Lift with implants w/ 339cc silicone with moderate profile 5'1, 148lbs 39 Yrs Old - Coral Gables, FL

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So my entire lift I had awesome perky breast. 36DD...

So my entire lift I had awesome perky breast. 36DD......I breast fed and was on a roller coaster with weight loss. I am finally close to my goal weight and my breast said enough! They look awesome in a bra but when it comes off. Can you say saggggggggggg, lol!! I have no breast tissue on the upper part of my breast what so ever! I have been researching and very nervous about a lift because of the scars and healing time. I been lurking to see more stories with the ladies that have encountered lifts with implants. I need to see results and hear their experience.

pics.... ugh

So I dragged my feet posting these because I am quite embarrassed! My boobs took a complete drive :(. I wear a size 36dd bra but I have no elasticity anymore. They look awesome in my bra but when I take it off I am totally flat on top. All you feel is the chest bone.

Wish pics!

Not sure I will achieve these results because of the lift but he they are...

Hubby's wish pics, he's

My husband is insane, he sent me this once we decided to go ahead and lock in my surgery date. I think they are way too big for me. lol


My heavier days.... but always representing.

10 days to go..... excited and nervous

So I am 10 days from my surgery day and starting to get very excited and nervous. I am starting to get my things in order. I bought 5 front end closures sport bras. I bought button up front pajamas. a laxative? I think I need more comfy bottoms.

Any vitamins recommendations?

What else do I need? Any suggestions would be helpful!


So I made my final payment =) today --- 6 more days until I get nice round high tatas. I just purchased this bathing suit, I can't wait until I can fill this baby out! Doing some last minute shopping and hoping my recovery goes well. I just wanted to thank the many ladies that helped me through this journey with the encouraging words and support. I am not sure what size I am going to go with. I always been big breasted and now I just have skin. I am thinking 450-500cc to maintain the natural size I had but I am short and don't want to look too top heavy. I love the HP but may go moderate to look more natural. I will see what my doctor suggests. . I am very curvy so I just want to be proportioned. Here are some pictures when I was heavier and had my full big boobs so you can see the difference in the bathing suit pictures. Ugh, where did they go. They disappeared -- ugh! I am also nervous about the BL scars. I hope I heal well.... ugh, my mind is going a mile a minute. I will be back to update soon!!

Some pictures of my round fuller boobs!

the official countdown....

So it's 3 day before my surgery and I have been in the stores shopping like a mad lady... here is me over the weekend looking forward to my new twins. I am very curvy and still working at my goal weight and want to be more toned. Overall I am happy with my outcome so far and can't wait to hear what the doctor suggests.

Day 2 after surgery

So it's day 2 after surgery and I feel pretty good. I met with Dr. Freiman on Thursday and as everyone mentioned he is not personable at all. Almost borderline rude and arrogant. He recommended a a small implant because of my breast tissue and moderate profile. I must say I was very unhappy when he told me this. I didn't travel all this way for small boobs. He is definitely the more reserved doctor. I had some issues once I arrived with medical clearance but the morning of surgery were resolved after I sat down with the anesthesiologists. I was no cleared and they started my iv... after they rolled my into the operating room, they gave me me that great cocktail and I was out. I remember waking up in some pain but more nauseous. They girls were great. They gave me some pill for the nausea and held off on the pain meds thinking they would make me worse. The ride back to the hotel was a bit bumpy and painful. When I arrived in had some oatmeal and took my pain pill. I slept for about 5 hours. When I woke up I felt pretty good. My pain was about a 4. I took my muscle relaxer at about 10 and it really helps tremendously. I slept in the upright position, my back is killing me and my body kinda hurts more than my boobs.

Day 2 is going good. Went to my post op appointment and was able to take some pictures. I am up and about today. Did some shopping at Walmart and feeling okay... towards the end of the day I felt tighter and needed my pain meds. I didn't take it this morning cause I was running around and they make me dizzy and tired. I am only taking half a pill and it works well for me.

