20yrs old 5'6" 140lbs no kids- Coral Gables, FL

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Hello everyone, You can call me G, I'm 20 years...

Hello everyone, You can call me G, I'm 20 years old 5'6 1/2" and 140lbs. I have always wanted boobs ever since i can remember. My mom and sister both have small boobs and i know my boobs won't grow any more so I gave up on thinking that I'd grow into them. I have a really nice butt and flat tummy and i just feel like having boobs would even out my body. I always told myself i would get my boobs done but it was all talk until about a couple months ago when i actually stated looking into it. I know boob jobs can be expensive so when i found some affordable prices in miami i looked into it. I read alot of realself reviews and I have decided to go with Coral Gables Cosmetics in Miami with Dr. Jacob Freiman. My operation is set for August 23, 2016. It was originally going to be January 5, 2017 but I decided to get it done sooner. I have a free consultation this Friday with a plastic surgeon up here in Pa where I live just to get a feel of what to expect when i see Dr. Freiman and to know what CC i would like. I'll be keeping you guys updated on my journey. I'm very nervous but soo excited and cannot wait to finally have my dream tatas! Oh and my breast size is supposedly a 32C according to Victoria Secret but I do not feel like i am a C cup at all so hopefully at my consultation i can find out my real size. my goal for post op is to be a full C cup, i have a small frame so i want something that will fit me but still look big at the same time and ofcourse i am going for the natural look.

Before boobies

Here are my before pics!
Again I am 20yrs old 5'6 1/2 140lbs
preop: 34B/32C

everything booked

So today I booked my flight and my friend's flight because she will be traveling to Miami with me to help care for me. I booked us a room on Airbnb for a good price, the location is not far from CGC at all. It doesnt hit you that your getting surgery until everything is all booked and man oh man am i excited!!


So I went to a BA consultation at a plastic surgery center here in Pa where I live and I'm glad I did, they explained the whole process of the procedure which was stuff i had already researched. I tried on sizers to help me see wht size i want. before i went in i was sure i wanted 425cc mod+ saline but they told me tht wouldnt get me to the goal of my full C because goin behind the muscle loses 50CC..I tried on a 425cc n a 475cc sizers n i like the way the 425 looked but i was told once its installed it be smaller n tht the 475 would look like the 425 so i think i will listen to them n get 475..ofcourse i still have to consult with freiman to see wht he says would be good. I'm wayy too excited about this..

wish boobss

These are my wish boobs, I want big breasts that are proportionate to my body but still look natural

Before pics

Here are before pics of my boobs that I sent to my coordinator Blanca at CG Cosmetics. And a random pic of my in a bikini top.

morr wish pics

475 CC Silicone High Profile 5'7 138lbs 21 Yrs Old

Hello! I have always wanted bigger breasts and thought of getting a breast augmentation but was not too serious about it. June 2016 I started doing alot of research and decided I wanted to get it done. I found Dr.Freiman here on realself, I loved the reviews on him and his patients results so I decided to put my $1000 deposit down and scheduled my procedure for August, unfortunately something terrible came up in my personal life and I had to rescheduled for November. I had my Surgery today November 17,2016 and so far I'm satisfied.

My stats: 

 age: 21 

heght: 5'7 

weight: 138lbs 

pre op bra size: 32B

Day 1-2 post op

I had the worst pain the day of surgery and post op day 1...Morning boob is the worst! I had my post op appointment and was told i could shower the next day and how to do massages which i cant start until about 10 days post op. I have also been wearing the band to help with the dropping which is good...I think 475 is the biggest he could fit in me but i wish he could have went bigger because po day 2 swelling has gone down some n now i feel like theyre too small :/

post op day 4

I flew back home today from Miami...the flight was so uncomfortable...Im still very bloated but i finally used the bathroom after taking a couple stool softeners..im not taking any pain meds other than tylenol because my pain isnt severe, tmm is my last dose of antibiotics...my breast have dropped a little and my incisions are very itchy and the area around my incision is itchy too, the bottom of my breast is numb but my nippls still have sensation...I'm wearing the band to promote dropping..I feel better compared to the first few days although i still get a little tightness and pain after waking up...


not really an update, I just wanted to post a couple pics tht im in love with...Im definitely not having any more boob greed, my girls are big enough


so I'm 10 days PO and I took off the white strips tht covered my incisions...my right breast looks fine but it looks like i have keloids on my left breast and when I feel the incision its very bumpy around it...My left breast looks different in shape compared to my right, it looks as if i might bottom out/double bubble? or maybe the left just hasnt dropped as much as the right yet...i will email my doc with pics since his practice is out of state I cant easilly go see him. I hope theres nothing seriously wrong with my breasts though :/ Any one have any advice???

boobie blues

today I decided to try on some old clothes to help with my boobie blues and it helped a little...I just cant stop thinking if i made the right decision about getting my boobs done, its so stressful waiting for them to drop and wondering if they will have any complications...i guess im jist being super impatient, I am only less than 2wk po so i have to keep that in mind..my PS emailed me back, he said everything looks good n tht i need to use silicone gel treatments for my incision scars and tht has helped alot...im still very paranoid that one of my boobs will bottom out but he says they look fine so ill just have to wait and be patient

1 month PO

So I made 1 month PO on Saturday which was 12/17/16...I feel great. I'm not in anymore pain my incisions are healing great and the boobies are dropping nicely..theyre squishy but still firm and when i bend over i can jiggle them..My nipples get VERY sensitive around my period and my boobs arent numb anymore. I try to massage everyday but sometimes i forget...my left breast is still a lil troublesome in its shape and I still wish i would have went bigger but im content with the size i got now because its proportionate to my body...my boobs are easy to hide under clothes...I plan to go to VS to get measured just to see wht size i could be.

pic comparison

day 2 PO to 4 weeks PO

almost 3 months po

i love my boobs, theyre beautiful! i feel like they have fully dropped n look super natural..they get squishier n squishier every day n they actually can touch which gives me amazing cleavage..i have all feeling in my nipples its just now theyre very sensitive..other than that i have nooo pain at all an can sleep comfortably on my stomach n sides...at VS i wear a 32DDD or 34DD sister size. I am very happy with my decision and dont regret a thing!! also i put on a few pounds which im happy about
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Very nice, He knows what hes doing and will give u awesome result!

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