23 w/ 2 kids breast aug with Dr.Krau 600cc's.

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I am so excited to finally say my surgery is NEXT...

I am so excited to finally say my surgery is NEXT MONTH! I did start a review already on Dr. Freiman but since I couldn't figure out how to change the doctor I decided to start a new review! If you'd like to see my journey thus far my old account was Deezdd's.

So I have always wanted to have bigger boobies. I am married and have been with my husband for over 8+ years & we have 2 children. I have always known I was going to get a BA but just waiting for the right time financially! I am getting this procedure for my own happiness however, my husband is supportive :). I originally was scheduled w/ Dr Freiman but due to scheduling (on my part) & the fact that my coordinator Karla had a recent BA with Dr. Krau I decided to switch to him. My BA is scheduled for Feb 27, 2016 which freaks me out because its a Saturday and I am scared it will be rescheduled or something?? I haven't really seen BA's with him on Saturdays. Oh & I am FORCED to go with silicone. -____-

Let me explain, first and foremost I love my coordinator I would choose her again & again. However, she told me I would only be able to get silicone if I decide to select Dr. Krau. I was leaning towards saline not because of the price.... It was just my preference. I see adds all over that say $2500 for Dr Krau w/ saline implants.... I'm okay with silicone implants but, just the feeling that I have no choose either way kind of sucks.

I am from California so I will be traveling and staying about 3-4 days post op. Luckily my hubby will be tagging along so we are staying in a near by hotel. I am so excited & just pray this all goes by flawlessly. Please let me know on your experience w/ Dr Krau!! I would love to hear & follow!! :)

Ugh I sort of want a BBL also!?

UGH I hate that when you start to look into plastic surgery it really gets you thinking of other things that would just perfect your look lol. I have a pretty nice size bottom but I would just love a nice fat one :). My husband gave me the "be happy with what God gave you" speech. I guess we will see how I feel after the BA.

Any ways I am in preparation for my trip and getting super excited.

* Travel prices *
- Hotels booked $450 for 4 nights 5 days.
- Flights booked $271 round trip from Cali :)
- Rental car booked $150 for 6 days ( family discount)

The BA with Dr. Krau is costing me $3500 Silicone + 300 for using my alpheon credit card. So $3800 total.

Still need to get my surgical bra & some supplies.
Going to try to get my blood work done through my insurance which is Kaiser Permanente. If not its going to cost me $126.00 w/ lab corps.

I cant believe its all coming together!!! :)

Geting close!! Almost time for labs.

Havent updated in a while, I am currently just in the waiting stages.
I have everything booked and ready to go. :)

Kind of nervous about the blood work...I hate needles & just hoping everything will pass just fine! I have been having a little anxiety on the size that I want to go but I emailed my coordinator and she said I can try on sizers. I know for sure I want nothing under 550 & nothing over 600. I really wanna be a full DD so we will see. I hope Dr. Krau gives me some input on how many CC I would need to achieve the size and look. I'm pretty sure HP is what Ill be getting but again we will see! Super excited but really just so anxious to start the process healing process already!!

28 more days!!!! :)

Lab Work

Hello Ladies!
Did any of you have to fast for the lab work!?? I'm hungry as hell and can not go until after work. I cant imagine not eating until then & am willing to risk it all for a bite of a cheeseburger lol, Jk.

On another note - I am officially paid in full and have about 11 days until my BA. I don't feel anything really which is weird because I've wanted this for so long! I did have that regret feeling like "Are my boobs really that bad??" but that feeling quickly goes away when I imaging big floppy (hopefully) ddd's on my chest. Oh, & I purchased my post op bras...Which everyone recommends purchasing in the size you currently are.... I'm a 34 full B/ small C & I got a 40 but it fits good & surprisingly not loose at all! I'm thinking they run small. I will post my before pics & stuff but I dont think I will have any wish pics :/ I just want my boobs but larger & natural looking Soooo I'm not going with "wish pics" as of right now...... & I have calmed down about sizing... Ive seen a lot of reviews stating you're on your own when it comes to sizing w/ Dr Krau At CG... I am between 550CC & 600CC , Id love to have the 600CC look but I dont want to be larger than a ddd because I still want to shop for cute bras at Victorias Secret :/.
I would LOVE to be a natural looking full DD to DDD...

