Breast Lift W/ Impants - Coral Gables, FL

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So a little about myself. I am 28 years old,...

So a little about myself. I am 28 years old, single with no children. I have always felt insecure in my own skin for as long as I could remember. I know it started as a teenager when my body started to develop. I was always fit and into working out and would receive compliments about my body but still no matter how much I worked out or ate healthy it didn't fill the void that I had due to the way that my breast were. I have never had children or have been overweight and never understood why my breast were never perky. When I tell you it has deminished any confidence I have ever had, I am not kidding. It sucks having to avoid wearing certain clothing because you don't feel secure about yourself. I've been been contemplating about having surgery for many years and have visited this site throughout the years and finally made the decision and said what the heck? You aren't getting any younger. Do this for you! Do this now! So I am excited to finally share my journey with you all!


I met with two doctors and I decided to go with dr Altman because he was more detailed and seem very knowledgeable during my consultation. I booked my surgery for December 1,2016 and had to go to my consult. I won't lie. I was a little disappointed with my consultation because I had to request to see my doctor. The staff appeared too distant and aloof to me and not as engaging as when I had my consultation. I don't want to judge based on the pre op and hope that the actual surgery does well and the post op also. I've read on here that often times once they are able to obtain your money they you start to recognize a difference in their attitude. So I'm just going to say that maybe that wasn't a good day and judge after the surgery because I was pretty bummed with the pre op. On another note I received the prescription for my medication which they were able to call all of them expect one. I had completed my lab work and they said that I was clear. I bought a few things for post op such as scar sheets, bandaids, natural muscle and swelling relief( Amica) and a sports bra from Victoria secret. I saw these things on someone else post so I got them just in case. I'm really OCD and tend to over prepare myself for life in general lol. Anyways, I'll wait to get other things when I meet with the doctor post op. Furthermore, I booked my hotel room for the day because the drive is an 1 1/2.

4 days post op

The last two days has been the hardest for me. It's been difficult for me to sleep and I've been waking up every few hours. I try to limit using the pain meds , however at times it feels unbearable. I discontinued the muscle relaxant because it hasn't been helpful. The pain is worst at nighttime but today is the first day that things are getting somewhat better. I'll see how tomorrow goes and will try to discontinue to pain meds and switch to arnicare ( target) which is a natural pain reliever. I was also able to pass a bowel movement today finally after four days. It wasn't much but better than nothing. Also the boating is somewhat diminishing.

10 days post op

A few days ago I went tony one week follow up and my doctor told me that I was healing well. It's starting to get a little softer and one is dropping before the other , which is expected. He took off the steri strips and re tapped me for one more week and I'll be able to take it off in a few days. He told me that I can start using silicone gel around the nipples area. I've been using the silicone strips. I see what others mean when they say you can only tolerate it for so many hours. I'm using Neosporin to heal the nipples a little more before I start the strips again. Still uncomfortable and sore. Most people end up loving their results but I'm just having a difficult time with recovery. I'm ready for this to be over but I have to remind myself it will get better when I get a little discouraged. Still sleeping elevated and only able to get a few hours of sleep a night. Next week I can sleep on my side ( thank god????)
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