34 Years Old Adding More Volume to my Butt - Coral Gables, FL

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Hello ladies I been on here due to my BA with Dr....

Hello ladies I've been on here due to my BA with Dr. Ortega (click here to read my review), in march I went to miami got a BA done with him. I had a great experience not to mention beautiful breast I now am going in june for a BBL! In 124 pounds with some butt already but I want more to add volume. I always had a great body until I broke my ankle and was in bed rest for months. I had ankle surgery twice in one year & had screws and a plate put in. Im. 5'1 124 pounds after 4 months bed rest I went up to 145. I never ever been over 130 not to mention 5'1 I'm a bit of a "shorty" so worked out like crazy got down to 114 last summer but lost my curves "/ so I tried to gain weight which I did 10 pounds. I got some booty back but not enough, lol. The butt got bigger but not like before it always was standing out "/ maybe I'm getting older it changes whatever the case I want my pooked out booty back ! I booked with Dr. Ortega again since he did my beautiful breast and I trust him. Great PS with over 24 years experience, work ethic wonderful, very witty & made me feel very comfortable and at ease during my BA. Im looking forward to this im super excited as well happy & nervous! My BA was so easy no pain more discomfort im hoping this is as easy as my BA (bitting fingers) well ladies I will upload pics of me now "/ Dr. Ortega said I cant lose any weight im at almost needing to gain "/

my pics of me now / wish pics

I would love a tiny waist & pookie butt! Lol, … ive tried the gym to regain my booty but it just made it smaller! I been eating like a cow I gained 10 pounds I got some of my old action back but not sticking out like id like "/ I got thighs & hips but love a bigger ass :)

strange my pics did not upload

Reloading my own pics

pics wont upload

Let's see this time if the pics upload

Deposit down! Date set!

Just put ny first 2000 next two weeks I will pay the following. I got 4 weeks im super nervous and anxious!

3 more weeks!

I'm heading back to CGC Cosmetics for my second time ! I'm excited and happy .. I just want a tiny waist and some more ass! Not too big but just enough.. Added two pics of me now ..

17 days n im freaking out!

No garmets yet! I honestly feel lost what to get together! I'm taking my multivitamins , bromelain, and vitamin c ..what else do I need?? I'm super nervous he may put too much fat in my ass or I don't have enough fat. I'm just freaking out n I already paid have the hotel booked but haven't booked my flight.. I know I know.. Pls help on the pre surgical stuff ladies thank you

more pics me now

Forgot to upload these.. I want my thighs, hips, arms and stomach all can take fat from there pls!

2 weeks!!!!!

Flights booked only 266.00 jetblue! My friends coming to watch over im super excited and anxious! Hoping for a nice round butt no square sponge bob pls! I just want a great ass not that mines not great just a needs volume! Still have not bought my garmets but yadira told me to buy the closed butt one not open. I see so many of ya with open ones so now I'm confused ..

thinking Dr.Fisher ??

I'm super confused im in love with all these BBl from Dr. Fisher patients!! Beautiful, round, bubble, asses just what I want! I've been seeing a little square ish look on some Dr. Ortegas work. I'm not sure now super confused although I've seen nice asses too hes done! Whats ya intake ladies??? I get 1 week till my BBL and I dont want to make the wrong decision but these ladies on fisher the butts look amazing and small waistlines! ! Ughhhhh

A little about me before /after pics

Ladies I always had a nice bubble butt but 3 years ago after I broke my ankle and gained 20 pounds extra & im 5'1 I was determined to get rid if it. I was in bed rest for almost 3 months no gym no exercise for a year .. Now I ran on a treadmill (where I went wrong) did cardio cardio and not much weights "/ no squats nothing and I lost my ass! I'm turning 35 july 13th n your body does change as you get older as well if not eating good & not working out so I up loaded my before 3 years ago nice bubble I had n want back! I lost 2 pounds I been eating 4 meals a day and trying to gain weight! I see more flubber but the scales not moving! My hips, thighs, and stomach get bigger hopefully its worth it because I'm not to happy looking like this! Ok we got 1 week next monday I will be in the table next!


