BA to Restore Fullness Lost from BF 2 Little Ones - Coral Gables, FL

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Great surgeon, staff, and overall experience! Very...

Great surgeon, staff, and overall experience! Very impressed with my entire experience from the first consultation through my post-op appointment. I did the doughnut lift and implants- 500cc HP mentor round smooth behind the muscle. I only need pain medication the first 2 days and have only taken Tylenol today- day 3.


Cannot wait for the sternum swelling and tightness to go down! They're sitting very high still- guess it's going to be a long journey to wait for them to settle.

Trying on something different ...

Sports bra- which I'm not allowed to wear any bra for 3 weeks- but I wanted to see what this one looked like. Size large/xtra large with no padding or lining.

Morning Boob

Not a fan of morning boob! My right was a smidge higher and then this morning I woke up and my left felt more swollen and higher and my right feels completely fine?! I hope it's just muscles trying to loosen for them to drop because I felt this way yesterday with my right and now it's reversed. Ugh!

Boobs are totally in my armpit!

Such a weird feeling having the implant way up in your armpit! Won't say I'll miss that once things settle...

Still need to drop...

Still feel like they're up to my collarbone but doing my best to stay patient. :) Next appointment is Tuesday.

Love the projection

I know I'm really early still and they have dropping to do but I really am happy with my projection and profile!

1 week post op

Had my 1 week post op today. They took the bandages off permanently so now I can shower normally and everything is healing great. Friday I go back to learn the massage exercising, which should help drop the implants into the pocket. I've seen my surgeon at each follow up and he said to request to see him Friday too. He's a very caring doctor! Some places don't even set you up with your surgeon after your surgery but he's been with me the entire time! Love that about his office. He said my implants are still high and it will take a good 3 months to completely settle and be in place- to not worry. :)

Trying things on...

Just trying on a dress with no bra and a one piece I haven't worn since pregnant! :)

Becoming Squishy!

They are finally becoming softer and squishy! I go tomorrow for a follow-up to learn the breast massages!

Breast Massages

I've been given the green light to start the breast massages 3-10 times a day. I go back Monday to have my massage technique checked. Saw the Doctor today at my appointment and he said everything is healing great- my swelling will take a good 2-3 months to completely go away- but I'm where I need to be :)

Massages are becoming easier...

Started the breast massages and man they did not feel good at first! Starting to get the hang of them!

Love them :)

Cannot believe how they are starting to look in tank tops! So exciting :)

Almost 2 weeks

I have an apt to check the massage technique tomorrow then I don't see him for a few weeks. Went shopping for my kids and ended up trying a few things on out of curiousity :) My left one is still higher and more swollen than the right but it should start getting better in a few weeks I think.

T-Shirt boobs!

Never thought I would be able to wear simple t-shirts without a bra and look like this! <3

2 weeks!

Had another appointment today to go over the breast massages. Now I don't go back for a month! I still have very mild bruising and I bought the scar cream he recommended from the office to use starting next week. I'm still braless- not allowed to wear a bra or any support for another week as well! Cannot wait to be able to pick up my littles again next week! I've missed scooping them up in my arms :) I finally feel like my girls are a part of me and cannot get over how soft they feel after the massages. He said they will soften even more- to give it more time. I still have some swelling that will take another few weeks to go down- but I'm very happy with how everything is going and how I'm healing. I'm so glad I picked this surgeon! I have had the best surgery and follow up care I could ask for! Hope all you ladies are doing well too!! My husband also used one of these pics for his background on his phone ;) that made me smile! Such a good feeling!

Happy :)

Waiting for leftie to decrease the swelling and move down like rightie has!

Come on lefty!

My right one is doing SO well but the left one is being stubborn and swollen. My PS did tell me it could take 12 full weeks but I'm just being impatient! ;)

New bathing suit :)

3 weeks!

I am 3 weeks today! Meaning I can now wear a bra and put my arms over my head! Wahoo! I still feel sore when I do certain things but I'm cleared to lift my little ones and that made me very happy today :)) I'm very happy with this decision and love my boobs. My right one is perfect and I'm waiting on my left to keep trending down to be like my right ;) Loving the side boob too!!

3.5 weeks :)

Still have some yellowish bruising that's fading under my left breast- the more swollen one but it's going away. I always bruise easily so it doesn't surprise me it's taking a while. I don't see my PS until I'm 6 weeks again.

Another pic!

Sports tanks are my new fav!


I'm SO happy with the size! I love bathing suit shopping now! :) This is an XL!

4 weeks!

Made it to 4 weeks today! Been using the scar cream for 1 week and finally wearing sports bras but only when I have to- still prefer to go braless. Only swelling is in L side now with yellowish bruising. See my PS again in 2 weeks. Scars are healing great in my opinion!

4 week Bellini scar

I've been using the scar cream for 1 week- I'm pretty happy with my scar so far!

4 weeks doughnut lift/implant scar

No bra! <3 the cleavage!

Side profile

Trying on bras!

Went to the sale for VS and found a few things- didn't go crazy since I was told to wait until I am 12 weeks post- but it was exciting to fully fill out a bra again!

Love wearing tanks now!

5 weeks - Doughnut Lift scars and implant

Been using the cream for 2 weeks. I think it's definitely helping. My left one is still a smidge higher but it's almost there :)

Attached pic

Wish Pics vs My pics- per request :)

Here are a few wish pics I showed my PS vs mine!

First time wearing a real bra!

