BBL-Mission Possible ETA January 2015 Dr. Ortega O NO?? - Coral Gables, FL

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Hello ladies. I have been stalking this site for...

Hello ladies. I have been stalking this site for about 5 months now and decided to finally post. I am in the process of shopping for a BBL. I was going to head to Dr. Fisher who looks like he does AMAZING work, but I hate the unprofessional-ism of his staff. So then I came to CG Cosmetics and Spectrum, both housing Dr. O. I don't know which one to go with . Spectrum is saying 4K for 6 areas of lips , labs and garment or 5K all inclusive, 12 labs, 3 massages, garment and compression socks. CG is quoting me 4K for BBL stomach, back and sides. Its like as long as he is there right? Vivian from Spectrum is awesome once you can get her on the phone, and Gelen from CG is awesome too. I just dont know if I should take the CG route. Its like, I want to get more bang for my buck. Anyway, thats my current situation . LOL. I am also hearing so much about Dr. Salhauzer, is he any good? Well this is the beginning of my journey. I just want it to get easier.

Spoke to Dr. Ortega...kind of

Hi ladies. So today I finally got a chance to speak to Dr. Ortega. The phone call was so unexpected. I totally got a call from my coordinator as I was in the elevator on my way out the door. LOL. So after being on hold for 15 minutes he comes on the phone. Unfortunately, he was in between surgeries at 7 PM at a night so I really couldn't get into my questions. I was expecting the nice Dr. O but he was in a rush and trying to accommodate me. I appreciate the call but kinda feel undone , ya know? The questions I was able to ask was so generic. smh. I feel like I still have so many questions to ask him but he is a busy man. It totally put a damper on my plans b/c this is the day I was supposed to make the final decision on this procedure. Don't know what to do at this point....

Finally Booked-January 2015

So today was the day that i made the plunge. I put down my deposit with CG Cosmetics for my BBL with Dr. Mel Ortega. It hasn't hit me yet but I am sure it will as I get closer. I'm also psyched because it has some really cheap flights from the northeast to Miami. It would be nice if I had the support of my friends and the little bit of family I do have, but I don't. Mind you when it was there turn I was always there for them. Oh well, what can you do right. Anyway, if anyone has any tips or any pointers on this surgery i would appreciate it. Slowly but surely i have to buy the things that I need. Only thing I know I need is a faja. Lol. This will be a fun journey. Cheers to the beginning!!

Surgery officially one month away!!

Hello ladies! So my surgery is officially one month away and I am just trying to hold it together. I booked my recovery house with Moni from New Body Recovery Services. The link is . I got a very good feel from her and I was very impressed that she was a Licensed Nurse. I will be going to CG Cosmetics and doing my procedure with Dr. Ortega. I have to stop taking Herbalife I was told, which is ironic because that is what I have been using to lose a couple pounds. I've been slacking on the gym ya' has been crazy. Anyway I guess I need to get my life because I float between 197 and 202 and I want to stabilize myself at least 195 . I have yet to do my bloodwork, EKG, or chest x-ray because it has to be done 10-15 days before the procedure. So pray that I stay healthy guys. I have to put some pics up on this thing. I am a little nervous but more annoyed that I cant sit on my ass for about a month, but you know its all worth it right? Winter gut into a summer butt? LOL. #venting

January 12th the DAY. ...Supposedly

So im in Miami, and am more depressed than I ever have. On the way to the airport I call my Minister Mom who basically told me not to do the surge Ty because it wont end well. Like, how can you tell me this on the way to the airport. My nerves are shot. The convo ended with her telling me to pray about it, ak God's permission she says. So this is the worst day of my life. By far!!

Surgery Successful! New Body Recovery Services is it!

