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I finally decided to share my BBL journey with...

I finally decided to share my BBL journey with you, I haven been lurking to get this procedure done for a couple of years. In 2010, I had a lipo with fat transfer to my buttock performed by Dr. Amarilis Pascau, which turned out to be a waste, only 140 cc were transferred cause she changed her mind during the surgery telling me she would not injected what we agreed upon cause she was afraid of complications, just unbelievable, she did not know what she was doing.I was charged a little over $6000 and it was done under local anesthesia. No change in my body happened, I was left with multiple roles in my skin which took over one year to get better and my butt was unchanged, months later after lots of aggravations they decided to revise it, I was promised the surgery to be done under general anesthesia with another doctor and more fat would be transferred to the buttocks, the week of surgery I got a phone call for my surprise Dr Pascau prohibited BBL's in her clinic and no license to perform surgeries under general anesthesia was granted to them, WHAT A MESS... I threw a big fit and they said no charge for the Sx, meanwhile I went to consult with Dr Mendieta and he recommended me to gain weight and come back to see him. At that time I did not want to go wrong again, so I decided to wait, gain weight, prepare myself financially and have a real BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT GURU to work on my body.

Day of surgery

e 18, 2014 I had my BBL done by Dr. Constantino Mendieta after gaining 20lbs, when he saw me in the 1st consultation he was super excited and told me I did an excellent job that I had enough fat now to be worked on, promising me I would have the so desirable Desiree, It made my day although the consultation was quick and I was charged an extra $1000 due to previous lipo.
On my pre op with Andrea I expressed my concern that I did not want to exceed the 4 liters limit, and again I was reinsured the more fat the better do not stop eating.
Surgery was done, everything seemed to be so efficient there, I was the first patient at 6am I believe at 615am I was in the OR already. Dr Mendieta entered in the prep room with a camera took several pics without saying a word then finally got up and asked me "how do you like your butt" I said lots of projection and the smaller waist you can give to me, he said OK, everybody was moving really fast.
I got home around noon, blending a lot from my belly button, no girdle, no drains and severe bruises everywhere. Around 5 pm I gave the office a call complaining I was bleeding too much and why I did not have a girdle neither drains on and the nurse said you did not need it and it is normal the bleeding I will see you at the office tomorrow morning.
Blood was pouring like a water fall from my belly bottom in the first day, after my clean up the following morning it stopped and the girdle was put on.
Three days post op had my first lymphatic drainage, I was severely bruised and swollen, I saw myself in the mirror for the first time and I realized I would not get the results I was promised to, even being extremely inflamed I could tell.

One week follow up

One week follow up: I was already upset, I was told 660 cc was injected and the fat was difficult to remove, Dr Mendieta told me it is way too soon to say something " I understand what you are saying about the projection maybe we should considered implants but lets wait I will work with you, come back in 6wks".

Six weeks follow up

6wks follow up: I was depressed and mad, the front desk people did not want to schedule me saying would do it only if I had some source of complication, I told her I was completely unsastified with my results and I demanded an appointment. Two wks later I saw the Dr M, and he said I should wait til 3 months for final results to consider a revision cause AGAIN too soon to say something. That day he had my op report done and he was better prepared to deal with me saying he removed the 4Ls and the fat was extremely hard and only 600cc was transferred wait and come back in 4wks, I asked if I would be charged again and I was told "Marisol will give you a phone call", well, I never got the phone call.