Holy Sh%t these things are crazy tight!! ! How does someone breath in them!? I bought size small because according to the chart im a small & my coordinator suggest small. I called the store the lady suggested small… I ordered two from a local place ( thank god local) the fajas dont even go over my kneecap! Any easy way on how to put these body suckers on ? Literally sucks the life out of you. .I never used one but I'm gonna have to drive an hour n 20 min to exchange them because im leaving sunday I have no time! I know 4 days but I went through a depression stage today and asked myself at 34 do you really wanna go beat up on your body more? A bbl is not a permanent solution and I feel line as I am.. Kinda feel like I made a mistake because I'm adding more scars now on my body and who knows what else.. Sorry for being a debbie downer but there's affects to everything we do to our body wasnt sure if this was worth it "/ just confused and dont want anything physically to go wrong risks always play in affect… ugh… maybe its nerves

wish pics / me before I pounded this weight on

This is my wish pics . I know some of us put unrealistic pics but I been putting the weight on for this bbl.. This pic was 1 month ago so hoping to get my body back with extra asssssss..

surgery tomorrow!

Getting ready to hit the airport! Early a.m 7:00 gotta be at CG Cosmetics! Incase you can't do your blood at home they do it for you .. I'm getting blood dont there and then 11:00 surgery! Wish me luck dolls.. ;)

bbl not happy!

Sorry ladies will post pics later but I am not happy at all n my gut instincts was right! I feel as I lost volume! My ass in my opinion is no where near big! My right cheek looks like it don't end as if goes right into my leg! If i known this id never done or definitely not with him! I only basing this on my garment . I've been crying my eyes out! I knew knew I should of with fisher… my before garment pic has more volume! At this point in my faja im t?hibking a waste of time/ money n I would of never bothered to think I gained weight for this is beyond me! I rarely have pain just discomfort. I'm hoping once my garments off im wrong but you will see not much change before n after in my ass volume. .just passed off I would of been fine without the bbl or as I wanted fisher!


My coordinator says "lilly 4 months to results " im no doctor but I dont have the volume now gets make me think I will later? Dont ww lose cc? B its swolled up which only means it will get smaller! Beyond disappointed

worst then I had!

Look at these before after of me really aint nothing change! No shape no curve in my ass. I'm a petite girl not over shaped I figured my body be easy.. I had more bible before my BBl my ass is just wider!!!

wheres my bubbleb or volume????

Before n after ask me I look worst n don't be nice I hate fakeness! I see so many girls bubbles right off the bat!


Hi ladies so I saw my PS I give it him ! He said for me to relax im all swelled up & results will get better ( lets effing hope for!) comfirmed 2000 cc transferred is that good? My back today is sore! So my ass is totally black n blue. My pants didnt fit so thats good sign.. He took from my inner thighs arms back n stomach. . I will post more pics in a couple days.. My puss is super fat gross! It better go down, stomach flat but puss is like a 500 pound girl lost weight..


Well some changes & for the better still think not enough ass but here's 2 pics & I start massages with marian today. . no pain just sore back..

I got my first massage!

I met marian sweetheart and was very helpful.. Number 1 her ans ortega recommended NO fajas with holes on the bum.
2. She suggested I start my faja board now.
Also I woke up with a puffy face , puffy face went to cgc they said its from sleeping face down?? Marian said its the fluids..
Im very active through this whole BBL no pain just back sore from sleeping and discomfort from laying in the back seat of a car because no sitting on the bum..
Marian massages where great no pain went by quick but felt good on my back. My ass is hard rock lower stomach full of fluid.. Will take more pics tomorrow it seems to change daily…

4 days post op

Dying for my hips to go down I look wider with them ( I hate hips) only is sleeping n I wake up with a puffy face and headache.. Very bruised n Swelling still there. . I kinds wish I never done it cuz the recovery is the worst.. No sitting, no sleeping on back just uncomfortable.

