39 Yo, 2 Kids, 5'5", 115 Lbs I Want my Pre-baby Boobs Back! Miami/Coral Gables, FL

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I have always wanted bigger breasts...even before...

I have always wanted bigger breasts...even before having my babies and breast feeding both. Now I'm left with flapjacks and minor stretch marks. My pre-baby boobs were not huge, or small, they were perfect...I can say this now even though I didn't appreciate them then.
I know from being pregnant I do not want huge boobs! Of course my husband (soon to be ex) adored them, they were much too large for me. I have not a clue on CCs, so I'm looking for stats similar to mine for some wish pics to go off of.
For now I live in Northern California, but plan on moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida after the school year ends. I'm not sure how much easier this will make my surgery day planning as I'll be 3 hrs from Coral Gables. I do not want to stay at a RH, I'd rather get a hotel with a private care nurse. I'm thinking the Extended Stay in CG since it's close and the price is decent. I've read amazing reviews on Amy and her assistant, but it haven't called her yet.
I have several friends that want to go as well, so I'm trying to coordinate with one of them, but they are all out of state as well. I absolutely do not want to have the surgery alone, but I might have to suck it up and do just that. I'm already scheduled for July 29th, but that may change depending on what happens with my friends, and depending on who will be watching my kiddos.
I feel like I have a lot on my plate already and adding a BA to it isn't going to help, but I want boobs dammit! I'm praying at least some of these things will go smoother than I expect and some stress will be relieved.
I picked Dr Krau because his pics and reviews impressed me. I feel like he is the ultimate magician when it comes to giving the best results. My coordinator is now Karina, she has so far been amazing! I paid my deposit and received my receipt and paperwork from her quickly.
My lab work shows for only blood work needed, but I thought because I'm almost 40 that I would need a mammogram, and because I'm a light smoker that I'd need a chest X-ray or ekg. Either way, I plan on asking my Drs for those to be scheduled too...I don't want anything to prevent me from being able to have surgery when it's scheduled.
I need to do a little research on what other than a multi-vitamin I should be taking prior to surgery. Any advice or words of wisdom are greatly appreciated!

I'll add my before pics soon!

Before pics

So embarrassing! I need to get back to working out my tummy.

Pre-baby pics and preg-boobs

Not sure what I should do...

So, for now the moving plan is after school ends (June 3rd) I will be driving to Ohio and then moving to the Gulf Coast of Florida before the new school year starts (Aug 10th). Everything will be shipped from CA, so I only have to worry about driving there with my kids (alone). I'm scheduled for my BA on July 29th, I'm not sure this is enough healing time before making a long drive like that.
I was told Dr Krau only performs surgeries on Fridays, which makes trying to find a better date difficult. I don't want to immediately jump on a plane as soon as I get to Ohio, I don't want to schedule and miss either of my kids birthdays (one at the end of June, the other the middle of July), I don't want to miss spending the 4th of July with them :-(
I'll be flying American Airlines since they have non-stop flights. I'm pretty set on getting a hotel, although now I am looking at the ones that have free shuttles to the airport. I plan on hiring a nurse, but if I only hire her for one day how do I get to my post-op appt on Saturday? Would she still technically be responsible for getting me there, or do I need to hire her for extra transportation? I've emailed Amy the after care nurse, but haven't received a reply yet.
I was told I could fly after a 3 day stay, so if my pre-op is Thursday, surgery is Friday and post op on Saturday, can I fly on Sunday or do I need to wait until Monday? Not sure if I misunderstood my coordinator.
My friend who planned to go with me may back out due to not having childcare. I'm okay with going alone, I just want to plan accordingly and cover all aspects of this trip.

Wish boobs

I'm wondering if I should get a small lift too? I don't want to go too large and still have slight sag. I want that perky look without being obviously fake.

I know I should quit...

I have smoked since I was 15 years old...terrible I know. I quit for both pregnancies and while breastfeeding. I know I CAN quit, I just don't want to...and that makes quitting even harder.
I never really thought I would have to quit to get BA...I've had minor surgeries and have never had any issues with anesthesia. I wish it was just a matter of cutting back :-/
I am aware of the risks, and have read many answers from surgeons that it is not imperative to quit for BA alone.
I didn't write this to be blasted with negative comments regarding health issues and risks...I'm hoping there might be someone else out there who has (or is) been in the same position. I've seen a few profiles from smokers, but none say if they quit or cut back.

New Wish Boobs

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