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Hi Ladies! so I didn't think I'd actually be one...

Hi Ladies!

so I didn't think I'd actually be one to write a review, but all you ladies in this community have been such an inspiration to me! Also I think it would be a great way to document my experience. Ever since i've stumbled upon this site, I think i've become addicted. I love reading all your reviews and stories, knowing that I'm not crazy for thinking about going under the knife. It's weird because I actually think I can feel all this excitement going on along side you girls! It's great knowing there are so many women out there who feel the same as I do.

So just to give you some background information, I've attempted to enlarge my breasts through natural breast enhancement (NBE). This includes purchasing pills/creams, massages, altering my diet, etc. I haven't seen much results and so I began to lose faith.

Moving along quick..

So after almost giving up, i've decided that I would give birth control a shot. Now just to get things straight, I wasn't planning on taking it for pure reasons of possibly having larger breasts. Of course there were many other benefits that I thought would be beneficial to me such as control of acne, regulation of menstrual periods, and of course as a contraception to pregnancy. I know that the reason your breasts tend to swell up while on birth control is because your body is tricked into thinking it is pregnant, thus getting itself prepared for development of milk in the breast area. And I was aware of the fact that those results will normally diminish once you go off the pill.
In terms of breast growth, my sister's best friend had great and permanent results, even after she went off the pill. I guess you could say that it gave me hope, and so I thought, why not give it a shot? There were so many other benefits to taking birth control and breast growth (if any) would just be a bonus!
Unfortunately I haven't seen or felt any differences in my breasts and I'm sure results can also vary depending on the type of brand as well. But hey, it's doing it's job. I'm not ready to have any kids yet lol.
So this brought me to the conclusion that the only way I would be completely confident in my body was if I got breast implants. For most of my life, I have never felt confident or completely happy with the way I looked. I hate to admit it, but I honestly think I was the ugly duckling. Now I know most of you are thinking, "oh c'mon, i'm sure we all were!" But I guess I never really ever had anyone call me pretty while growing up. I grew up as a tom-boy throughout my childhood years and of course that didn't matter to me. I loved my childhood! But as soon as looking good and dating came into the picture, I became self conscious about the way I looked. I tried hard to impress, but who was I kidding. I was a fool to think that because I had so many other great things in my life. I'm blessed with a roof over my head, amazing friends, a lovely family, and boyfriend I would die for.
Although I'm still young, i've realized that the ultimate purpose of being alive is to be happy. This life changing decision is for me, and for me only.


First of all, I want to thank you ladies for writing reviews which has has helped me find a suitable doctor. After reading plenty of reviews, I came across Dr. Jacob Frieman. I browsed their site and did a lot of research, finally deciding that I would take my chance and contact the office regarding some questions I had. I quickly got a response by email from Tatiana Gomez who became my coordinator. Things progressed quickly as we exchanged many emails, however I noticed that she was a little bit unprofessional in some of her responses and quoted me incorrectly two of the three times. These were very careless mistakes but was later corrected. The fact that I was having a bit of trouble clearly communicating to her kind of scared me and made me think twice about getting it done at Coral Gables. I eventually got to talk to the doctor himself who answered the majority of my questions.

My mind is scrambling over the fact that i'm actually going to get this done! But later in the week, I started doing more research about the clinic. I stumbled upon a story about an incident that occurred there, causing a young woman to fall into a coma. Now this really scared me and without a doubt, I started to panic. I eventually got some confirmation from Tatiana herself saying that the clinic had nothing to do with the girl's results, for she was taking drugs and failed to notify them while going under aesthetics. This reassured me a little bit, but really, you can't trust everyone. So as of now, I am honestly a little bit skeptical, but the only thing that's reassuring me Dr Frieman might be the right guy to get the job done is the stories i've been reading on this site of patients who got their implants at this clinic.

I was talking to Tatiana the other day and she mentioned that there was a special coupon that will only be offered for the day. It was $300 off which automatically sounded appealing, especially considering the fact that I'm a broke-ass student. But the catch was that I had to put my deposit in that very same day. So maybe I may have rushed into things, but I finally decided to put my deposit down. I realize it is non-refundable, so this really locked things in for me. I have still yet to figure out a date to fly into Miami since it's only been half way through my school semester and I live in Canada, but I will definitely keep y'all updated.

it's official!

