24 Y.O. Black Female 36C to 36DD (Silicone) - Mel Ortega - Miami, FL

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HEY! So, I originally was going to Dr. Ortega for...

HEY! So, I originally was going to Dr. Ortega for a BBL in Mid-December! I have what I like to call Plastic Surgery Syndrome.. after wanting a BBL I started studying my body every single day and picking out ever stupid little imperfection hate it. I find this odd because I love my body now, I just need a little polishing.

My breasts are also narrower than my shoulders now. I chose to go BIG and get a DD so, I wouldnt regret it later. I have not tried on sizers but I DID buy a 36DD bra and one of those padded bras that boost you up 2cup sizes ..put it underneath the 36DD bra and believe it gave me an accurate prediction of the results. ;)

I am looking at booty & titty pictures constantly lol! Now I have firm, Full-C breasts that seem to change shape with my mood. Somedays they are ok somedays they are.....blaaah. After my BBL my hips will be wider soo, why not get new tits!? (This is my excuse let me live haha)

I am scheduled for November 12th (TOMORROW) I am getting cohesive silicone due to Dr. Ortega's suggestion. My incisions will lay in my breast creases since my breast "hang" right now and I would like them to "hang" afterwards just have a fuller/bigger look.

Thanks Dolls!

7hours away, I can't sleep! Wish Pictures.. zzzz.

Is this normal? Thought I would post my wish photos. I hope & pray my boobs will come out gorgeous I read somewhere he doesn't have malpractice insurance. Maybe I am just being over worried and paranoid.

Beauty is Pain, Pain is Pleasure!

I feel like a really fat woman is standing on my chest wearing some six inch spike heel stilettos.

They gave me oxytocin and with in 5mins I forget I did my boobs. After 4hrs the pain rushes back. My guy is taking care of me and honestly I think this will break our relationship. He isn't very caring ive nough done a majority of things by myself. He thinks I will stop dating him cause I have new titts. How shallow and insecure. I'm over it.

I read about girl's getting emotional and depressed not me! I can't wait to buy every titty top there is to be bought haha!

Upon waking up 2 nurses told me he put the implants under the muscle 1 said it's over, the muscle... WTF!? I ASKED FOR OVER THE MUSCLE!

Dr Ortega was in surgery by the time I woke up so I didn't get to see him. I have a follow up Friday.

A few after pic

5 hrs out of surgery.

5 hours out of surgery yesterday. .

The nurse that did my IV was very cold and unwelcoming she also missed my vein and I have great veins.. she left a rub tie around my arm too long as well. I am horrified by needles btw.

Here are a few new afters.

4days Post Op. I feel GOOD!

I was out and about by myself today I miss my freedom. My guy finally broke down and told me he was miserable seeing me in pain and caring for me.. he claimed he didn't expect to have to take care of me like he did. (I made him wipe my butt only once haha common it isn't THAT bad haha) I discharged him and sent him on his way.

I only took two oxycodone pills today. I was taking 2 every 5hours. Also I slept on my back for the 1st time.

He gave me a back massage before leaving and I noticed I was less bloated after taking Metamucil and getting my back rub! Also I was in a lot less pain.

When I am driving I turn corners slow and slow all the way down when going over bumpa and I have done ok.

I do get sharp pains in the middle of my chest where the skin is still tight though and near my incision on my right boob. Muscle spasms are very frequent when I am moving around.

My LOVE/HATE Relationship with Spectrum Aesthetics

First: I am 5days post op now and my right breast (I am right handed btw) feels like it is doing summersalts in the breast pocket when ever I lay down/get up.

It hurts soo bad I have to either get my guy to help me sit up or sleep on the couch. I can feel air or fluid in the pocket when I touch my breast. WTF is this normal? It also swells at night and in the morning. My left breast is chillin' lol no problems at all.

Second: I am sick and f****** tired of calling the idiots at Spectrum and have them hang up on me, put me on hold for 20mins then hang up on me OR Put me on hold for 20mins and send me to voicemail. The only person there I don't HATE is Karla.

My F****** tit hurts and no one is answering the phone..geeesh. If it wasn't for Dr. Ortega being so down to earth I would have gone else where. No lie.

ONE WEEK! Super happy so far..

I have almost finished my pain meds but, I still have one stubborn boob. I hope it doesnt give me too much trouble that much longer. Here are some updated photos.

Not sure if I am satisfied..

My breasts are noticeably bigger but, they are losing the fullness at the top. I want to go up two more cup sizes before summer time. I am wearing a 38D or 36DD barely. :( I wish I could express how unsatisfied I am.

My Fault!

I went into the surgery not wanting a lift! I still don't want a lift. I wanted my breasts to hang naturally.

I was upset that I was not given the option to select two different sized implants with Dr. Ortega KNOWING my boobs were not even. F***!

My scars healed nicely but, they still hurt when my bra rubs them or if I lean too far back as in stretching my back. In bras my tits look great but naked.. I don't like it. :(

Naked Boob pix I have been asked for..

Here are my boobs with no bra so you can see I am still uneven but, they are noticeably bigger.
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