Before and After pictures

Here are my pics. ... they are smaller than I like but the doctor really didn't want to go with a bigger implant.

more pics

Day 5.... home and feeling good

So I'm finally home and I must say for the most part I feel pretty good. I am totally off my pain meds and muscle relaxers and just finishing up my antibiotics. Overall I am very happy with my results and the work Dr. Freiman performed. Although I think I might be smaller than I like I don't regret my decision to have him perform my surgery one bit. He's an excellent doctor and takes total pride in what he does and knows what he is talking about. Unfortunately he didn't give me the warm and fuzzy when I first met him but that came with his concerns of the health issues he thought I had and was very cautious. If I had to do it over again, I would totally still have him perform my surgery. He told me I am here to give you long term results your going to love not something you will love for a year and then you will be back to see my because the heavy implants i suggested are sagging. He suggested what he thought was best for my size and skin and so far my results look great and I'm very happy and would highly recommend him. My girls are still sitting high and hard. I have a lot of fluffing to do.... I'm trying to be patient but it's sooo hard. I start my massages on Friday. I will be sure to post pics to show any changes.

Day 6.... stopped by Victoria Secret.

So I was at VS today for some lounge wear and I had to try this on. Love that I don't need any support but can't wait till I can massage these girls and I get some more cleavage. Every day I feel better... feeling pressure towards the end of the day and feeling my nerves tingle around my nipple area.

Forgot the pictures... day 6

Here are the pictures fron Victoria Secret

Day 8....

Day 8 and I can't stay out of the stores. I am trying on all these things I couldn't wear when I had my flap jacks. It's so good to wear a tube top with no support. To wear a bathing suit that is tied so tight that it hurts your neck to hold up your girls. I feel real good.... massaging my girls and feeling some relief. Yesterday was my first day back at work and towards the end of the end I felt really tight and hard. I massaged them a bit and it felt so much better. One day at a time but loving my results so far.

Day 12 -- -Getting squishy and dropping!!

I must say, I am falling hard for my new girls. I was a bit disappointed at first about the size, I thought they were too small but now that they are getting softer and dropping they look so much better. I still have yet to take off the tape so I don't know what they the incisions look like yet but my recovery has been awesome. I been pretty active since my surgery and not over doing it. When I did less my girls we be so much stiffer. They are now starting to feel like they are mine now and now just stiff bricks laying on my chest. Thanks to Lily Flower, Iris34, HoneySquirrel89 and LabellaNewBoobs. You ladies have been my life saver. I am forever grateful to the constant support. I was so nervous and upset going into this and you ladies always made me feel better and reassured me!! Thanks again.... sending you all virtual hugs. Realself has been such a wonderful place and ALL you ladies have been sooo, soo supportive! I did a photoshoot with my club this weekend and here are some of the pictures. My twins are falling so natural. Not the projection that I wanted but overall I am happy with my results so far.

16 Days Post Op

Hi there! I just wanted to post pictures at 16 Days Post Op after removing my tape. I am still a bit high but they ate getting so much softer now. My left is higher than my right and not as pretty as my right. My nipple still needs to recover, my ps said it can take up to 3 months so I'm patient.

3 Weeks Post Op

So today makes 3 Weeks Post op. I'm feeling wonderful. My twins are still a work in progress but doing awesome. I have posted some pictures to share my progress. My left side is very stubborn but my right is looking great. I am wearing a Hanes comfort flex bra and it's so comfortable. It helps when I need to where lower cut shirts and spaghetti straps.

5 weeks :)

Time has been flying, I can't believe it's almost 5 weeks. I must say I have had a pretty seamless recovery and so grateful. I took the tape off and wanted to share some updated photos. My incisions are very thin. Dr. Freiman did an awesome job. I'm still healing and massaging daily. I am still a little lopsided, can't wait to see my final results.

5 week pics


6 weeks pics

My girls at 6 weeks. They have dropped nicely :)

3 week difference... before and after

So I wanted to share a before and after 3 weeks apart. They have totally dropped. Wish they were bigger :( or at least a higher profile.

2 Months Post Op

Hi there... so it's been 2 months since my surgery and my twins feel great. They have dropped and I hope this is where they will rest. Lol. I finally got the clearance to wear a wired bra... got measures at a 36 dd/ddd. How awesome is my doctor???? I wearing the exact same size just with perky girls now. I'm still having issues with spitting stitches but removing them when I can. Not using a scar treatment yet until all my incisions holes have healed. Here are some updated photos. :)


So I finally went bra shopping and tried on a few... can someone please tell me why the best fit was a 36G --- this can't be right! I went to two bra specialty stores and that's what worked the best for me. I still can't believe it!

Best fitting bras

Hi ladies, I tried on many bras but I found two that had the best fit.

WACOUL LaFemme Contour Style 853117

FREYA Deco Delight STYLE AA1561, this has a deeper plunge and has multi way straps.

5 Month Pictures

Just wanted to share how well my girls dropped -- they are all me and look so, so natural! I have no regrets with my lift and my scar are doing great!
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