Decisions, decisions! Hope you all have an awesome Monday!
Happy Presidents day!

Cleared for Surgery!! 9 days left!

Its getting real!! So I did my labs yesterday and just got my results in! Everything was perfect & within normal range! I was only worried about my hemo being low because after I gave birth I lost about half the blood in my body & needed a blood transfusion...Ever since then I struggled with my anemia. My Hemo came back 13.9 which I'm so happy about! I feel so healthy lol.

For any of you wondering I've been taking a multivitamin since about December & only took an iron pill a few days before my labs to avoid constipation.

I sent the lab results to my coordinator & within a minute (LITERALLY) she told me I was cleared for surgery! I am so happy because I was so nervous about the labs & or something going wrong in general..... I know the biggest hurtle is going to be when I actually get there & have to deal with wait times. But I have had a flawless time dealing with CG Cosmetics thus far & that is all because I have such an awesome coordinator. I pray everything goes smoothly & my experience continues to be A1! I guess my next update will be after pre-op which is next friday!!

Happy Hump day! Have a good week :).

Before photos & my stats

I was looking through my review & realized I never mentioned my stats! & since I am about a week away I also wanted to post my before photos. I am in no way self conscious about my boobs. My husband & I have been together for 8+ years & married for 3 so I am pretty secure when it comes to my itty bitties. :)

5'4//145lbs//Pre-op Full 34B - small 34C
Here's a little history on my mom boobs.
I breast fed my 1st for 22 months.
& my 2nd for only 4 months due to medical issues.

If all goes as planned ill be getting
HP//550 or 600cc's//Areola incision

UGH, what can go wrong, will go wrong.....

I'm like 99.99% sure that I am coming down with a sinus infection. I've had them before & know what its like. My jaw hurt so bad last night (sinus infection symptom) that I had to sleep damn near sitting up. & I have braces so that makes the pressure pain in my face worse.

I also suffer from migraines & had one all weekend but since I am within a week of my BA I can't take anything but Tylenol. I sooo wanted to just say F it and take an Excedrin .... If I wasn't flying out of state for this procedure I would have definitely rescheduled for a later date. So basically I have 5 days to get rid of the possible sinus infection because from what I've read I may not be able to proceed with it. I called my PCP & asked for an antibiotic just incase. So I'm hoping things work out for the better.

**End of rant lol


Fun fact- My right has always been larger than my left. Even when breastfeeding it was the only one that I could pump from and would produce more milk than my left lol.

** I don't think it is significantly bigger to where I would get a larger implant.

Pre-op & consultation with Krau

So I made it to Miami last night around 11pm. I was advised that I can come anytime before 4:30pm Friday 2/26 for pre-op. I decided to go as soon as they opened around 9:10AM. No one was there so we began right away. Took all my prep photos & signed papers. Apparently, my coordinator left out a blood test so she did it right then and there (no charge). She told me that my surgery time would be relayed to me sometime tonight but more than likely it would be early because I came in & got it done right away. We didn't talk much, just signed and got it done. *Got a call at about 2:30pm letting me know I need to be there at 7:30-8AM SX at 9:30AM tomorrow.

**Consult // trying on sizers**
After my pre-op (which was on floor 2) I was sent back up to level 3 where the main office is to have my consult and try on sizers! I waited in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before being called back. Tried on sizers 550-600cc's which I didn't really care to do because I already knew it was between the two! But I first tried on 550 then 600 & there wasn't too much difference. Just a little more projection from what I can see.

*Consult // meeting Dr.Krau*
I waited in the exam room & was told Dr would be coming in soon. I waited maybe about 5-10 min and in walked Dr.Krau. It's so weird to see someone you know so much about. He is super patient & I never felt rushed when I asked questions! He seems really confident without any arrogance. Every question I had, he answered not only with an answer but also an explanation. As far as assistance with sizes he explained that he is not a surgeon that likes to look at you and tell you what size you should go and feels it should be up to you! Although he won't tell you what size to go with he will educate you on how to decide. He asked me where I wanted my incision and I chose through the areola he responded "okay, very good choice". & as far as CC's so far I have decided on 600CC's he said I have a lot of breast tissue & a slight droop so he says they will not be "basketball boobs" lol.

Although I chose 600 I'm still debating if I should do 550 since "I have a lot of breast tissue". :) Almost got my boobies!!!

