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My earliest memory of wanting big boobs was at...

My earliest memory of wanting big boobs was at about 5 years old. I was always told that one day I will fill out, yet still to this day, I'm waiting. I think I've waited long enough for my chest to grow in.
When every other girl started to wear push-up bras, about middle school, I'd yet to even have anything to push up. At 16 I had just about reached a 34A size and I knew I wasn't going to grow too much from that point.
About a year ago, I decided to start my search for a plastic surgeon to fulfill my dreams of having boobies. When I say research, I mean obsessive and constant research. Fast forward to now, I'm approximately 2 weeks away from my BA, 6/10/2015.
I'm now 21, 5'2, fairly petite (127 lbs), and currently a size 32B. I live in Miami, Florida and my surgery is being performed at CG Cosmetics Center. I chose the doctor performing my surgery based upon his credentials in the surgical field, his extensive knowledge upon the procedure and how sincerely my questions were answered. He has a sarcastic nature to his humor, I also share this kind of humor, so it wasn't an issue. I went in for the initial consultation May 9, 2014, he recommended 465cc saline HP implant, sub-pectoral (under the muscle) with the periareolar incision. Though I trust his judgement on size, I want to go a bit larger, to about the 495cc - 500cc range.I'm nervous, yet completely ready for this change about to occur. I've waited long enough for boobs, thank the lord I will soon be blessed with them.
Thank you for reading my somewhat lengthy story. I'll you all updated on the process.

Wish Boobies \(*o*\)

Breast Inspirations
- Some updates for you guys, on Wednesday (6/3/2015) I'm going to discuss final implant size decision. I can't wait to try on the implant sizers. I can barely sleep from the excitement I've been feeling lately. I've been doing more and more research of implant sizes and I think I might be trying to go a bit bigger to about 525 cc. We'll see on Wednesday. \("o")/

Itty Bitty Titty Committee

These are my pre-boobage

Final size was chosen ( . )( . )

So, up side, yesterday was my final consultation with the Dr. Hunsaker before surgery, showed him the pictures of my new goals and we chose 500 cc HP. Which hopefully leaves me at a DD :D Down side, I waited over two hours waiting to see the doctor and wouldn't have been able to see him if it wasn't for my surgical coordinator, Dayomie, she went above and beyond for me. She made sure the doctor saw me, kept calling the front desk girls reminding them to keep tabs on the Doctor and just put my nerves at ease. Dayomie definitely provided a lot of help, she's extremely knowledgeable and experienced. That being said, I'm so excited that I'm less than a week away from my BA. I feel like a big bundle of excitement, I can barely sleep or do anything really. I've just had boobs on the brain, I'm still in disbelief that in less than a week I'm going to have the boobs I've always wanted. I'm finally going to be able to wear all the cute backless, low cut, and bralettes with no problem. That on its own makes all the pain, money, and time worth it. I apologize for my rambling but I'm just so ecstatic.

Post Op Prep ;•]

I skyward the internet for a thorough list of post-op essentials and this the complied list I came up with from my research
• Front closure sports bra
• baby wipes (freshen up)
• laxative (I picked up ducolax)
• straws
• scar cream (bio oil)
• frozen peas (ice pack replacement)
• a list of movies and shows to keep myself entertained
• prescriptions
• Motrin (extends the painkiller effectiveness)
• antibacterial soap
• light snack food
• back rest pillow
I'm literally only a day away from surgery and it's so surreal ! I can't believe the time is finally here. I won't know exactly what time I'm getting surgery until later today (it's 2:00 am) Which should somewhat indicate how restless I am. I picked up my prescriptions today and it finally hit me, all the emotions just hit me all at once; the excitement, nervousness and happiness. I couldn't be more prepared for surgery. My only concern is how well am I going to be able to control myself from eating/drinking for 12 hours. I can't thank everyone who has been commenting, advising and wishing me good luck enough. I appreciate your feedback and support, this is such an awesome experience. Thank you for being apart of my journey !

Welcome to boobland !

