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Hey guys! I have surgery in 18 days! After waiting...

Hey guys! I have surgery in 18 days! After waiting 3 years for the right doctor, I decided to get my procedure with Ary Krau. He seems cool, calm, collected, and knowledgeable. I am extremely nervous and scared that my scars are going to be terrible. The guy I am dating is supportive, but I can tell he is scared too. I am currently a 32DD and I am 4'10/115lbs. My right breast is much larger than my left one and I hate that they only look perky in a bra. I want to enjoy my body while I am young! I will post some wish pics soon.

Choosing a size

I visited Dr. Krau again on Friday, and we finally chose a size! Looks like we will be going for around 300cc to keep a natural but full appearance. I am attaching my before pictures which are SO embarrassing! I am happy with my left breast, but wish my right one was the same lol! I already filled my medications, and have been working out extensively so that I am the best weight possible for surgery.

3 days post op/surgery experience

Hey guys! I am three days post op, and wow! This hurts. Surgery day went smoothly, and I was too doped up to even notice the car ride home. I felt extremely nauseous and sick for the entire day. Day 2 post up went smoothly. I have an intense amount of oozing, which I heard is normal. However, my ribs are bruised, I have trouble breathing, and swallowing hurts too. I think I was too active on day 2 (opening the fridge, moving things under 10 pounds, and using my phone) because I am in SOOOO much pain today. Dr. Krau put 350cc in both breasts. I can't wait to see how they look like when they fall...

I am unsure if I should wash the strips (my doctor said I needed to) but do I replace them after? How about all of the dried blood? My chest is so tight. My doctor said I should slowly try moving my arms over my head and to the side to get the movement going. I am just confused and in so much pain.
What do you guys recommend? Any advice will help... What should I do / not do?

Roughly 2 weeks post up.

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay. Here is the breakdown of what has happened:
Week one: Tapes were removed and new tapes were added. Was told to remove them at 2 weeks. Dr. Krau told me to wait until one month before using silicone strips and other scar treatments.

2 weeks: Took off tape. I had a rough time with the paper tape and it peeled scabs off. I am not doing too well in the scar department. I should have rested more! One breast is still bigger than the other but I don't even care because they look sooo much better than before. I know they need time to heal and for the swelling to go down. Dr. Krau has been so great in regard to contacting me back with questions.

I have had bleeding after the two week mark in my right breast and have been sooo worried. My incision is black! He told me to let it breathe (no tape) and to put antibiotic cream. I am currently just wearing a sports bra everywhere.

What did you guys do regarding tape post op? When do you recommend starting scar treatment? Are you using the band? Did you let your incisions "breathe"?

2.5 week post

I loaded some pictures yesterday and wanted to provide some insight to the ladies that may have a few questions. First of all, Dr. Krau is incredible. He has answered ALL of my questions and is honest. I reread my reviews and I realized I made it sound like he has given me no post op care which isn't the case (I'm just a chicken sh*t lol). He replies promptly and reassures me I am fine which is great.

The man knows what he is doing and if you are thinking about getting the surgery (or going with him) do it! He knows he is good at what he does and only wants to put the best work out there. There is NO better feeling than going shirtless, dressing up, and not wearing a bra. I am so happy I did this surgery and would love to help you all with any questions :)

In regard to the black incisions, I asked a few other docs on here and a doctor I know and they said it is not alarming. If any of you are going through the same do not fret!

4 Weeks Post-Op

Hey guys! I am 4 weeks post op and LOVING it so far. My boobs are still very high up but are healing nicely. My black incision/scars are slowly disappearing and the hardness around the incisions are also getting softer. I am wearing the band occasionally, but not as often as I should.

I am using the silicone strips (haven't seen any results) and Bio oil which has worked miracles for my stretch marks! I am SOOO surprised. I really think that within the next few months my breasts are going to be perfect. I will update if I see any drastic changes.

4 week update with pics

5 weeks today

Went to the gym for the first time and ran (doctor said no jumping but running was fine?) also did elliptical. I feel like I've never worked out in my life. Your body reacts so differently! It's going to be a long transition back into the gym. Not really using the tape anymore because I ran out. Using bio oil and Mederma. They have dropped. I hope they don't drop more!

6 weeks, finally!

Hey guys! It's finally week 6. I start again today at the gym. I have not changed my routine regarding scarring, so read the previous review. I will not post again unless there are drastic changes. I am so happy with my results, and feel so much more confident. I am hoping my implants do not drop any more!

11 weeks

All going well ! Love my results.

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