Surgery day!

I'm here waiting to go in so I figured I'd make a little review before I go back. So got here @7:50AM or so there was 1 person waiting. I just got into the pre-op room at about 9:00AM. So a little over an hour wait. She did a urine pregnancy test in the room & had me change into the infamous gown and such. Prob within 15 min Dr. Krau came in & marked me up! He ensured me that I will have a good result and cleavage like I want! :) he provided his cell # and was on his way. Just got my IV & waiting. I don't think it's going to be soon because the girl before me is still in her room & hasn't gone in yet.

& I was speaking to a lady in the waiting room who is also with Krau & she asked me how many cc's I picked . When I told her she was like OMG that's HUGE. Word for word "you gone have them stripper boobs" lol she sounded country. It's funny how ppl think anything above 500CC is like pornstar boobs.... Any who didn't scare me one bit.

Going to take a nap...was out at Club Liv last night until 4AM lol & lord was that hard not eating or drinking :/.

Just started my IV & waiting.........

See you on the otherside!!!!

All done!

On the other side! I'm sore right now. I'm super loopy and tired... I've actually fallen asleep while typing this lol.

I will post a reveiw on the recovery w/ CG tomorrow!
* I haven't confirmed but I did go with 600CC's & can't take the bra off until my post op appointment.

Thank you all for checking on me and making sure I'm okay! I really appreciate all of you.

Recovery w/ CG

Once I got my IV I decided to take a nap because i figured it would be a while based off the fact the women before me was still waiting. A lady came in to check on me & asked if I wanted a blanket & to see if I was okay. I went back to sleep then got woken up by the anesthesiologist coming in with a clip board. She asked me my weight, if I took the pregnancy test, and made small talk about where I am from. She looked over my labs & I said bye my husband. She took me into the operating room and it was super cold. They put a blanket over me. I told her last time i had to go under the meds burned my veins. She said "don't worry I'm going to give you something to relax..... I felt the meds going in & boom, I was out!

I was in the preop room for about 2 hours before getting the surgery. I didn't mind because I was sleep the whole time.

I woke up to the nurse (same nurse that put my IV in) and she was just saying "youre done, you did it" I asked for some meds because I was in pain and nauseous. She said no because I had some in my IV. She had a cotton ball that smelt like rubbing alcohol and rubbed it on my nose and told me to smell it. Then she wiped it on my forehead. Oddly it worked lol. I kept going in and out of sleep but I woke up to her putting my clothes on. I told her I didn't wanna wear my jacket but she said its cold outside and put it on anyways lol she was very motherly. I got in the wheel chair and was off to the car. Every bump in the car hurt so bad. I hated that drive!

My recovery with CG was great! My nurse was so sweet and even had small talk with me. I see a lot of ppl saying they kick you out as soon as surgery is over. But they called my husband around 12:00pm to tell him I was done & I didn't come out until 2 because they were waiting for me to wake up. Keep in mind I did have surgery on a Sat so my experience may be different because there may not be as many ppl to care for on Sat. My post op is on Monday.

I would recommend getting to your pre-op as early as you can. The earlier you get your pre-op the earlier your surgery will be scheduled.

Post op @ CG Cosmetics

My post op was scheduled today @10:00am. I arrived around 10:09 & signed in. They called me back within about 30 minutes. I finally got to see my boobies & they look awful. But I know it's a process to go through so I'm not worried. I did not have the follow up with Krau but the guy was pretty nice and went over all the post op care. It was short and sweet. He did not rush me out of there. I just didn't have any questions.

Acording to my implant card I got 600CC's High profile, Unders.
I also have to wear the strap to help them drop & it is sooo uncomfortable!

Other than that I feel great! Pain is starting to ease away but I'm still sore and still need a little assistance from my husband! Going back to Cali tomorrow! I loved Miami sooo different from my city. Hope to be back soon!

1 week post op!

Hey ladies!!!
So today marks 1 week with the twins! I realized I didn't really post previously how I felt just. So day one I could t even lift my hands to put my meds in my mouth! It was really hard & I was sooo tired. Seriously fell asleep all day every day. We went to the beach and I fell asleep there lol. By day two I was in good shape still couldn't do too much but definitely better! By day three I could fully lift my arms and everything. But still sore, I went back to work post op day 4! I work in a call center so not bad at all. I stopped taking the Percocet on day 3 and switched to Motrin 800 and muscle relaxers. I still couldn't do much that involved my peck muscles. So my husband had to help me get up & even button my pants lol.

