathroom assistance, private room, hospital bed etc.

Any bra favorites? I'm researching those now.

Face to face consultations: PS and recovery house

Next week I do my face-to-face consultations and I'm very excited. What should I ask the PS and recovery house?? Thanks in advance ladies! I feel like if I don't go in with lists I will just draw a blank and they will end up steering the conversations.

Miriam Landford Recovery House Consultation

Hey ladies!!

So I had the best best best visit today at Miriam Landford gorgeous home and saw the full setup where I will be staying for recovery. I plan to stay for 7 days with Miriam, which will include Miriam feeding, bathing , massaging, walking me outside,medications, remote control bed, tv, wifi, picking me up after surgery every every everything!!!! She is amazing. I also met a patient from CG Cosmetic there who was so lovely and had all the best to say about Miriam. I'm so happy! I also paid my deposit $200.00. I uploaded pics of her business card and the faja store that both of us agree is the best to go to :).

Waiting to see Dr. Krau

I'm patiently waiting to see Dr. Krau. Tried on some sizers already and I've decided on 500cc but waiting to see what Dr Krau thinks.

Saw Dr Krau

Saw Dr Krau it was lovely 2-3 mins with awesome tips on how to lose 15 lbs before operation and he ok'ed the 500 cc's.

Implants or no implants....that is the question.....

I'm starting to think I don't want implants that I only want a lollipop lift. What do you ladies think? I'm not interested in cleavage I am more interested in not having my boobs sag.

I stopped taking bc my scale says

I'm 180 lbs instead of 191 lbs....can this scale be trusted? Lol


So far I have paid down about $4k on my surgery using Alphaeon. I have also started making payments on it prior to surgery for a nice jump start. I am looking to use another company for the balance. I am thinking I don't want to tie up my cash (savings) in case of emergencies etc. Any companies you ladies prefer? Please let me know!

Weight gain....the scale fooled me.

So my scale is in such hot water right now. I have literally GAINED weight ..../like 8 lbs. I'm a whopping 199 lbs now. I know it's crazy. I went to see a doctor today to start getting in the best health I could possibly for surgery. Will keep you posted.
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