29 Years Old Fixing Teeth Before my Wedding in March

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I never had braces when I was a child. I needed...

I never had braces when I was a child. I needed them, but somehow I convinced my mom that i didn't. My lower teeth are pretty crowded and one of my upper teeth (next to the front tooth) has turned at least 45 degrees. My fiancee calls it a vampire tooth. It doesn't look bad from the front, but when there is a picture taken of me from the side, it does look like a vampire tooth.

I am getting married in March. I waited till the last moment to do this for a number of reasons. Now, my treatment that is 29 trays will be only half way done by the time of my wedding. But watching clincheck video gives me home. My "vampire tooth" will turn back to where it belongs almost completely and my bottom teeth will be pretty straight as well.

I am supposed to wear each tray for only a week because of the device I purchased through my orthodontist Dr Grussmark called Acceledent. It is a machine that you use daily that helps your teeth move. I haven't used it yet, so I will post about it later.

So I am on my day one today and it feels good. I don't know if they start you with a loose tray to easy you into a process, but I have 0 discomfort, no problem with speech, no dry mouth or soreness, ect.... but let's wait till tomorrow morning!

I like how the trays are literally invisible. I went to the mall after my dentist and nobody seemed to notice. People I spoke on the phone to, didn't notice either. I have 3 holiday parties in a row coming up starting tomorrow. I am so tempted not to wear the trays...

I am seeing my dentist next week to put on attachments. I will have a bunch, but not on the front teeth (thank god). They look like little bubbles underneath the trays. Yuck!

Day 2 plus some pictures

This is my video. Can't wait to see the results.

Explicit - Click to view

I couldn't load any picture yesterday. So here they are. Today was a struggle with these because my lipstick got all over the top tray and I didn't know, so I walked like a monster with bright pink teeth and NO ONE said anything. So emberassing! Tonight is a holiday party. I will try to be good. But can't wait to take these suckers out.

day 3

Getting used to them. But feel relieved every time I take them out.

Tray 3

I got my attachments 2 weeks ago. I needed about 12 of them. None in front teeth. First they were really bulky and sharp. I could't eat any hard foods that required a lot of chewing because I was cutting my cheeks with them. They got smaller and smoother in the last 2 weeks. Now I almost don't notice them. The only uncomfortable thing is that it feels like I have something stuck to my teeth when I eat. It makes it hard to eat out because I am worried I have food in between my teeth. But good news, they will take attachments off in 5 weeks and I will continue with just normal trays.

Tray 21

So, here is another update. I had my wedding in March. I was half way done with significant improvement. They took my attachments off for 2 weeks for my wedding and honeymoon. I got them back on April 1st. I am on tray 21 now. My bottom teeth look almost perfect. The "vampire" tooth on the top is being stubborn but getting in place slowly. I can't wait to take the attachments off. This time they are super yellow. I have 8 more trays to go. With acceledente, I am supposed to change then every 7 days, but I change them every 5-6 days because I want to be done with them by the beginning of June for my honeymoon #2.

have 22 trays left

Amazing progress so far. I finished my original trays and came back to down or I needed 26 more trays and more attachments then the first time around. But it is working. So I am happy.

Highly recommend!

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