Fast forward to today I feel pretty good! Pretty much can do everything normal but I just don't work myself too hard! I do get morning boob! Now I see what everyone is talking about! They are starting to really soften & are pretty squishy. Can't wait for them to drop & fluff! I wear the breast strap 24/7 since post op day 3. And I'm use to it now so it's pretty comfortable.

Side note I woke up on like post op 5 to me laying on my belly!!!! I was like WTF am I doing? I guess it was just habit but I was super comfortable lol. Can't wait to go back to that!

I can't believe how many of my breast friends have gotten theirs over this past week! So glad I have ppl I can relate with & share our healing stories!

10 days post pics

Will update at 2 weeks. Just wanted to post some pictures.

*I have worn the strap 24/7 since day 1 except for showers & wear it as tight as it goes.

Scar reveal!!!

My steri strips came off. However, I am going to reapply some. I seen somewhere where a PS said the longer the better. I think I'm going to do 2 more weeks and see how they look.

The dark spots on my skin is from having a reaction (sensitive skin) to the steri strips. I even got blisters as well. Thank god they went away & are healing.

Idk but I think Dr. Krau did great!
My right is better looking than the left but as long as they look good!

People are annoying when it comes to BA.

So I have not told many ppl about my BA. NOT because I'm embarrassed but just because I'd rather ppl not go through the healing process with me that have NO CLUE how it all works. For example, most men & some women think that when you get your boobs done you come out with perfect beach babe boob & don't understand dropping, fluffing, & seem to forget you went through a surgery & need to heal. I'd rather tell them when my boobs are not up to my neck lol.

Anyways, I told a close friend & she told her boyfriend which is my husbands bestie (I didn't mind her telling him) & of course he asks my hubby 10000 questions about what size I am and how he cant believe it, what do they feel like, ect. My husband doesn't give him much info just real basic & I was not there so whatever. BUT then he decides to try to talk to ME about it. So it made me think, just because I have "fake boobs" does not give a man the right to talk to me about my lady parts? Right?? Just because they are "fake" doesn't just turn them into an object they are still MY BOOBS! Maybe I'm overthinking but just think about it....I'm sure we will never all sit down and have a convo about his girls boobs because they are natural.......If I was born this way I am sure it would be super inappropriate for him to ask me how my boobs feel & what size they are. So why are ppl so comfortable to talk about purchased parts? I hate the way ppl look at "plastic surgery" :(.


2 weeks post op!

*The rash in my pictures is irritation from me scratching*

Week 2!!!! As you can see I reapplied some steri strips. I tend to scar bad so I will be keeping them on for 2 more weeks & reapply until the scar no longer has scabs. They are pretty squishy! So I'm happy about that! I'm sure they will only get softer. I don't have pain anymore, and that sore muscle feeling is pretty much gone. The only thing I've been experiencing is sensitivity! It's my whole boob, not just the nipple. I hate it! Like if my shirt rubs against it, it triggers it. But when wearing tight shirts it's fine!

My nipple sensation is still gone but there is sensitively in them so I think it's going to come back soon! I wear the strap 24/7 and it doesn't bother me...other than the fact you have to meticulously select clothing. :)

I went to Victoria secrets today to get a wireless bra to wear occasionally. They measured me at a 34DD, but she said Im more than likely going to be a 34DDD when they fully drop! I wanted to be a DD/DDD so yay!

3 weeks post Op.

Today marks 3 weeks! I posted some comparison photos because this is the first week I actually notice a difference in them. They're setting nicely but I'm hoping I'll start to see some lower pole come in. Dr. K Said in time the nipple will come up higher. I'm not expecting them to be all the way up and perky cause that's not how I started but I'll be patient.

As I stated on my 2 week update I had a lot of sensitivity & that only got worse during this week. It's almost like a stinging feeling & sometimes feels like my incisions are going to rip open. It's hard to explain but I've seen some refer to it as "zingers" and that's the best way I can describe it! It's definitely something you can tolerate so don't worry! I don't mean to scare you. Sometimes it feels good to rub them. It's starting to get better & not be as intense as it was in the last week so I'm happy!