As crazy as it sounds, to me, there's always been a fine line between being selfish and treating myself. I mean, I could be using that money to pay off student loans, buy a new car, or simply save for when I'll really need it. But this is something I've wanted for so long and nothing's going to stop me! I personally think that it's really rare that I ever treat myself to something this big. Sure, I go shopping sometimes but i've never really splurged before. I've always had to look at the price tag before purchasing something and then i'd contemplate whether I should return it or not days after. I guess that's the life of being a poor student; Where the majority of your money goes towards textbooks, loans, and fast food.

I like to think of this as an early graduation present since I will only have two more courses to complete before graduating from university. So it's official, I'm scheduled for my surgery May 6th! I can't wait!

Time to find a place to stay at. So much to do, so little time.

Hotel & Flight


Sadly I'll be arriving in Miami around 12:30 am, day of my pre-op consult. I'm just hoping that after trying on sizers and what not, i'll have the rest of the day to actually enjoy my stay in Miami (since i'll probably be in bed for the rest of the week...)

Just wanted to know, how early were you ladies able to get yourselves out of the house following surgery? I really want to visit the beach and go shopping ! ):


So, I think i'm going to need you ladies to help me out! What should I have prepared?! My coordinator sent me an instructions document but it's not exactly very clear...

Multivitamins (twice a day) to improve health
Colace 100mg to avoid constipation
Vitamin C to promote healing
Dial Soap

Recommended by other RS members:
Bromelain (for post-surgery)
Front Closure Sports Bras (don't know what size or brand yet)
Scar Sheets
Palmers Cocoa Butter (for stretchmarks) or Bio Oil

Anything else I should look for?!

Gotta love them boobs (:

I stole some off of some reviews I found but here's the look i'm going for !

Coobie Boobie

Just purchased two Coobie bras! Took me a while to decide which ones to get because there were so many cute colors to choose from! Time to look for some with a front closure


Any recommendations on a specific brand?

Went shopping...

and bought my vitamins! I was also able to find Colace (prevents constipation) but it was in a liquid form so I ended up getting a different stool softener in a tablet form. Hope it will work just as good. Also I found a front closure bra to wear after the surgery in size large. I'm crossing my fingers that it will fit! Everything cost me around $60 ): but I guess that's a small price to pay for a life-changing event


I just bought Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil Skin and 12 weeks supply of ScarAway professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets from Amazon. Boy was it ever expensive ): I've been super busy with school and work lately and haven't had time to post any updates. So far I have been taking my vitamins twice daily and I will be discontinuing my intake of birth control pills due to some breakthrough bleeding i've been having :S For those of you who haven't experienced it, basically it's like having your period when you're not suppose to and let me tell you, it is annoying as f*. Anyways, my doctor prescribed me a stronger birth control but I think it would be better for me to continue it once i'm done my surgery. The reason i've decided to hold off for a bit is because i'm worried about the pills enlarging my breasts from the hormones and so it might affect my end results when I go off the pill later on. Perhaps that may not be the case and I might be thinking too much into it, but I think it would be a nice break.

more wish boobs!

with some of my favourite models (;

I'm a little bit embarrassed...

But here goes.! Some of my pre-op photos. Tried to keep some of my identifiable tattoos out of the picture.

Also here are my current stats for those who are wondering:
approximately 5'3
~ 113 lbs
32/24 small B cup
Goal: Full D


dammit, meant to say 32/34 small B*


I've noticed that pretty much all of my bras fit differently, but the majority of them have some sort of push up in the lining. Anyways, even after adjusting the straps and grabbing my boobs to fill the cups, I sometimes have a gap in between my bra and my boobs. It's unflattering, especially when you can see an obvious line through tight fitted clothing ): -sigh- I can't wait! two more months to go but the anticipation is killing me! All I can really think about is getting boobs when really I should be focusing on studying for my midterms. On a side note, I bought a dress today that would be perfect while i'm healing in Miami. It's stretchy and comfortable! not to mention super cute!

Worth the trouble?

Finally got most of my meds today but boy did I have to go through a lot of trouble. At first, the pharmacist wasn't able to honour the prescription because doctors in the U.S aren't registered here in Canada so I had to see my family doctor so that he could write me a new prescription. But it doesn't end there... Unfortunately one of the drugs aren't recognized here in Canada so my doctor prescribed me something similar. After discussing this issue with the pharmacist, they also said they can't be 100% sure that this substitute will be just as effective. Even though I decided to purchase it anyways, i'm going to clarify it when I head down to the U.S despite whether or not $6 will go down the drain.

Tomorrow I'll be going in for some lab work. Kinda nervous though because It's been a while since I've had a needle in my arm.

