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I have wanted to get my breast done for quite some...

I have wanted to get my breast done for quite some time now... After having my first child I decided to get a tummy tuck with lipo. At that time I decided to postpone getting my breast done. 8 years later I finally decided to go ahead and get them done! I have always had a nice size breast and with the right bra they look fabulous! But in reality they're saggy mom boobs and I struggle when it comes to wearing certain things like swim suits, backless tops, low cut tops etc.

I wasn't even thinking about getting them done... I was sitting down getting my nails done when another client walked and started talking about how she was getting her breast done with Dr. Roudner and how he was "retiring" this year. Although I didn't have in mind getting them done at the moment I always knew that I wanted him to do them! Here in miami and world wide he is known as the "Boob Doctor" or "Dr. Boobner". He is absolutely great at what he does. Dr. Roudner now is an older man 67 years old I believe... with about 28 years of experience. My previous plastic surgeon is also well known and very charismatic and young and fun! BUT, I believe all doctors have their own style so I'm sticking with Dr. Roudner. He has more of the look that I am going for.

First Consultation Experience


Surgery day!

Got my surgery done today! I was very calm and wasn't stressed out! Couldn't sleep since I was so anxious. I arrived at 6:00 A.M. Started surgery about 7:30. So far happy. Quite a bit swollen
More on the right than the left. Is that normal? I hope so I feel great. Pain right after but soon relaxed drank my Vicodin and relaxed. I Go back in on Thursday to get checked. The pressure this morning was a not unbearable.... I do have very high pain tolerance so for the rest of the day I've been fine.

Pics are in!

I don't know how many cc's I got. I did get a high profile silicone with a bread lift along with my augmentation. I was a saggy C I asked to be a medium D, Round based on the questions they asked....

Day 3

Although, my breast have been covered I am very pleased with the way everything is looking! I have some swelling on the right breast and I have some bleeding on the left one. and on top of all of that I got super itchy all over my body. I was concerned so last night I called the Doctor when he returned my call shortly after he basically gave me some instructions and told me I should go first thing in the morning. I stopped taking the Vicodin apparently its known to cause an itch. Now I'm taking Tylenol. I'm very tolerant to pain so I'm fine. I actually feel great. So this morning when he removed the bandages I was so surprised at how great everything looked. I was afraid of what I would see since I had a lift and that involves more incisions. He said the small blood discharge was normal and the swelling would go down on its own. I wont be going back till monday. I've been relaxing and trying to take it easy I feel so good that I want to be active.... haha.

I just called the office...

to find out how many CC's I have and I have 400 in each breast! In todays appointment they wrapped me up way more that I was initially and its not very comfy. Not so happy, don't think I can be like this till monday.

2 weeks Post Opt.

I am 2 weeks post opt and I am extremely happy! I haven't had any type of complications and I have been healing great. over all the procedure has not been as difficult as I imagined. I do have a high tolerance to pain and recover every quickly!
Dr. Roudner did an amazing job! The only issue I'm dealing with right now is that the right now is sitting a little higher than the left. I was told it would go down on its own... so I'm patiently waiting doing my massages and giving it time. I was really concerned but my PS told me not to worry and all of my friends with implants tell me that its completely normal.
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