Curvy figure scheduled for breast lift w/implants 40th bday present! - Coral Gables, FL

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So I'm back for more...After having had a TT in...

So I'm back for more...After having had a TT in 2010 (which I am totally happy with), I decided I wanted to finish off my front side. I'm having a BL w/implants with Dr.Krau at CG Cosmetic Center. I am still undecided as to how much CC's to actually have put in as my breasts now are relatively large but was told a lot of tissue would be removed with the lift. I am 5'5 and currently weigh 195. I have not seen many reviews of woman my size so I decided to add mine. I have been this size now average now for about 6-7 yrs. so I think I should keep my results for a while. Of course I wish I was smaller but have learned to love my body as it is the older I have gotten. My breasts are really saggy (will put pics soon) as not only has my weight fluctuated but I breastfed my son for 2 yrs. Would love to hear any feedback of anyone who is in my weight range that has had this surgery.

Before pics

Well here they are in all their glory (or lack thereof)


Really was considering getting lipo in the area pointed too but was quoted $1500, seems kinda steep to me. Has anyone gotten lipo in this area along with a BL?

Not happy with my surgical coordinator!

So frustrated with my surgical coordinator I knew when I booked my surgery at a center the service would be very impersonal but not to this extent. I feel as though just like everyone says once they have your money everything changes. I am trying to add on the Lipo and am getting no help whatsoever. On their website it states they accept PayPal and when I asked my SC she said no. Today I called the office anonymously and they said they do. I wonder if they get a kickback from CareCredit? She seems to always push for it. Left a message today and no answer. Anyone change their surgical coordinator? What would be a nice way to do it? I feel as though they should be chasing me around to add a procedure not vice versa!

Second thoughts??

So I've been having second thoughts lately about this whole thing. I think that maybe I should have tried to lose more weight before going through with this. The reason I decided to go ahead with it was because I've been stable at this weight now for quite some time and so I thought since I'll be turning 40, what the heck! Are having perky boobs really that important? Lol I mean I've had them this way for as long as I can remember. I guess these feelings are normal. I just hope to snap out of it, it should be something that I am happy about not questioning over and over.


So I did it, added and paid for lipo in what they call "bra fat" Has anybody had this done along with a BL? This is my area of my concern. When I had my TT it seems they didn't lipo high enough and one side looks smoother than the other.

T minus 1 week! Bring it Baby!

Well, one week left..anxiety is definitely kicking in. Can't sleep much at night, thinking how "they" will look. I can't imagine they'll look any worse than they already do. I'm getting more and more excited as time goes. Wondering what I should get or do before to get ready? Would love feedback.

Surgery eve!

Surgery scheduled for 2 tomorrow. Not too happy it's in the afternoon but gives me time to run last minute errands I guess. Just sucks I'll be starving all day :( Anyways, saying my final goodbyes to my saggy girls, can't say I'll miss them though. Hope I have everything I need. If anybody has some "must haves" please share. Will post pics soon as I'm able to :)

Saying goodbye to these!

Got my markings..

It's a done deal!

Well, day after. Surgery went well. All I keep thinking about is how they look, haven't seen them yet! I have my follow up today at 10 am, I'm sure I'll get to see them then. I can't wait. Thank God I had read somewhere about getting a neck pillow,?its a life saver. Slept relatively good. As for the pain I'd say it's mainly more when I move. Will keep you posted.

Here they are! (Well , somewhat)

Took these at my follow-up today. finally got to see them well, somewhat. I didn't see Dr.Krau for my follow up and was disappointed about that. :/ Anyhow, he took off the gauze to check the nipples but I was afraid to look. Tomorrow I have to shower so I will finally see. I'm kind of disappointed that they are not higher or have more fullness on the top. I know it is still very soon but i know if anything they will get smaller as the swelling goes down. I ended up getting 397 CC's on each breast. Don't know why the uneven number lol Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. Any tips for my first shower?

First shower

Any tips for taking my first shower post-op? I'm really dreading this :(

No cleavage :((

So Shower was a success. Feel so much better after like I could even move around better lol Still disappointed it doesn't look like I'll have a nice cleavage. I should have been more specific with him and not let him decide. I am happy though that my nipples and breast size is symmetrical I guess it could have always been worst. Pain has gotten a lot better only took one Oxy today just for the shower. I'm anxious to see what the final result will be I know when I had my tummy tuck it took a long while to see positive results. I also has lipo right under the area of the bra band so I know I am swollen there.

They seem smaller to me than my old ones :(


Bleeding on incision line normal?

Just looked at the bottom of my right breast and it looks like there's new blood on the gauze. Not much but a little. Is it normal to still bleed a little there?

