20yrs old 5'6" 140lbs no kids- Coral Gables, FL

Hello everyone, You can call me G, I'm 20 years...

Hello everyone, You can call me G, I'm 20 years old 5'6 1/2" and 140lbs. I have always wanted boobs ever since i can remember. My mom and sister both have small boobs and i know my boobs won't grow any more so I gave up on thinking that I'd grow into them. I have a really nice butt and flat tummy and i just feel like having boobs would even out my body. I always told myself i would get my boobs done but it was all talk until about a couple months ago when i actually stated looking into it. I know boob jobs can be expensive so when i found some affordable prices in miami i looked into it. I read alot of realself reviews and I have decided to go with Coral Gables Cosmetics in Miami with Dr. Jacob Freiman. My operation is set for August 23, 2016. It was originally going to be January 5, 2017 but I decided to get it done sooner. I have a free consultation this Friday with a plastic surgeon up here in Pa where I live just to get a feel of what to expect when i see Dr. Freiman and to know what CC i would like. I'll be keeping you guys updated on my journey. I'm very nervous but soo excited and cannot wait to finally have my dream tatas! Oh and my breast size is supposedly a 32C according to Victoria Secret but I do not feel like i am a C cup at all so hopefully at my consultation i can find out my real size. my goal for post op is to be a full C cup, i have a small frame so i want something that will fit me but still look big at the same time and ofcourse i am going for the natural look.

Before boobies

Here are my before pics!
Again I am 20yrs old 5'6 1/2 140lbs
preop: 34B/32C

everything booked

So today I booked my flight and my friend's flight because she will be traveling to Miami with me to help care for me. I booked us a room on Airbnb for a good price, the location is not far from CGC at all. It doesnt hit you that your getting surgery until everything is all booked and man oh man am i excited!!


So I went to a BA consultation at a plastic surgery center here in Pa where I live and I'm glad I did, they explained the whole process of the procedure which was stuff i had already researched. I tried on sizers to help me see wht size i want. before i went in i was sure i wanted 425cc mod+ saline but they told me tht wouldnt get me to the goal of my full C because goin behind the muscle loses 50CC..I tried on a 425cc n a 475cc sizers n i like the way the 425 looked but i was told once its installed it be smaller n tht the 475 would look like the 425 so i think i will listen to them n get 475..ofcourse i still have to consult with freiman to see wht he says would be good. I'm wayy too excited about this..

wish boobss

These are my wish boobs, I want big breasts that are proportionate to my body but still look natural

Before pics

Here are before pics of my boobs that I sent to my coordinator Blanca at CG Cosmetics. And a random pic of my in a bikini top.

morr wish pics

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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