Hello, hello! So I am pretty much about three weeks post op, and I had a very successful surgery. Dr. Ortega is amazing and I am satisfied with my results. Eventually, I will give a play by play of all that happened but for now I will say that you are in good hands with the CG Cosmetic/Dr. Ortega staff. My coordinator was Gelen Horta, and she was beyond wonderful. I am an attorney and can be pretty pushy and demanding and over inquisitive and bratty..LOL...but she was patient, understanding and knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend her. She answered my questions many of nights wayyyy after business hours...I mean like I was getting detailed responses from her from questions I sent in the early AM when I expected them the next day! Shes amazing. Please ask for her...its the best thing you could do for yourself when corresponding with CG!! What can I say about Dr. O... he is funny, laid back, knowledgeable, realistic and beyond truthful. I told him what I wanted , and he worked with what I got and made it happen. BAM! He is more like an artist than a surgeon. It has days I look in the mirror like "wait did he do that or was that there...I am confused" LOL. Amaze balls!

Now ladies I know that everyone is concerned about the recovery homes, as was I. I have heard AMAZING things about Magdalena, but I wanted an actual nurse. Lo and behold I came upon New Body Recovery Services. ( I had the pleasure of staying with Moni and Chelle and Monica. Two nurses and a nursing assistant. ADOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! House is retardedly clean, big and beautiful. Its located in an area that I believe to be a gated community. They do everything for you and with you. Take your vitals, administer medicine, airport transport, pre op, op , and post op transport, answer questions, and most importantly they are the most amazing ladies. Two LPN's and a Nursing Assistant. Professional and friendly are not the words. I highly recommend them. They do only take three patients at a time, which makes sense as some ladies are a little needy than others and require more attention. They cook and clean and wash for you, and they are sooo nice. Like Moni is my sister from another mister. I text her about really. You could not ask for more from these ladies, they go above and beyond and are certified health professionals. They also have supplies there as well as sell fajas and the like at REASONABLE prices. Check the website! Soooo I sing my praises, and I don't do that too often, so take it from me (a die hard New Yorker i.e. nothing is ever good enough for us because we think that the world exists in NYC so trust me when I tell you I know what I am talking about... LOL) you should DEFINITELY book your next stay with them!

As to me, I am recovering. Presently propped up on a yoga mat and boppy pillow at my desk doing these deals. I am blessed that all went well. Thank you ladies so much for your support. I will post my journey a little later. In any event stay safe and all the best in your future endeavors! BTW, keep your mouths shut and dont tell anyone of your decisions besides God and your emergency contacts. Take it from me that people in supporting you can mess up your mindset. You don't need that. You need a clear mind to go into surgery! Stay Blessed!

One Month Post Op

Dr. ORTEGA DOLL-1 Month Already Since 1/13 BBL

These are some pics that shoulda went up but didnt. I will take some one month post op pics soon.

BBL-Revision with Dr. Ortega!

Hi dolls. So I am back again, pondering why the hell Ortega left CG completely for Spectrum. Some of the staff is great but some of them are the fucking worst. Like my coordinator. LOL. Heading to Dr. O for a revision. When I went to him for my in person consultation he was amazing. Same great bedside manner, funny as hell. Straight to the point. My surgical coordinator not so much. I have Jessica Garcia, and her unresponsiveness kills me. Its like I am the patient ,answer me , call me back. It's like pulling teeth with , but let you ask for a new coordinator. Then you get a response and then it goes dead again. It's like you get her on the phone but dont expect her on the email. Its amazing how these coordinators say they are busy but when you go to the centers and see some of them in action you would fucking piss your pants. Busy socializing Some not all. My CG coordinator, Gelen Horta, was the best but shes no longer there and neither is Dr. O. Woe is me. Anyway, can anyone recommend a recovery house or a nurse? I know the basics Assistance for Life, Moni, Magda but I think they are all booked during October. I really just need someone for two days post surgery and then I will head by my family inFt. Lauderdale. Any suggestions?
Dr. Ortega

Love this man. Hes more like an artist than a surgeon. Hes real and down to earth and gives results. Thank you Dr. O!

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