First time I've worn a real bra since before surgery! I'm much more comfortable without I must say :)

Finally evening out :)

My left has been always a little higher than the right and now they're pretty much even! Very happy!!


I'm happy I had the lift- I know it leaves more scars but I think I would have been dissapointed otherwise! And it's amazing how soft they have become!!!

Tank top no bra

I would say my life has been completely back to normal the past 2 weeks. I no longer feel any soreness or type of pulling sensations when I pick my kids u

Side profile- no bra

Different angles

With a thin bra- not a push up-

I think this bra is too small! It feels super tight. I'm 6 weeks Monday so I'm going to wait another 6 weeks before I buy anymore bras- this one is a 34DD from Victoria secrets.

Finally- a before and after picture

Finally found a before picture! I only snapped one about a week before my surgery and couldn't find it anywhere. Just browsed through my phone for like almost an hour and finally found it. I have way too many pictures on my phone!


So I purchased a DD from VS and it seemed to fit okay - I didn't even try on the DDD since it sounded massive but to my surprise the DDD fit SO much better and way more comfortable. Trying on some swimsuits and brad at VS again.

6 weeks today!

Happy 4th of July! I made it to 6 weeks! Wahoo! I feel great and I'm thrilled to finally start working back out! I feel so out of shape already and I still have some baby weigh to lose. The girls feel so soft and they've dropped evenly now- thank goodness! I'm still applying the scar cream twice a day- been doing that for about 3 weeks. I'm planning on using it for 3 months at least. There are times I look and think they're too big and times I think they're perfect. I don't think they're too small ever so I guess that's good! I want a nice round full shape and feel like he did a good job! I wished I didn't have to get the lift some days but after breastfeeding for 2 years plus with 2 pregnancies I cannot expect to be perfect. ;) I still would rather go braless honestly because after wearing a bra for a few hours I'm just ready for them to breathe again. Not sure how long that will last lol I also am very happy with my decision. I never got the boobie blues or boobie greed, which I was so worried about after reading so many testimonies on here. My life has been back to normal for about 2 weeks and I don't feel them at all- they've felt a part of me for a while now and the sharp strange movements that I used to feel my chest muscles clinch up- I no longer feel those anymore. Driving is back to normal and picking up my kids. Looking forward to working out and making it to 12 weeks to see if they change much more. Hope everyone has a great day!


I haven't worn a strapless dress- especially without a bra- in like years! But I found the perfect 4th of July maxi dress to wear! :)

6.5 weeks

Settled and dropped

7 weeks

You know you have implants...

When you end up wearing a black bikini with no padding or lining hardly to not look "so" big when you take your kid to an appointment! ;)

On way to follow up!

Final post op apt!

Dr Roudner said my boobs look amazing- they're extremely soft so I don't need to do the massages unless I feel compelled to. He also said they're exactly where they need to be, even, dropped, and etc. He did say I'm having a mild reaction to the sutures- which I honestly didn't notice but that would explain why the top part of my areola is more red- the bottom is practically clear. He did the doughnut lift so the incision was all the way around. He told me to put bacitracin twice a day and it's not a big deal- it will go away in a few weeks on its own that it looks like one of the sutures tried to come out and it healed over. He told me I don't need to come in again unless I have concerns of course and to just call and make an apt. He's SOOOO nice! Just love him! I feel fabulous honestly- so incredibly happy with my outcome and very pleased. Will be happy when my nipples are completely healed over in another 6 weeks- but other than that I honestly cannot complain. :) I'm still waiting to be measured- 12 week mark- he also told me to never do any butterfly weight exercises or the implants will move apart and change positions- which I don't do anyways so I wasn't concerned. I have just started working back out and feel fine. They don't feel heavy or really get in the way. I feel like they've been there the whole time!

Bellini/doughnut lift scars

My Ps said I was having a mild reaction to the sutures but it will go away in a few weeks. Didn't seem concerned so neither do I! Will be glad when everything is completely healed in a few months :)

Doing well!

5 days post vs today (7 weeks)

No boob spacial awareness lol

I just purchased an $8 sports bra thinking it would be too big- nope! Love my girls/ still cannot believe my boobs are "too big" for certain bras and etc! :)))

Date night!

I've been dying to wear this dress since I had my boobs done! Date night with my hubby- he dropped his phone in his beer when I walked down the stairs and our waiter ran into the wall when I walked by him in the restaurant! Always an amazing feeling to feel sexy! :D

8 weeks!

Made it to 8 weeks! Wahoo! Only one more month until I'll get fitted for some bras! :) loving the girls and I'm so happy I did this!! I did the doughnut lift so my incisions are red around the areola still from having a reaction to the sutures. Should clear in a few weeks!

30G UK size bra! :D wow!!

Doughnut lift incision- 8 weeks post op

Doughnut lift incisions- 8 weeks

10 weeks!

Only 2 more weeks until I can go get properly sized for bras!!

One more week until I'm 12 weeks!

Cannot wait to go to Nordstrom and be properly sized in a week!! I am so in love with my girls- this was the BEST thing I've done for myself! I love trying on new dress and tops! I just started working out more seriously and nothing seems to bother me. :)

3 months post op!

Almost 4 months!

Doing amazing! Best decision ever! Love my boobs!! :)


Coral Gables Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor and team! Everyone was extremely patient, friendly, and accommodating. Exceeded my expectations. Couldn't have asked for a smoother operation and recovery. Very attentive! Highly recommend.

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