New Mommy,New Breast, New Me!!! Breast Lift W Implants Dr.Freiman - Coral Gables, FL

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Hello Ladies, So ive been on a journey since...

Hello Ladies,
So ive been on a journey since february deciding on going for a breast lift with Implants with Dr. Freiman at Coral Gables Cosmetics. Ive done my research and I want a Small saline implant under the muscle. I am currently a very deflated large C cup (I think lol) Ive always been self conscious about my breast since I was a teen. They have always sagged but after having a beautiful baby a year ago and breast feeding for 2 months they are more deflated then ever. Hopefully I get positive feedback from the Doc when I see him in person because I do have alot of breast tissue which is good I guess. I have everything booked for June 24, 2014. I am flying out from New york which does make the process a little more difficult because I am an out of state patient.

I find it important to post this review because there are many ladies that would like to see more of Dr.Freiman's breast lift work. We all know that his breast implants are phenomenal and all we see is positive feedback that is why I choose to go with him. The Ladies that I have been following here on realself are LabellaNewBoobs & LillyFLower because I love their results and Hunnie & Dollbabyshae because I also love their results and their breast lift experiences on realself from Dr. Freiman.

I have read and researched so much about Coral Gables and Dr. Freiman its not even funny. As we all have read and some of us have experienced they are a fast paced clinic, some people compare it to a nail shop or a hair salon lol. Besides this they do provide amazing results!! I have read that their after care follow up is not the greatest but I do hope that everything will turn out fine. I feel that the clinic is a recognized establishment so I can always fly back or email for follow ups.Being an out of state patient, I have seen many other ladies fly out to miami from all over the U.S. so its not a big concern for me.

Im super excited to go through with this. I will try to post as much as I feel comfortable with, that way you girls can get the best idea of my journey. If any of you ladies have questions feel free to ask, ill try to answer as promptly as possible. Thank you all!!

New update!! Before pic and wish pics!!

So ive finally build up the courage to post a before pic. As you can see I am in serious need of a lift!! Lol I also have asymetry that got worse after breast feeding,Ive always been self conscious about my boobs because of it. Im in my early 20's and I feel like im to young to have my boobs like this. My nipples are also huge :( So hopefully with this lift my babies will be transformed!! Also there are some more wish pics. Definetly want them a tad bit larger therefore I want a small implant also to balance them out. I have alot of breast tissue so there after I should be left with a D cup. Happy researching ladies!! I hope my experience helps other girls out there!!

Forgot to add

My Height is 5'3 and I weigh 112Ilbs. Thought this would be helpful!!

Time is coming super nervous 2 weeks left

Hey Ladies, so quick update there are 2 weeks left for me to leave to miami. Im super excited and nervous at the same time. Ive been having mixed feelings. I know im not the only one that has felt selfish for leaving their husband and kids to get a BA. I feel bad because I wont be able to carry my 1 year old for a while and she is super attached to me. On the other hand I feel like I really need this and its all set. So moving forward Im posting a better pic of my wish pic and some more before pics. I received my post op bras from walmart in the mail, I was so happy trying them on. Everything feels so real now. Only 2 weeks left and ive almost bought everything I need just still shopping around for last minute things. Will probably be updating one more time before surgery!!

quick question

How was it flying with a recent BA? Was it uncomftorable? Did anyone experience swelling? I was told to walk every hour during the flight to avoid blood clots. Does anyone have experiences to share or any advice durinv the flight? Im already scared of riding a plane as it is lol And also therd are myths of implants being associated with flying, which is so not true im more concerned about swelling has anyone herd of wearing conpression socks I know it sounds funny but whatever works.

Im here

Im so excited In finally here in Miami, arrived yesterday. Sorry for not posting anything for a while, been kinda busy. My pre-op appointment is today cant wait to Meet DR.Freiman. I still cant believe my surgery is scheduled for tommorow. Hopefully I dont endure much pain during recovery. Miami is awesome lets see what happens next!! Im super curious to know what profile I will have and how many CC's. Will update about the pre-op appointment later!!

Pre-op and surgery day

Pre-op went very well, as soon as I got there they saw me. I finally got to me my coordinator Norma and her assistant Yandira, both very sweet ladies. I finished signing papers, g


Hey ladies sorry Haden updated sooner!! My phone turned off when I was writing the previous update. But anyhow surgery was great!! Durinf my preop I saw Freiman and he wanted to go with moderate profile 330 and 350cc saline implants. I trusted him and said ok. I told him I wanted a natural look. I was happy they saw me fast didnt wait around or anything.

