27 Years Old 2 Children Bbl 3/26/2015

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I'm 5'2 145 - 150lbs I have lots of fat around my...

I'm 5'2 145 - 150lbs I have lots of fat around my abdomen as well as some excess skin. Everywhere I go people think I'm pregnant and it is causing me to feel very insecure about my body. I decided not to do a tummy tuck because I will be getting married in September and i may want more children in the future. I also wanted the bbl so that I can look more "womanly" I have always been small with big breast so now I want my body to be more proportionate and curvy. (Round butt, more hips and a tummy that doesn't poke out like I'm 7 months pregnant! Lol

Anyway, now let's get down to my FEARS. I booked my surgery 3/3/2015 for 3/26/2015. I was so excited about it until about 2 days ago. Now, fear and doubt has been clouding my head...

I have a skin graft on my lower back that extends to about 1/2 of my buttocks. I got this scar at age 4 or 5 from an attack and I was seriously burned. My fear is that my butt will look worse after the bbl. The last thing I want is to look even more deformed than I already do....Right now with my clothes on, no one tell there is anything wrong but I have to look at myself everyday and see the damage that person did to me. I'm scared I my fat won't survive and I'll be left with a "deflated ass cheek" or a lumpy booty that can't be hidden with clothes.

Before booking my surgery I asked my coordinator Jessica if a bbl could be done with my skin being scared. And will it look worse. She assured me it could be done and I had nothing to worry about. So I paid $3800 and will pay my remaining balance Monday. I'm scared the when I arrived at the office the doctor will tell me he can't do my bbl and that I can only have liposuction and I will have spent all this money for no reason.

My hotel is booked. My flight is booked. My fiancé has booked a car for us and everything is in place.

At times I have felt guilt for spending so much money on something that is considered VANITY. I pray it is worth it and I am happy with my results.

Now, I'll talk about my experience with Spectrum as a whole. At the time I paid the $3800 My coordinator Jessica was VERY nice helpful and answered all of my questions. She walked me through the process of what will take place over the next few weeks. (Contract, blood work, Medical clearance, etc.) After that initial phone conversation I haven't had much contact with her. When I call the office it's very hard to speak to anyone who knows what's going on. That is if you speak to anyone at all. I tried calling about 5 times about my blood work results and left messages. No one ever called me back. When I FINALLY talked to rose 5-6 hours later she had sent me an email saying I was cleared for surgery.

I feel like the staff should work on better communication with patients that have surgeries scheduled and even more so with out of town patients flying in.

However I make an effort not to be to demanding and get upset. I know EVERYBODY AND THEY MAMA is trying to get these specials during TAX SEASON. Lol
So I can only imagine how busy that office is right now.

Besides the fact I have my fears I am also excited about the positive effects this can have on my life. I am ready for the next chapter in my life. I'll update you guys after I get marked up!

Ps. I'll post some photos of my scar and tummy. Etc
Bye Felicia!!! (Jus kidding )

Here the photos of my body.

It took a lot of courage for me to post these but here you go. These photos are graphic.

Wish Pics

Here are some photos of the shape I want. Round hips and round booty! I DOT want to look like a stripper. Lol

I'm in Miami!!!

I am here in Miami. I stopped in at Spectrum got my prescription drugs and dis my urine test. Oh and filled out my consent forms. Now, the office looks a little rough on the outside so me and my Fiance were very skeptical. Lol
But after walking through the doors we were impressed. The office is very nice on the inside and comfortable. There are 2 waiting rooms. One for patients and one with a T.V. I'm guess that room is for whoever will be driving us dolls home.

I had a lot of trouble filling my prescriptions because my insurance company does not cover me when I am out of Georgia. I ended up paying cash. Wal Mart has the best prices but did not have the controlled substances (Value & percocet) so I purchased those from Walgreens. The total price was about $50.

After I took care of all that myself and my Fiance did some site seeing, took a walk on the beach and ate lunch.

So far so good...

I made it!

I'm got out of surgery about 5pm yesterday so I'm still in a lot of pain. I will post photos and update you guys soon.

Ps. Thank you for your encourageing words!

just some photos!

here are some after photos.

I didn't want a tummy because I will be getting married in September and plan on having 1 more child. so here is what my excess skin looks like. I am still super swollen so im sure things will improve with time.

the rest of my photos.

sorry guys. I'm having trouble.