My nipple sensation is coming back in my left I can feel my whole boob & even can feel my nipple a little. Not back to normal though. My right I do not have any nipple sensation & some spots on my actual boob are still numb.

4 weeks post op!

Hello Ladies!
So I'm not sure how often I should update now that I made it to a month!? Any ways, within this week alone I've noticed (thanks to comparison photos) a tremendous amount of dropping! & im officially starting to fall in love! the sensitivity is still there but Is for sure getting better some days I feel like my feeling in the nipple is coming back but on a scale to 1-10 (1 being no feeling) Id give it a 2 at most a 3! :( BUT I am super patient with This whole process.

I am almost positive I will NOT have boob greed! & I am so happy about that! I LOVE the size I chose! It was a little scary because ppl have so much to say about 600-800CC's and seem to think it's HUGE but obviously a lot has to do with your stats! And we are all different! If I had to do it again? 600CC's all the way! No bigger & no smaller!

6 weeks post op

Hi ladies! I must say I do miss posting on here & being totally obsessed with the sight! :( hope all is well I try to keep up with everyone's updates even when I don't post! I am currently out of the country (not surgery related lol) but really wanted to update.

I'll make it straight to the point & if you have any questions let me know!

- I occasionally get zinger pains every now and again.

- I still have NO feeling in my nipples. Actually, the left one is slowly coming back... No luck on my right.

- sometimes my incisions feel like they are being cut open. But it's really quick.

-Sensitivity is pretty much gone.

- I'm almost sure they're done dropping.

To be honest they are Soooooooo squishy that they feel like my natural boobs but just bigger! That's what I love the most! I was not expecting for them to feel so soft!

- I lay on my stomach occasionally.

I love them but I do wish my nipple was higher up & that I had lower pole. They were low to begin with so I guess this is as good as it gets! I am so happy with the job done it's just I wish I didn't have such low nipples & they'd be super perfect. & I of course still LOVE my cleavage.

:) have a good day!

9 months post op

Hey girls!
I use to look at ppl over 6 months post op and only wish to be that far along! Haha, mama we made it!! & I am soon going back to Miami for a BBL lol heyyyyyyyy.

So nothing much has change as far as appearance, they feel and move sooo natural! I love them! They feel like a part of me & NO they're not heavy or give me back pain. I'm so glad with the size I chose (600CC). Just wanna make this short and post some pics. Feel free to ask questions.

Last post op post!!!!! :(

Hello beautiful ladies!

I am officially over a year post op and just wanted to wrap up my review! Nothing has changed, & they just feel like a part of me! Unless I tell, NO one knows they're implants! They just look so natural!

Last note before I go :(
This has been one of the most life changing expiriences! I am so happy with my choice to take the leap and do something for myself. I can't say my life has changed because I'm still the same me, but I feel good, I look good, and my tops fit like never before. My nipples being low don't bother me and give me a more natural look, I am happy! Thank you for all of you that took the time to read my review, I worked hard to provide every detail of my journey & sometimes I even go back and read it!

PS. I will always respond to all questions! Also, I am scheduled for a BBL in MIAMI on 5/15/17 so feel free to follow that journey!

Bye BreastFriends :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I traveled from California to get my breast aug done on 02/27/2016 with Dr. Krau at CG Cosmetics. When I first met him he came off as a pretty nice guy. Not too much & not too little which works good for me because I was not there to connect personally with my PS lol. I asked many questions & each one he took his time to answer. He even provided an explanation or example so that I can better understand. I loved that, made me feel confident & I was glad to be going in understanding the procedure some what. My consult was quick, but I did not leave with any questions & thats what matters. I showed him NO wish pics (by choice) but described my perfect size & look. He said he could do it! & so far he did just that! I am only 2 weeks post op & already loving them. He really brought my vision to life. I am so glad I chose Dr. Krau! Before I went in for surgery he provided his cell # for contact or questions! The staff was very nice to me & treated me well. But I got to give it to my coordinator Karla....She was truly something special to work with! Just so helpful & answered my questions so quickly you wouldn't even believe it. For my pre-op/consult/post-op I waited no longer than 5-10 min. For my surgery I waited about an hour to go back into the room where I was given and IV. I waited in that room for about 2 hours before going in the OR...but the room had a bed & since I was out at Club Liv until 4AM I slept those 2 hours & didn't care about the wait.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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