Three months follow up

3 months follow up: My appt was moved from a Friday to a Monday cause Dr M, was in sx all day, so all patients were moved to Monday. The office was a pandemonium like always, I waited 1 1/2 hr to be seen, pics were supposed to be taken, but it did not happen, finally Dr Mendieta entered in the room in such a hurry that I felt very uncomfortable, although it was always like that, in and out of the room in less than 10mins average, I had to call him back in three times because I could not ask all my questions, it was very awful, he sat down and said "you can have another lipo whenever you want from now on", took notes to retouch back, flanks, arms, inner tights and transfer to butt, stood up handed the chart to the nurse and was running out of the room, and I said wait a minute!? is it going to be considered a revision right? He turned back to me and said " NO, I do not discuss quotes with patients, ask my assistant" and he left. It was so unprofessional, I felt like just a big piece of meat that gave them $11000 to be lied and dumped afterwards, I do not believe medicine should be practice this way, neither people to be treat like that.
My head was about to blow up and ask to talk to him again, they took me to the back room saying" Marisol is going to give you a call to quote your surgery" I completely refused it and demanded a resolution that day, they sent Marisol to talk to me, her answer was unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you, You have to pay $8000 for the revision... I was about to have a stroke . I told her I was lied to many times here, that you all helped me to create this high expectations, that during Dr. Mendieta's evaluation of my case it was never brought up a second surgery or that I was maybe I would exceed the limit of 4 liters for the procedure, on the other hand, I was a perfect candidate for it and an extra $1000 was being charged. So, now I have a lot of fat left over my back, stomach, and my inner tights still touch and a small butt and on top of it 15 lbs above my regular weight and imperfections/unevenness all over "WHAT A STEAL to people"
Her answer "Well, Miss so and so unfortunately it is what it is, I ll consult with the administrator, but normally that is what we charged".
I called the Manager in the room , the answer was the same, only thing he said he would intervene for lower quote and within 3 days I would get a response.

One week passed by...

One week passed by none one contacted me, so I called. The answer was basically the same if you decide on the revision let us know when, and we walk you through the process for $6000. I was very disappointed and I asked who is going to guarantee me after another $6000 I will get the results I was promised to when in the first time it was not delivered, my answer from Maria "one of the managers" Well maybe Dr Mendieta is not the Doctor for you, can you believe that!!! I THINK I WAS NOT A PATIENT FOR HIM, he failed his examination and years of expertise to decline me then, but I guess money is an important factor there.
After all it was completely unworthy.
Money comes and goes that is for sure, I'm sad that everything has to move around it, compassion, sympathy is not part of doctors daily living no more. I'm a hard work woman and I saved for it, I did not care paying a big bucks for the best doctor in town because I thought I could trust him, what a disappointment, I had a great admiration for his work, but now I know him better.
I just wanted to share my story with you, I know this situation happens a lot out there I'm not the only one, lots of girls get disappointed with their doctors not only that, awful results and fatalities happen all the time. However we have to speak up and let other people to know that not everything that shines is gold. I am trying to figure out what to do at this point, only thing I know it has to be fix one way or another. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Some pics before/after bbl journey

5 months post op

I still get not get over the fact that so little chance has happened in my body after the high investment I put on it, I had two consutations these past two weeks firt one with dr salhauzer who advise me to wait 8 months before considering a revision and quoted me $6999, and the second consultation with Dr Salama who basically said the same, full recovery time post bbl is one year and at this point his advise my best bet is time, lose some weight to assess what will be left over and return to see him within one year. I agree with them but I'm afraid of loose weight and do not have nothing left to transfer, it is a hard decision for me, doctors said it is hard to tell what is fat and what is inflammation at this point because fibrotic tissue is been formed. I see a lot of girls getting a revision in less the one year post op I'm curious to know what was the results. Dr Medieta said I could have another one anytime after 3 months mark, but I cannt trust him anymore and on top of it quoted me way to high, it makes me feel suspicious. Girls please any advise...

6 months post op

Pictures speak for themselves...Round 2 I will have to go.. I need a Dr to fix me really good..who to go to? That is the question...
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mendieta is a busy Doctor therefore, he does not spend enough time with patients to perform a decent examination or follow ups resulting on high expectations/false promises to patients, lack of communication and follow up from his staff happen all the time, compassion and sympathy are not expect to be found there when something goes wrong. I would not recommend him from my experience to anyone.

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