I've been extremely busy this past month but thankfully class has ended. Just got to grind through my exams and then off to Miami I go! :D On a side note, i've actually been having doubts about this whole thing and i'm scared that i'm going to back out last minute. Sometimes I even wonder why I'm doing this to myself, but then I remember how badly i've always wanted it and that I believe it will all be worth it! I'm sure a lot of us go through this phase... but this too shall pass.

done exams!

Done with the winter semester and now my BA is less than a week away! I've been looking forward to this the entire semester and I can't even explain how excited and nervous I am at the same time! I'm so happy to have the support of my best friend and my loving boyfriend through all of this. Although it's sweet of him to think that I don't need bigger boobs, he's going to be be by my side till the end. I'm really thankful to have people who really care about my happiness and who will stand by my side regardless of the odds.

On another note, I hope the flight to Miami won't be too terrible. It's been years since i've last been on a plane. Stopping halfway to Dallas and then to Miami here we come!

Running on one hour of sleep in Miami

So my boyfriend and I landed in Miami only yesterday, but I can almost say that I already want to go home. I've been so overwhelmed throughout this whole trip so far because everything has not been going as we have expected.

First of all, our first flight to Dallas was delayed for an hour. Not to mention I began to feel extremely motion sick as we neared our landing. (This is my second time flying on a plane, but I don't think I could ever get used to that feeling) Because of this, we assumed that we would miss our next flight from Dalllas to Miami. But!.. As soon as we landed at the Dallas airport of Texas, we hear our names being called on the announcement throughout the airport. Considering how sick I l felt after JUST landing onto ground, I was hesitant to even try and make it on our next flight. We didn't even have any time to grab dinner. And I can tell you now that being hungry and nauseous at the same is one of the worst combinations. After running around aimlessly like two idiots, we finally made it onboard.

As expected, I ended up puking shortly into the flight. The only thing I had in my stomach that day was basically a mixture of juice and stomache acid. It hit me so fast, but I felt a lot better after that.

So during out flight, I tried to catch some shut eye because I really had nothing else to do (considering how prone to motion sickness I am). However, the woman beside me started making these odd noises, almost as if she were in pain... Not to mention, she kept moving around and accidentally hitting my leg. I'm not sure if she didn't care to apologize, or if she even noticed for that matter. Also, she accidentally took my safety belt at the start of the trip -_-

Anyways, after 2 and 1/2 hours later, we finally land in Miami. At this time, I couldn't wait to finally check-in at the hotel and catch some sleep! Sadly, we ended up waiting for nothing as we stood by the conveyor belt for our luggages. Turns out... our luggages didn't make it to the plane due to the long delay from our first flight. In my head, I thought to myself "could this day get any worse".

So after filing a claim to have our luggages sent to our hotel at an unknown time, we come home to the hotel only to realize that we were scheduled to check-in at our car rental two hours from now. With only an hour of sleep, we force ourselves to get up. After what felt like forever to find out car-rental provider, they end up stacking extra charges I was not aware of (eg. paying extra for being under 25 years old, paying towing fees, etc.) The car rental ends up costing me almost 4x more than I originally planned. Great...

So we rush to my pre-op consultation. I've realized that almost everyone here in Miami speaks spanish which I found very surprising. I felt really nervous, but the ladies were very nice to me. Although I believe it was hard to communicate to some of them considering the language barrier. I got to meet Dr. Frieman in person which was very pleasant. However, I have to admit I do feel a bit rushed into everything, but it was kind of expected from some of the other reviews I've read on.

I actually met another patient who was in the same room as me getting her blood work in (which I found a bit odd having because there was a lot of multi tasking for the nurses which meant less attentive). I felt bit relieved knowing that we were on the exact same boat and that she was also from Canada. As well, she will be leaving on the same day too!

So finally we come back to our hotel after buying a few groceries. We also got our luggages back! YAY. Now I can finally brush my teeth (ew, I know)

I will be going in for my surgery at 9am tomorrow! I'm so excited! I'll be getting 460 cc's (I'm scared they'll be too big for my frame but after talking to a few of the nurses, they assured that I was in good hands and that Dr. Frieman has good judgement).

Wish me luck tomorrow! I'll be on the other side!

Until the next update!

day 3

Wow! I still can't believe that I actually went through with it! I just got back home yesterday after much hassle at the airport (flight was delayed TWICE due to a storm in the Dallas area and my luggage got lost... AGAIN). I've been super sore lately and it's been really hard for me to get in and out of bed. Also, i've been battling a cold for what seems like forever so every time I cough, my chest aches )': I can't even explain how i'm feeling, but all I know is that it's almost as if my chest has been pinned to a board and my armpits are glued together. My movements are slow and stiff and I found that my voice has become quite weak due to all the pain. I have to admit I feel a bit depressed and almost sad about this whole thing, but I keep telling myself no regrets! this is what I've always wanted, right?!

