Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation Done, Worse Experience of my Life. Deformed. - Coral Gables, FL

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I had this done back when dr. Ortega was in a...

I had this done back when dr. Ortega was in a clinic in coral gables call juventus. They had an OR in the same clinic and he was supposedly recommended as being experienced in his field of work. Boy was i wrong. To this day no surgeon wants to fix his mistakes. My breasts are irregular in size, one way bigger than the other to the point where I cant buy any bra without being embarrassed or in pain. My supposed tummy tuck has left a slash bigger than normal when I was going in for correction of a scar not a tummy tuck as i was a size 0 at the time and a body builder. I had no need for a tummy tuck. This scar looks as if i had a cesarean done and it is extremely painful to put on tight pants or have any clothing brush up on my abdomen as it is highly sensitized due to Mel Ortega's mistakes. He made decisions for me that shouldn't have been so. Im sure if other patients have undergone this then please speak up. He might be a "great" doctor now but Lord knows how many guinea pigs he tested his methods on prior to achieving "greatness".
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