Boobs and Lipo nightmare

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Im currently 10 days post flying aaall the...

Im currently 10 days post flying aaall the way to Miami to get boobs and lipo.
I financed my surgery through a company called united medical credit. But that is not the direct far the only person ive spoken with is my surgical coordinator blanca. She started out nice and then there was a whole mix up because she misquoted me.

I am 4 days pre op. Im from texas so im flying out...

I am 4 days pre op. Im from texas so im flying out to miami for the surgery with my cousin on the 6th. I will be meeting the doctor on the 7th (the day before surgery) to talk and chose the time to come in for surgery on the 8th. So far, since im out of state, the only person ive conversed with is my surgical coordinator blanca. She started out sweet. But to be honest she turned out to be rude and unprofessional. I hope the other staff like the doctor and nurses are nicer and more professional.

Ive heard mixed reviews on this doctor. But have talked to several girls that have gone to him on facebook and im comfortable with my choice. Kinda lol. Im nervous of the outcome. I want to look good again!..and dont have loads of $ to spend to fix it if it ends up i financed the surgery and dont want to pay for a botched job monthly lol. Anyway im halfway packed. I feel like a kid on Christmas waiting to wake up on Christmas morning LOL.

Inspiration pics

Posting them late. Although ive already gotten surgery

Here are my b4 pics

Before pics...

1 day post op

I wanted 650 he put in 600 in 1 and 550 in the other. Theyre going to be smaller than i hope looking 4ward to seeing what my stomach looks like....i cant take my faja off until tomorrow

Picture from today 1 day PO

Here a picture from today. They say i cant remove my faja yet

2 day post op

Ladys this is the hardest thing ive ever been through im aching all on percocet and knocks me right out lol...i also have a anti biotic and anti nausea(which i no longer need)
Im eating light. Soup salad crackers fruit. Sorry for all the typos. You guys get it right? Im not too good at this whole review tummy is numb and lumpy. When i get back to texas im going to start doing post lymphatic massages with a local place....ive heard doing sessions help your overall shape...i really hope im well by October 27th because i have a trip planned back to miami for my birthday. As well as Jamaica in November. I want to be well n look good. Hopefully it doesnt take me long.
Btw im taking arnica tablets and used a little arnica gel after my first shower today...anythibg you guys want to know?
I only saw my doctor once the rest were nurses. Im uploading pics i took after my shower 2day

2 days post op

Few pics my cousin took b4 my shower. Suuuper swollen. Glad to get out of that faja for a bit. What do yall think?


Swelling went down a bit. I will say if your an out of town patient its very hard to get in contact with them so consider that when chosing out of state...9 days out...tummy still tender...sides have burning sensation


Bad news

Went to the ER today turns put my left breast has a hematoma. Im not sure what to do next....i already sort of conversed with CG cosmetic and the suggested i go to the ER im going to follow up with them tomorrow but im almost certain ill have to go back to Miami and have surgery again to remove it. That is what ive been reading online. Sigh i was doing so good and now this. I have the worst luck!. Cried a few times today. I really dont have the money for this. Not another surgery or the travel fees.


Well guys i flew out and got my hematoma removed and was thinking positively only to discover i have an INFECTION in the same breast 5 days later....this has been the surgery from hell! And these people are near impossible to get in contact with. Cg cosmetics is a money hungry place with low end accommodations and i dont think they really care what happens to you after...i had to fly there stay in a hotel and pay $300 so they could take the hematoma out and im STILL having issues....i wish i wouldve went anywhere else BUT there. Plus theyre smaller than i wanted. And i wouldve spent double the $ just to have a smoother process and nicer more profesional people. This has wore me out. My doctor put me on strong antibiotics (after finishing the antibiotics cg gave me that clearly werent doing shit)...if it doesn't clear with that i fear ill have to get the implant removed and leave it out for months until im well again
Wish me luck...if your out of town id think twice about going out of state or just to that place in general...oh and btw i spent 2 hours in the "recovery housec it is a JOKE and rip off. I demanded my $ back and caught a uber to my bfs hotel (he had a later flight and they insisted i had to pay to stay there to be taken care of until her arrived)....the recovery house is a little hood house with a few women who barely speak english with tiny beds. Never again!
I wish i had the $ to go to someone locally to fix all this! Even if i did no one will take me (i called around) starting to regret this whole thing!...anyway hopefully these antibiotics help


Almost a month to the date due to the infection i got after i got the hematoma removed. I had to get my implants removed via emergency from a local plastic surgeon...i am was almost 5k to get them removed...after the dust settles and i pay eveything back ill have spent over 14k on this (which includes flights, hotels, the additional surgeries the original surgery. Do visits locally. Interest on the loan i took out for the original surgery) all to end up with nothing...i asked my original doctor about a refund and he sort of beat around the bush saying "when i see him next we will discuss my options" i just want my $ back and to leave this as a distant memory. Ive lost my job, paid (and will continue to pay) so much all for boobs i never even got to put into a sexy dress...idk y this happened to me. I feel hopeless...i have drain tubes coming out of my "even smaller than before" breast and i cant even look down at my chest without being depressed. I dont know what else to say. I guess i was the unlucky one?...worst part is every month im paying my loan back for implants i dont even have...ive been crying for three days.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far ive only talked to blanca

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