The day of the surgery my appointment was for 6:30am I got there on time and the process started immediatly. They escorted me to a room, I put on a robe and saw the anesthioligist. She was very sweet and assured me she wouldnt leave my side. Then freiman came in and started marking me up he wrote 350 on my left side and 330 on my right. Everything was moving along fine as they escorted me to the operating room. The anesthia was connected to my IV and 5 mins later I was gone.

When I woke up I felt light headed and some pain. A nurse immediately gave me 2 of my pain meds and I was good to go. I was picked up and put on a wheelchair and was escorted to my car. I got to my hotel at 10:00am and layed down to sleep for a few.

Right now its day2 and I feel good. Ive been taking my meds like clockwork and im feeling great. My boobs are looking good. They are riding high but im glas that everything went well. I just have to be patient for them to drop. I also went to the post-op appt today. I saw Dr.Ortega because Freiman was off today. He gave me directions to take care of my new girls!! He advised me to shower tommorow, to sleep on my back for amout a week and to try to lift my arms slowly to avoid stiffness. Dr.ortega was nice he removed my guaze and then I saw the results of the surgery. So far they look good just that they ate riding a bit high. Overall the experience was a good one, let see with time how my girls progress!! If any of you ladies have questions feel free to ask

Back to Ny

So Im back in NY no place like home. I missed my daughter my little angle. When I first seen her I wanted to cry cuz I could not carry her. Getting off the flight I threw up at the airport, I dont know why. I think its because I took the antibiotic like 3 hours after eating. It should be taken right after food. Besides that I feel better today dropped the pain killers and don't have much pain. Im still taking the muscle relaxers and antibiotics till they are done. Here are some photos at 4 days post op

Pics at 4 days

Update on My breast Lift and Healing

Hey Ladies Ive been wanting to update because Ive been getting some questions regretting if Im happy with my results and if it was worth it. I can say so far I love my results and I am happy with my new boobies. I know I havent sounded much excited but im dying to take off my tapes to see the results of my incisions, then I can really speak on results. So far the healing proccess is good and I dont have much pain. I will be removing the tapes at 2 weeks hopefully as told by the doctor. Some people have asked me about going w Freiman or Ortega. I got my surgery w Freiman he is a good surgeon. I havent done much research on Ortega cuz I went with Freiman off the bat I seen his results and they all have been good. Freiman is more conservative and he goes with natural looks. If you want something to big I feel like he will tell you what is best for you. I knew what I wanted off the bat which was a natural look similar to the size I already was. No one notices I have gotten a Breast lift with implanys cuz I always had big boobs!! On that note I like my results and here are some updated pics

3 weeks post op

Hey Ladies, sorry I hadn't updated. I was finally able to remove the tapes at 2 weeks. I put tape back on for an extra week and removed them at 3 weeks. Im not sure If I was suppose to go tapeless there after but there aren't any open wounds anymore. I havent had any pain only when I removed the tapes my areola and nipples were a bit sensitive. They are all better now. My implants have dropped significantly and I do Love my results. I just have to be patient with the healing of my scars. At 4 weeks im thinking of giving Scarguard MD a try. I dont know if its to soon, im gonna see how my breast are in another weeks or so. So far everything looks good my only concern is that my breast look a little uneven but Im not going crazy yet because I have to continue to let them drop. It also maybe that Im taking my own update pics but the aspect that I am focusing on is that my scars are different so maybe that is why my breast shape is a little different on each. If you ladies notice anything please be honest and let me know. You honesty will help me out alot. On another note having this surgery has changed my life, I am now able to wear shirts I was wasn't able to before. I have been bad ive work braless shirts like once or twice, which I should of not have but they look so awesome. I have been wearing wireless brad as directed (I will be posting which ones in next update) My hubby Loves the new Additions, he has complimented me along the way. The only difficult thing is not being able to carry my daughter, its so hard cuz I have to bath her, feed her and put her to sleep. My hubby helps me most of the time and I work my way around it. My daughter is 1 1/2 so its not that bad, shes climbs on the bed and she climbs out of the tub, I have a big girl lol but anyhow if you ladies have any questions feel free to ask.

New quick update

I know its been a while Ive been so lazy to post but I figuered its important to those ladies doing their research. I Love my results!! They have healed very nicely!! The pics im posting up are not the best but your can see how they are doing im about 9 weeks post op, 2 months and a week and I feel good. The only downside I can think of is that one of my boobs looks slightly smaller than the other. Im not sure if it hasn't completely dropped yet but I will be patient and hope for the best. Also my scars both me a little especially the anchor scar on my left breast, which was my bigger breast. The crease scar on that breast is a little raised especially to the outer part of my cleavage so it is a little noticeable. Besides that im happy!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is a great p.s his work is outstanding the prices are reasonable. If you are looking to spend alot of time with your p.s then search for another. This clinic is fast paced and that is why he does not spend much time with patient. Work is good!!

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