Feeling good

So I've been feeling relatively good have been trying to active around the house nothing crazy pain has subsided significantly just a little rush upon standing and maybe moving around sometimes. No longer taking the pain medication and almost done with my antibiotics. Still moving kind of sluggish but I do notice improvement every day. Going back to work tomorrow but my work entails sitting at a desk so I should be ok. I'm not driving though having someone take me and husband picking me up. I'm not worrying too much about the size right now just going to let the healing process take its course. I do wonder about these steri strips the ones across the bottom are full of old blood is that ok? Will post pics later today after my shower.

Picture update

I figured the implants are the right size they're not small the problem is I'm too big :(( I think he picked the right size once they drop they'll be fine. Maybe this will motivate me to lose some weight if I can just lose 20 lbs I'd be happy with that.

Coming right along

So, first day back at work. Everything seems to be "falling" into place, hope it doesn't "fall" too much lol. Anyhow, I think maybe I'm swelling a little more cause I'm more active today. No major pain. Just waiting and anxious to see the final results. The more I look at my before the more and more happy I am with my after. I can imagine I was a difficult case being not only how large my breasts were but also the fact that I am overweight.

Seeing changes :)

So I'm still feeling pretty good. Moving around is almost back to normal. Excited for my f/u appointment tomorrow. Hoping the tape will come off. Anxious to see what's going on under them. I feel they have more movement. Sleeping upright all the time is getting really annoying :( Wish I knew how I can get rid of that rash I have under the breast. I know it's from always having my breasts laying when pre op. Any suggestions?

2 week update

So just call me Frakinboob lol. I know I have to be patient but I'm not digging this stage at all. They look like corpse boobs. They are still really swollen and really hard and very bruised. I've had to stop myself from reading too much on Realself cause I'll worry myself to death. No real pain just very uncomfortable carrying the weight around it feels like I'm carrying around rocks on my chest. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final results

Healing very slowly..

Doesn't look like much is changed. I'm feeling fine except at night swelling. The bottom of my breasts are still super hard. It seems the healing process has taken really slow for me in comparison to others I've seen.

Slowly but surely :)

Hapoy to see some slight improvement. The hardness is getting a little better along with their shape I think. Patience is key I see. The more they heal the more I like what I see. Can't recall ever looking down and being to see my nipple that in itself is worth the money lol

Just for fun!

Proud of my creation yesterday for Halloween so thought I'd share :)

One month boobniversary!

So of course I'm thinking no I wish I would've gone bigger but doesn't everybody… But I realized that sometimes it's quantity over quantity. Lol I've been feeding fine still have trouble sleeping I was sleeping on my side is still uncomfortable for me. They are still a little uneven and I'm crossing my fingers that they will even out in the long run. All in all I am very happy :) he truly is a master at what he does . I remember when I sent him a picture a few weeks after he said looks great and I was like really? It's a long process but at the end it is all very worth it...

Look ma no wire!

Still have a boxy boob

Just waiting on that right boob to take shape! Still looking a little boxy :( Other than that they're looking pretty great! Only thing I would maybe have revised is the overhang of my left one. Wonder if that would be really complicated?

I can get used to this ;)

Havebt updated in a while but decided to put this pic..wearing a nighty has taken a on a whole new meaning lol.

2 months

Started using scar gel. I was told by CG to buy one that contained silicone as those were the most effective. So

Couldn't be happier!

Brought this dress to play around would never wear it in public just wanted to see how it would look with my new and improved boobies ????

Scar tissue?

So here's an update..not sure if anybody is following my updates but if they are would love some feedback. As you can see they have really gotten smaller. Let me start by saying that in comparison to my before I am totally happy with them. Am I 100%? No. :( One, I definitely should have bigger. Two, on my right breast in the inner part I have a hard lump which I was told by Dr.Krau was most likely scar tissue. Although its not very noticeable on the outside I see that it does change the shape of the breast a little. Anyhow, he said I should wait till the year and then if still there we would consider a revision. If I would go through with a revision I would consider possibly going bigger. Another reason I am not fully satisfied is I never got to see Dr. Krau for a follow up although he is always available via phone I thought I would get to see him at least once for a follow up. I was told by CG unless I was having a complication I wouldn't see him when I was told initially that at 6 months I would. Has anybody else had issues with scar tissue and had a revision?

Almost 9 months

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Initial consultation was fairly quick. He definitely knows what he's doing. He was very pleasant. He seemed very confident and am really leaving it all up to him as far as the CC's goes. Bedside manners were great and for any breast procedures would choose no one other.

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