30 Years Old from Miami, Fl Breast Lift with Implant. Coral Gables, FL

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I've never been happy with my breasts. When I was...

I've never been happy with my breasts. When I was younger I was heavier, and my weight has fluctuated up and down for various reasons throughout the years. My mother is 65, and has been pregnant 5 times, and her boobs are perkier than mine. So finally, as a 30th bday gift to myself, I've decided to have them done. After talking with friends, the same name came up twice, so I decided to meet with Roudner. I came with a whole list of questions, which he answered in his opening speech and clarified so many misconceptions I had. Then took me into an exam room, and told me I would need a full lift. My heart dropped, because I was hoping to only need a donut lift, but with my sagging he said a full lift would be best. My pre-op appointment is June 1st and I'm scheduled for surgery June 13.

One month pre op

Pre Op tomorrow! Freaked out!

So, tomorrow is my pre op. I should be in bed but I'm wide awake. So much going through my mind. I have been saving for my surgery for year. Now that it's here, I'm freaking out. I just keep thinking, what if something goes wrong, or I could do other things with this money, blah blah.
So, my doc's office calls to confirm my appointment, and I'm like yes. I've been waiting a year for this. Then I find out, pre op is only with his nurses. I don't even see him. My initial consultation was last summer, and I was some what freaked out when they said he wouldn't even be at my pre op. So the nurses changed my time so Dr. Roudner would be available. That made me happy. Secondly, my lovely students gave me the wonderful gift of strep throat for memorial weekend. There's a chance this could push my surgery date back, but hoping it doesn't. Just so many things to think about. Ive spoken with a few girls on here who have nothing but great things to say about my doctor. I know I'm in great hands. But this is just so scary. Most people tell me not to go through with it. But then, they haven't seen my current boob status. They see me in push ups and believe the illusion.. Lol Fingers crossed.

Pre op appointment

Pre op went well. Only issue was I forgot to call the bank ahead of time to allow me to make such a large purchase. Oops. Signed a mountain of paperwork. Then did blood. Might have an issue with bloodwork as my lovely students left me with strep throat for memorial weekend, but all should be fine by my surgery date. Then was time for the fun part, of trying on sizers. The first ones I tried on, 350cc seemed huge already. I tried on all the way up to 450. I know people always say they wish they went bigger, and you lose some size once implanted. What do you guys think? I'm 5'8, 150 pounds, and pretty active. They will be silicone, moderate plus, under the muscle. Thanks :)
Ps I took pics but I don't remember what size I was wearing when I took them =-/

1 day away!!

It's almost midnight on Saturday. I'm scheduled for Monday 12:30!! =-D I used to be afraid, but now I'm mostly just excited and anxious to begin healing. Still undecided when it comes to size. Here are a few more pre op pics. I've been trying to get my place prepped for my return home. Just wondering, how long before you ladies were able to move about on your own? I live alone but will have friends dropping in to help out.

I did it!! (POD 1)

Omg, was so anxious all day. I arrived to the office at 12 noon. Staff was great. Anesthetist has amazing bed side manner and helped to calm my nerves before I even saw my surgeon. Dr. Roudner came in at about 1( guess his previous surgery ran a bit late). He did my markings and answered my questions. I told him I liked the look of 350cc in my preop. He asked if he needed to go a bit bigger or smaller, would that be ok. I told him to do whatever he needed tonachieve the look I wanted. He ended up using 400cc in both. I can't see much, but from what I can see, I'm glad I did it. They are finally lifted and perky. THEY'VE NEVER BEEN PERKY.. EVER! The ride home was torture. Finished up around 5, so that means rush hour traffic. I was in so much pain. No nausea though. I was prescribed Vicodin and it's helped with the pain a lot. I can't move around much and going to the bathroom was a mission. Eveytime I move my arms, it's so painful. Anyway, I'm praying my incisions look well. My post op is on Thursday. Hoping all goes well with that appointment. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories and for your encouragement. It helped me out tremendously.

Real POD 1

Oops, used wrong title for last update. Blame it on the meds. Lol I'm still in a lot of pain today but it's bearable. I've been taking Vicodin which helps but makes me sleepy. The nurse called me this morning to check on me, and said she would prefer I switch to Tylenol or continue with just half a Vicodin. I am able to get to the restroom and walk around on my own. My pets have been all over me, they usually are when they know I don't feel well <3. At my preop Dr. Roudner said he was going to attempt a lollipop lift, but if it didn't provide enough lift, he would have to do the anchor. I can feel he did the anchor lift as I'm super sore and I can see a little blood through the bandage along the bottom of my breast. I also see that he used the high profile implant, when I was down for moderate plus. I secretly wanted high profile, but people kept saying that they would make them look too fake. I think they look great so far. I'm so happy I brought pictures. Can't wait to see what they look like on Thursday :)

More pics POD 1

Taking pictures is a lot harder than it used to be.

POD 3 post op visit

Went in for my post op visit, and finally got to see what was going on under the bandages. They seem huge, but overall look pretty good. I was expecting worse for some reason. I still cannot shower just yet. I have been bandaged all the way around and will come back on Tuesday for my next visit.