6 days post op

I had 3 massages with marian and she drained me because Dr. Ortega dont drain? Whatever I'm over him.. I believe ny body before was better, before I gained the pounds for my bbl. I really look the same except he made me wider. I wanted my hips gone he created more! Everything I got I already had if you look at my BA review you can see. The only change is I do have a hump ass now like the top has gotten bigger n he forgot to add in the bottom cheeks. My bottom goes straight into my leg it does not end or cup and thats not my ideal ass! I could of gone without this instead I got a ass thats big only on top where the back meets (which) is great but the bottom has nothing goes flat! Not impressed ive seen numerous girls 5 days post op look great and the body amazing! I also ran into another girl on here who lost her ass after doing this. After the swelling the ass went.. My boobs I swear are not as big either! They flattened out! I've heard of this before so safe to say I do regret doing this instead I just got lipo mini scars and a little ass on top of my bum. . definitely would never gone through this is I knew this. I was not a big girl I already had curves so I dont understand where one can go wrong? Posted before and after for ya can see what I'm talking about .

Thank you realself sisters

Hi ladies I just wanted to thank you guys for your encouraging words and guiding me through this BBL. I would like to explain reason why I'm not liking my results to some they dont know but I actually never had stomach rolls or was a "big girl" so when I came out and saw I had a big belly flopping over my puddy cat I freaked out! I never in my life was not able to not see my private area. I still have this little heavy sack on top of it why I dont know, is this normal dont know so I panicked! I still have the fluid sack lower bikini line right above the lips (still cant see my cootchie) so its normal for me to react that way since I never had a belly sack as I do now. I also said I wanted the hips to be gone ( I hate my hips) my hips are bigger! So seeing myself wider before coming into the BBL and with a huge sack down there in panicking.. Wake up today totally flat stomach then I went grocery shopping had a bowl of cereal here comes the belly fat again and cootchie sack… im over it if this is not gone by 3 /4 weeks I as usually will just burn it off through the gym. As I said I never saw my body like this so I reacted and I'm hoping for the best as the weeks go by.. At this point I'm wearing 2 fajas lol ones loose in areas the other isnt until my new one arrives.. Iwasq126 before my bbl im still 132 after.. Strange but I guess shifting fat adds pounds? Not sure and CGCosmetics only gave me the answers " in time your body you wanted will come" I definitely wont be doing work with them again or any plastic surgery what so ever. Both my BA and BBL I had no pain just sleeping sucked! My BA ortega did a great job but then again he even questioned why was I doing them they were perfect? I told him I wanted bigger perfect ones so ,, both times I have him jobs that didnt need much work as you see my bbl pics I was not heavy I had great curves just wanted more projection on my ass.. Thank you ladies you all been great and kind I will continue as to see what happens to this body..

my pre surgery body :'(

Just my body before I started to add wright for my bbl.. This is why I'm so depressed thinking I was fine why did I do this & now not happy

day 8 at work

I don't need to sit for my job and I feel fine, great im back too work! I was like this for my BA as well, both procedures were more sleeping discomfort. I guess I have a high pain tolerance, happy healing ladies back to work. .

9 das post op lost 3 pounds

Went into surgery 127 came out 133 today 9 days later 130 so I lost 3 pounds. Its important to eat smart because this is not a temporary body! Now we invested money time and pain, lol, you want keep your new body. I can't workout yet so next best thing id eating smart. I cut my carbs down and no soda just sparkling water. Eat clean get better benefits and we wont need to do surgery anymore. Once I can work out in gonna be on my lunges, squats and no. Running for me cuz thats how I lost the weight! Also theres good carbs to eat to maintain our bodies like avacado which I love. .happy wednesday ladies


I ment this is not a permanent body if we don't take care of ourselves.. Sorry.… ive been a rollercoaster with this but I'm getting better thanks all

faja loose or tight??? Help!?

Ladies I have a tight faja on new. My other is not as tight on.. Does a tight fajas affect the butt? Will it make it smaller? Or should I remain with the not as tight one? Super confused.… nor do I want my ass shrinking .. After surgery it 43 inches now its 41 almost 2 weeks post op.. Not cuz the faja im just changing fajas now..… pls any info help thanks

Birthday outfit for tomorrow!

I turn 35 7/13 so bought this one piece at bebe new body feels like my old body when I was 20 , lol… perky ass again..

so yesterday was my 2 weeks!

Here my 2 weeks post op me on my bday outfit sunday..

oops forgot to write my recovery

No more bruising. . back still hurts from sleeping. My ass is finally starting to soften up but still tight & hard. . my thighs got only a little smaller I only see my stomach & butt change no arms (but I havent wore my arm garment) my incisions are dried closed up at this point. .