Yesterday was the first time I took a shower since the day of surgery. My boyfriend had to help me wash my hair and clean my body but I get really frustrated at the fact that he didn't know how to do the most basic things like tie my hair back, clip it, wash and scrub my hair, etc. I know I shouldn't be angry because should I expect? he is a guy after all. And I know he was being too gentle because he was scared to hurt me. I'm just really glad I had him by my side through this whole trip and I can't wait till these girls heal up so I can finally give him a real hug ):

I looked closely in the mirror for the first time at the twins and oh my, they look monstrous. I know that sounds like a terrible way to put it, but I guess i'm just not used to them yet. They look huge! and by huge I mean, a lot larger than I had expected. Not sure if i'm going to regret going this big, but I'm just hoping that once they fully settle in and heal, they will look a bit smaller. My goal is to be a D cup but i'm scared that I'll end up being a DD or bigger ): They look pretty even so far, but I guess only time will tell.

day 4

2 weeks post

I've been MIA for a while but I just wanted to write a quick update before going to work.

Since my return home, i've been extremely busy. I've been back at work now and my spring courses have already started. I was hesitant to resume work so quickly because of the troubles I was having moving my arms around so I tried to postpone it for as long as I could. I can say that up to this date, I hardly feel any stiffness unless I really reach for something. I did however put a lot of strain on my left implant as i reached for something out of reflex. I kind of panicked for a bit because i'm still early in the healing process and it really started to feel sore afterwards. I hope everything will be okay though.

Other than that, i've been able to shower and do everything on my own. I'm slowly transitioning to sleeping on my side again, but I don't want to put too much pressure on them either. I've been doing massages whenever I can, but honestly the clinic did not give me very clear instructions on how to properly do them (besides a piece of paper that explains it). I've been watching videos and asking other real self members which has helped me a lot. They do feel like two rocks on my chest still, but slowly dropping a bit each day.

I haven't removed the medical tape that hides my stitches yet so I really don't know what it looks like underneath, but I will probably do that in a couple more days. I'm honestly a bit scared to see it, but judging from the healing process, i'm sure things will be fine.

It's already been two weeks and it's still hard to believe that I finally have boobs now! It has honestly changed my life and I can finally confidently say that I feel like a woman now. I know it sounds kind of silly because "i've always had boobs," but I feel a lot more sexier and feminine. My clothes hug my body now and I no longer have to worry about pulling up my bras or fixing my top. For me, it was definitely worth the pain and struggle.

Although I hate to say it, but I'm kind of scared to get judged sometimes. It's not like this whole thing is really a secret or anything, but I'd just prefer if SOME of my friends and family didn't know. It's stupid right? They're suppose to be understanding. And maybe they are, but i'm just not ready to let the whole world know.

2 & 1/2 months post-op!

Wow, I can't believe how quick summer is flying by! So just to update you all, I've been treating my incisions with scar sheets every other day (they're reusable but you have to let them dry after washing them) and they've definitely helped smooth out the scars. But they do still appear quite dark and noticeable. I've realized that I also have a bit of a larger gap between the two girls (more than I'd like) but I don't think that that's something that will change much. I'm not sure if it was the way they healed, or if it has something to do with the way the surgeon had implanted them. I was using a band during the first three weeks but maybe I could have tightened it a bit more. They do feel a bit somewhat firm still, but at least they're nice and perky. Surprisingly I haven't encountered any stretch marks and I've barely had the time to massage them with oil.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my results! They look even and I definitely feel a lot sexier! Although I am sad that I can't fit some of my old work-out tops... all I can say is, out with the old, in with the new.

I got sized at a local lasenza and turned out to be a 34C. At first,I was a bit disappointed that I didn't end up being a D cup like I had wanted but i've come to realize that it's different for every girl. I bought 4 bras during the sale they had at LaSenza (the ladies working there must have thought I was crazy running back and forth between the change rooms) but some of them fit really oddly. I was trying to look for ones with removable or minimal padding because I think it sits funny on my boobs since they're high profile. I can't wait to buy more bras!

Looking back now, I can't even remember what my boobs looked like before. I guess i've really gotten used to them now and I'm loving it! I never thought i'd know what boob greed really meant (since I was so shocked of how big they were at first), but to be honest, I actually wouldn't mind going a little bit bigger. It was definitely worth it!

Hopefully I won't ever have to get a replacement -crosses fingers-
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