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Where do I begin....I have thought about getting a...

Where do I begin....I have thought about getting a breast lift ever since I was a teenager. I have never had perky boob, (blame genetics)! Additionally, I lost over 80lbs (yay!!) but made my boobs even worse (nayy :-(). So I finally got the courage to do my research again to find the best surgey I could for my procedure. I started doing my resesach in via Google (because google knows everything!) and I came across some good prospects. In the process I stumbbled upon realself, which changed EVERYTHING about my research process. It is life facebook and yelp for plastic surgery! I love it! After months of just reading reviews, I got serious about my search. I currently live in NYC, and the prices here for a breast life and implants is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I feel for this price I should come out of the surgery room looking like beyonce, rihanna, hell any female celebrity that is glorified in the media! Surprisingly, my bf gave me the idea of look into FL, which brings me here..... I found Dr. Karu through reviews on realself. I was actually looking at his private practice before I saw that he was about of CG Cosmetics. At first I was against going out of state because of after care concerns (little paranoid when it comes to medical things), but the way my bank account is set-up and all the great reviews, I felt more comfortable with going with Dr. Karu. I researched his bad reviews, malpractice lawsuits, and watched his youtube videos. It appeared he knows his stuff, so I was like ok I will email for a consult. Me and the coordinator did not start off on the best foot, but we are working it out. I am just trying to stay positive. I am scheduled for May 14th. I have never had any kind of surgery and have always been in great health (thankfully), so I am just keeping my fingers crossed. Let the count down begin!!

Before Pics

Just some of my before. Can't wait until the after!!

Wish boobies!!

Just want them to look natural and proportional to my body


So I have gotten questions about size and I honestly have not really sat down and thought about it. I don't even know how to pick sizes. All I know is I want to be a decent size for my body frame, so that look realistic and natural. I don't know how many cc that will take. I guess when I get to my pre-op appointment I can try sizers and talk to the doctor about his suggestion. My only concern is that I am an active person and don't want to feel like I have two giant melons getting in the way of things. I have some wish pics, but they not all the same lol.

Blood work!

So today I went and got my blood work done! It was super quick, but made me realize that my surgery is coming fast! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I feel there are so many things running through my head, that I don't even know where to begin. I am trying to prepare for when I return home and the things I will need, ie back pillow, foods within reaching distance. I have been reading a lot of review and trying to compile a list of things based on what I seen on other women reviews. So you have some "This might be helpful" tips, please drop them here! :-)

6 days away!! Ahh!

As I lay here in my bed at 2am wide awake, I realize I am six days away! And all I can say is "OH Shit! I am really doing this!!" Lol. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I am trying to think of things I still need to do or should do to be prepared, but I don't know if there is anything else! All of my friends and bf have been so supportive, but I am still nervous and slightly feeling guilty for do this. A large part of me (the part I listened to) says I deserve this and have worked so hard with my weight loss to reward myself. I know this not apart of my body I can improve with exercise, but I feel a little vain for wanting it. But then again I think, I only live once and if this is going to make my life that much better because I will be happier and mot comfortable with myself, Fuck it! Let's do this!! BOOBIES HERE I COME

"Making my way down town..."

I don't know why those lyrics came to my head first thing this morning lol. So I getting ready to board the plane to head to Miami and I am a ball of nerves. I am anxious and excited. I keep running over things in my head, making sure I didn't forget anything. I will have my pre-op appointment this afternoon. At that time I guess I will finally try on sizers and think of sizing. I don't want the first thing you see about me is boobs, but I want them to be proportial. I will see what the doc says and go from there! It is really happening!!!

Post Op-A day late (sorry)

Hello post-op. Let's just say it is was a longgggg day. Luckily I read reviews about how long the waits are at CG so I was prepared mentally. Everyone was nice to me, but I was here for 5.5 hours no lie! The place was busy. The preop room was extremely small. I think with their high turn around they can afford a bigger space!

My consult. What consult? The meeting was like 2 minutes. I felt rushed and didn't get to answer all my questions. Luckily for me i did my research and talk to you wonderful ladies so I have a little understanding of what to expect. He kept emphasize that we can get perfect symmetry but I would be close to it. I just felt that was a little odd. It seems like you get what you pay for. I think it I went through his private practice it would have been different, but I have heard nothing but good reviews about his work, so I am focusing on that.

So I decided to go with 450 cc. I didn't want to go much bigger than my current size, but want them perky.

Morning of surgery!

I am a ball of nervous! I was told I was the first surgery of the day. Wish me luck!!

1 day post

Good Morning ladies. So I am 1 day post op. I am so happy I went through with it. Right now I am in some pain, but like many women have said my chest is very tight and soar. It is a struggle to get in and out of bed. Didn't realize how much you use your arms and chest for everyday things. My Right side has been giving me the most discomfort,but I taking my medication at prescribed. The actual surgery I don't remember anything. That anesthesia kicks in so fast! The next thing I knew they were dressing me and wheeling me out of there. I was freezing and shaking, but it stopped so after. Dr. Karu was great. He was informative and talked more right before surgery. I got to ask more questions. He gave me his cell to contact him directly. I really appreciated that.

Before and after pics

Before and after-hopefully these work

One more pic

1st Post Op appt

2 days since surgery. I had my post-op appointment with a nurse, not even the doctor. The nurse said I could take off my gauze and clean my nipple area. I am nervous to clean.

3 days post op.!

So I am 3 days post op. I feel good for the most part. I took a shower for the first time with them and felt ok. But I am experiencing a little burning sensation on one of my breast, like around the nipple area. I also a bubbly fizz sensation in my boob. Have any of you experienced that? I have started wearing my compression strap. Hopefully they will be dropping more.


Hey ladies. Quick question for you I am 5 days post op and my right breast is still numb and higher than my left. I have feeling in upper section of my left but not right. Have any of you ladies experience this.

9 days post op

So I am 9 days post op. I am feeling a lot better. My only issue is that my right side is still very tight and higher than my left. It is still uncomfortable to sleep. Have been sleeping on my back. I still am have my tape on. I think I will just leave it until I falls off on its own or no more than a month. I will still text Dr. Karu for is recommendations. Also, for those ladies who have had breast lift with augmentation out of your home state, how have you for the after care process for you. The RN nurse mention to me that was going to have to cut some strings and I was like wait what!? I am still confused and nervous about the process.


So I just saw this and don't know what to do! Anyone else's had this issue?!

Taking them out for a spin

So today I am wearing a dress without a bra for the first time comfortable and looking half way decent. My incisions are healing. I did have a question, did any of you ladies have to cut the strings after too off the tape? Since I did my procedure out of state, I was told to cut them close to skin. I did, but I can still feel a little pieces of string. Will that go away?


So I will make 1 month tomorrow and I have noticed they are itching like crazy! But the weird part is my scratching doesn't help lol. Have any of you ladies experienced this?

6 weeks post op!

Soooo it has been 6 weeks! Time is really flying. I must say I do love my new boobies (for the most part). My only issue is that one boob sits higher than the other. The doctor said that the right would always be slightly higher because it was a smaller breast and they used the same size implant in both. I guess it kinda make since ????. I am still sleeping on my back and sometimes of my side kinda. No tummy action yet. I think I am experiencing some boob greed, but I remind myself that I originally just wanted them to be perkier, so I am being happy with that. I am looking forward to seriously working out again. Did some light cardio, but I prefer to lift!

3 months Post

Soooo I am in love with my new boobs! I feel they l have dropped enough and look natural. It is hard to tell (unless you knew me before) that I had work done. I feel much more confident about them and comfortable. I did not have any serious complications and believe the healing is going well.

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