Good evening everyone! I had to be at cosmetic center at 8:30 am because i was originally supposed to have surgery today at around 10:00 am, yet ended up having surgery around 11:30 am. I didn't mind much at all, because it gave me plenty of time with my momma. The nurse I had was naira and she was exactly the nurse I needed, she was funny and took her time with me, just great. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE ANESTESIA ! The anesthesiologist, Amy, came is reviewed my file and brought me a warm blanket. She was quite wonderful, very sweet and talking to her put me completely at ease. She came in a second time and whisked me off to to the surgery room. I lied down, told me she was putting the sleepy medication; 2 seconds later I was out like a light. Wiped up and walah BOOBIES! it's true it literally felt like someone was sitting on my chest ( . )( . ) I woke up to my awesome nurse and obviously asked an important question, "did I say anything embarassing before I became lucid?" She just said I wasn't too bad. Good! Lol I'm not exactly sure the amount of cc's but I'll be briefed tomorrow at my post op. as soon as I was wheel chaired down to my friends car, the pain definitely kicked in. As soon I got home water and percocet was all I wanted. I was just so sore. Now it's all better, I took a short nap (that definitely helped a ton) still have the soreness but I'm feeling way better. When I woke up, I took my laxative and some motrin. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and support ! The twins look good so far, thank god. I'll post pictures a little later.

The new ladies ^.^

As promised my new ladies in all their glory. Sore and swollen but lovely. I love them already

Day 1 was an okay 1

So today was sort of a roller coaster, nothing serious. Woke up around 6:30 am (felt my mom waking up) with what I'm guessing is "morning boob", I was extremely sore but nothing unbearable, my left boobie was a little more sore. I just rolled over and took 2 percs, 2 ducolax and some water. I haven't really been feeling like eating, so I just asked my mom to toast some bread with a piece of ham because I had to put something in my stomach due to all the pills I'm taking. Today was follow-up day: my appt was at 9 AM, surprisingly there wasn't a ridiculous wait, I went right into the room and one of the doctors that work for the center evaluated me. So far so good, everyone ! Dr. Hunsaker inserted Allergan Natrelle 68HP 600 cc. YES I KNOW 600 cc, I couldn't believe it myself! I'm actually glad, I feel as if he had decided to go smaller I wouldn't have been satisfied. I just can't wait to see them in all their glory. July 4th is a little less than a month away and I'm hoping they'll be ready to be on display ;) Thank you everyone for your positive vibes and support, it definitely means so much to me.

Dia tres \(^.^)/

MORNING BOOB AIN'T NO JOKE, LADIES! That aside today has been a great day, minimal soreness and pain. There's only a bothersome itchiness around the incision, which is good news, means i'm healing up well. I'm feeling so good that I was treated to a Mani/Pedi and waxing, it definitely helps with the self-esteem. My boobies interchange pain; one side pains me a little then stops, the other side starts then stops. For the most part i feel great. Icing the girls has been helping tremendously! The soreness subsides, swelling has reduced, and muscle spasms are less current. I've also begun to apply Palmers massage cream for stretch marks to improve the elasticity of my skin and obviously, prevent deep stretchmarks. Only real issue I have is bowel movement, it's been 3 days and I'm really bloated. Hoping I have at least one BM by the end of today. I'm just so happy with the results so far. Good luck to any of you ladies getting BA soon! I'll be posting some pics later tonight :*

Booby update •<]:D

Changes from day 1 to day 3 after surgery

Boob week-iversary !

That's right ! It's been a week, there has been highs and lows but for the most part it's been good. The worst has been the initial soreness as soon as I wake up in the morning, it's pretty bad. Im also happy I've finally accustomed myself to sleeping on my back! Some updates: my boobies are looking rounder by the day. Also, there's a bruise near my incision on the left breast which has me somewhat alarmed. Thankfully, today is the one week post op appt and I can spew all my concerns. Another concern of mine is the fact I can feel my implant at the bottom of lefty (again), I've read it's normal but still, I don't want to feel the implant. Has anyone else had this problem early on? Does the implant eventually get covered? I'm just glad Im having the stiches removed, I want to see what's going on down there. Other than that my girls are feeling better with each passing day.

Two boobs, two weeks

So it's week two, boobies have dropped a little more but I don't feel they're dropping at the rate that they should be. They look pretty high still, which has me stressing out a bit.. My right boob is softer opposed to the left side, but the left side is lower. I think I'm over-analyzing but I can't help it. I've been massaging and applying cocoa butter 3 times a day. I'm also experiencing boobie greed, heavy, I hope they look a little fuller when they're done dropping and fluffing. Here's some update photos (:

Sorry for the wait, update

Guys! I'm back! I have been recovering and so many things have happened, so my main focus wasn't to keep up with my blog post. I apologize. So far, sorta good. My right breast has dropped and fluffed beautifully. Yet, the left breast is barely dropped as much as my right. Which has me concerned. Other than that, I'll update later today with present standing. I'm posting progressive pictures.
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