3 weeks bbl / BA Doll with Dr.Ortega

I actually done my BA with Dr. Ortega march 11 & now my BBL 3 weeks as of monday. My measurements before I dont know "/ but now its waist 26' bum 41 1/2 thighs 39' thighs I already had he did not add. My incisions on my ass is itchy but I hear thats its due to healing. Im wearing my faja day n night but only 2 days for a few hours I didnt due to special events. Im driving on a boppy with not all my weight down. I hold myself up as much as I can… im Not exercising yet just eating normal.. I got a faja with three adjustments on the belly so if I want it tighter I can change it.. I do love my new body.. Body still sore from the lipo & lower back kills due to sleeping.. I do sit on my butt but not for long periods or only if I have to which is not much. .I been using foams on my sides with my faja as well to mold my waist.. Thank you dolls..

6 weeks 8/11/2014

Hi ladies sorry I have not posted but I got pics and wow monday already 6 weeks post op! My bums much softer it has gone down a bit "/ its ok I wanted a natural looking butt and I believe i got it. I get stings here n there and I still have my surgery scars. I just started using scarguard lets see how it works.. My bum is bubbley and sticks out like I wanted. Still feels sore if its grabbed hard "/ overall I like my new body, my stomach is flat but once the fajas off I feel it getting puffy "/ 4 months with the faja Dr. O SAYS SO.….. My thighs are smaller as well im still 127 surgery weight…

9 weeks post op!

Hi ladies! I've been trying to enjoy my summer with my new body but with the faja & it being so hot its hard! I do sleep with it every night but on occasions I dont wear it. I started the gym as well! My butt has home down :( but I still got some. Note to new girls if you live in a city of all seasons best time is winter! .. I still get stings here & there & my butt hurts if you whack. I uploaded some pics & im started to eat healthy because I feel my stomach getting bigger so no way on that!

9 weeks post op

Took these pics real quick cuz I didnt upload nudies.. Not the greatest pics my shadow is in the way..

oops I forgot

Forgot to mention I started with a medium faja & now im in a small. Note to the ladies some fajas run really small especially the colombian fajas! But I prefer the colombian fajas cuz hey have 3 adjustable clips n you dont have to keep buying after your stomach gets smaller.. Also this site carries them pretty cheap www.Vivamybody.Com happy healing all xoxo

4/5 months post op

Hi guys!!! Sorry its been a while but quick update. My butt still a phatty ! I actually gained about 6 pounds but overall im happy! My waist is not super tiny anymore but its small. My only complaint is my lower bikini area is still fatty, before surgery i didnt have my private so puffy & its a bit puff like fluid that never left.. Well im off my faja & scars a bit visible still.. Happy healing new pics

7 months post op /BBL 10months post op BA

Hi everyone! I'm posting some pics because I had a few of you request them. I'm doing great other then 10 pounds extra on me =\ my body is still pretty much the same but due to gain weight my waist is not as tiny but still small. I gotta say my lower body my private area still stayed puffy! Which I never had a fatty puss n after this surgery the so called liquid they say leaves your body never left!! If you ever notice some girls that due this have a phatty, puffy private area :( not a fan but let's move on ... I'm uploading some pics from yesterday and New Years so they are what I look like now :) I'm still happy with my body & my ass is 43" still.. My scars are still visible above my butt two dots, I'm still using merderma.. Thanks girls

Some nudes / 7 months post op BBL Dr. Ortega

hi ladies just some nudies and also my butt is 44' it's grown!!!! In the pics it may not look that big but it is! I gained 10 pounds & that's probably why.. I still have two minor brown dots visible above the bum cheeks .. I been using merderma maybe it's time for a new scar cream..

7 months post op nudies

my pics did not upload so here's another try

Probably my last post ladies

This will most likely be my last post but for new comers I got a BA with Ortega as well as a BBL that's all not hing else and I'm pretty happy .. Like I wrote a week ago or two it's grown 2' inches so measuring at 44' and everything feels good .. Still got two dots over the butt that's fairly fading. I just wanted to add some pics but nothing's change from two weeks ago I posted, lol.. Happy healing to all..

I hit post without the rest of the pics

:( pic upload

Try this one more time

pics didn't all upload
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