Not a whole lot to report. But I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Today I have felt the least amount of pain. Skipped my afternoon dose of Tylenol and will just take the Pm dose because it's still difficult to sleep comfortably on my back. Hope everyone else is doing well too. Hoping to be able to drive tomorrow.. Fingers crossed!

Post op visit 2

I went back to the office today for my second post op. A nurse removed my bandages and some stitches and finally gave me permission to shower. Still no bras until I'm 3 weeks. Didn't see the Dr. Today. I go back in a week to learn about messages. My breast are still very swollen and a little boxy. One of my nipples is looks a little odd, but overall I'm very happy.

Thank you Dr. Roudner <3

So happy with my decision. Hoping everything continus to heal well.

2 weeks today!

So far, everything has been pretty good. Went for a check up today and the nurse showed me how to do massages. Omg, those hurt. I have another appointment in 3 days for them to check out on how I'm doing with those. Until then, happy healing everyone :)

17 days Post op

Went in to see the nurse today to review my massage techniques. She helped me so much because I never felt like I was doing it right. It doesn't hurt as bad as when I started the them. I don't go back for a month to see the doctor. Hopefully all goes well until then. I also bought the scar cream he recommends. I can start with it next week.

3 weeks today!

So far everything's is good. Still some soreness and a little bruising. Overall I'm very happy with them. I started using the scar cream last night. And today I can finally wear a bra!! Sadly I don't have any in my new size. Not sure what my new size is yet. I got measure at Victoria Secret about a week ago and the girl said 34 D or DD. I didn't bother to try anything on as one of my incisions around my nipples wasn't fully closed. So today I'll go shopping for just a few. Happy 4th everybody!

Bra shopping

Measuring a 34DD at Victoria's Secret. Love my breasts. Happy I did it :)

4 weeks tomorrow

Hey, so far everything is mostly good. My breasts are soft and bouncy. I feel they look very natural on me and the pain is practically gone. One of my scars is darker than the other, but they are both flat now and healing nicely. I have noticed that my left breast is larger than my right. It's really only noticeable in photos but it still kind of bugs me. My implants were both 400cc so it must mean that one was bigger than the other from the start. Wish the doctor would've noticed this because I never had. I would've gotten one implant slightly larger, but oh well. Overall, I'm still in love with them and so glad I did it. Praying for continued healing for all of us. Have a great week!

5 weeks!

Today makes 5 weeks since my surgery. Not a whole lot of news. By left boob is still noticeably larger than my right :-( I have another post op coming up at the end of the month. Let's see what the doctor says about them. Besides that, my healing has been fairly uncomplicated which I am extremely grateful for. I have also started walking on the treadmill for 1/2 hour sessions haven't experienced any kind of pain. Can't wait till next week when I can take it up a notch. Well, happy healing ladies!!

6 weeks tomorrow!

6 weeks!! Finally made it. I'm DYING to work out. I've been walking on the treadmill the past week, but I can't wait to do more. My 6 week appointment is on Friday and I look forward to hearing what the surgeon has to say. One boob is still looking smaller than the other. I don't see them evening out, but who knows. I'm posting a close up of my scars, which I am so happy with. Dr. Roudner's technique is amazing.

7.5 weeks!

All is well. Post op visit was fine. The Dr. said I could stop massaging and that my scars look great for six weeks! When I brought up the unevenness, he didn't seem too concerned and said they look great but no breasts are perfect. I love them though!

Forgot the pics XD

9 weeks

Wow, I actually had to go back and count how many weeks I am. After 6, I lost count.. lol I'm a teacher, so it's back to the real world for me. Summer is over :( So far, everything is well. Boobs are great. Only hurt when I roll over in my sleep.. Lol Back to lifting things as normal, and getting back into my normal gym routine. Building up my cardio stamina was struggle after sitting around for 6 weeks but I'm getting back there. Still dealing with a bit of size difference, but I'm kind of over it.. lol Hope everyone continues to do well. Happy healing ladies!!

10.5 weeks

Looking at this before and after, I can't believe I waited 30 years to do this. Totally worth every dollar spent. Years and years of push up bras, family and friends had no clue it was this bad. And now, most people can't tell I've had it done, and that's ok. Did this for me and no one else.

12 weeks!

All is well. Back in the gym like normal. And they girls even seem to be a little more even. Love my results and would recommend Dr. Lenny Roudner and his team to anyone. I love how natural my breasts look and i think my incisions look great. I'm still using the Biocorneum gel. Hopefully they will continue to fade. Happy healing ladies!! <3

It'll be a yer in June!

So far I'm very happy. I sleep fairly normal now. Still spooning my pillow bc it's the most comfortable. Im happy with my scars. Better off using cocobutter than expensive scar creams. No regrets, except I do wish I had gone a tad bigger. But I love them. Everything I wear looks so much better now. They don't sit as high as they did when they were new. I miss that perkiness. But I think they look pretty natural, which is what I wanted.
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