Skin rash

Has anyone gotten a rash on their buttocks after having a bbl? It started about 2 days ago and now it has spread and the itching is getting worse! help. Is this normal?


I tried on this dress I haven't worn since 2012.

My experience with Spectrum STAFF!!!! TERRIBLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL

Ok. I tried to be patient with the staff at spectrum but let's just face it. They are unprofessional, unorganized and no one is on the same page.

After you pay your money doesn't expect anyone to give a DAMN. Sorry but honestly!
1. They do not return phone calls.

2. My coordinator Jessica did not return text messages leading up to my surgery. I had to call several times to speak to speak with anyone any who could answer my questions.

3.The day before my surgery I was told to com into the office at 9:30. Then about 8pm that night 3/25. Someone called and said to be there at 5:30am I will be the 1st surgery of the day.
I got there on time and the entire staff was Locked out of the building due to a new cleaning lady taking the keys with her the night before. Myself and about 3 other patients getting surgery were not able to get into the building until about 7:30 am.

4. After all this I wasn't even the 1st case of the day. They took everyone there before me even though I was supposed to be the "1st case".

5. I did even get into the operating room for anesthesia until about 12:00 pm. (Mind you I hadn't e eaten since 9pm the night before. )

6. It was after 5 when myself and my Fiance left the office.

My follow up with Dr. O was GREAT he is a GREAT doctor but the staff is Incompetent and unreliable!

My DRAINAGE tubes.

Ok. So I live in Atlanta and flew in for Miami for my procedure. Of course I had to leave Miami with my drainage tubes in. I was told by the Doctor not to take them out myself to go the E.R or a primary care doctor.

So for the past 3 days I have been searching for a place to go. Everywhere I called (Doctor's office, Urgent Care ) said No. So when I went to the E.R to get a refill on my pain meds I was told "No you have to see your plastic surgeon we can't do it here. " I called another plastic surgeon Office here in Atlanta and the coast was $250.

So today I called the office to get some suggestions or to see if I should just fly back to miami. Or go to a plastic surgeon here.
Call #1. I was on hold 10 minutes and no one ever came back to the phone.
Call #2. I was hung up on after they let the phone ring FOREVER.
CALL #3 I held 6 minutes explained what was going on and was told I need to speak with my coordinator Jessica. I was transferred to Jessica and she did not answer as usual so I left a voice mail.
Call #4 I called Jessica on her direct line and BEHOLD she answered! I explained AGAIN what I needed and she told me to "take them out YOURSELF". I expressed to her that Dr. O told me not to. She put me on hold. I was transfer to someone else I had to explain AGAIN what was going on. How my drain had been empty 3 days. I don't know where to go to have them taken out. She insisted I could do it at home and She was Dr. Omulepu assistant. She walked me through the steps over the phone but I didn't do anything until my Fiance was able to help.

The drain we removed was from my back and it was VERY PAINFUL! Pulling the tube out was horrible I felt like my flesh was ripping from the inside. This drain is NOT just a tube it has an extra white plastic piece on the end that makes it difficult to pull out. I cried the whole time and I'm not even the crying type so this was some REAL pain. But I did it and I'm glad it's over! (However I'm not looking forward to removing the one in my abdomen.

So ladies traveling from out of town to Miami good luck cause you are on your own!


My Last update for a while. I'll be back at 1 month post! If you have questions please ask. I will still answer! :')
Good luck Ladies!

Recovery is difficult

Recovery has been a pain in the ASS literally. lol
I'm 3 weeks post and still sore. More so from the liposuction than anything. I have an area in my butt that is near my vagina that is swollen and feels uneven whenever I sit down. I can tell a difference also by looking at it. It's on the left cheek with has the most scar tissue. I hope it improves as weeks go by.

I can't get comfortable sleeping on my stomach. I can't stand for long periods of time. and my butt actually feels heavy when I walk around. I kinda of wish I only had liposuction. My bbl looks to big for my body or more so wide. I hope I don't regret this decision for the rest of my life... I like my shap but my butt looks wide from the back. Idk
I'm gonna give it more time before I get discouraged. More pics coming next week! #prayforme

feeling like myself more and more.

I feel a lot better. I can pretty much do everything as I normally would. I am not wearing my garment every day anymore. The hole in crotch area causes pain in my left but check where the doctor put more fat that the right side. My button has dropped some and is looking and feeling a lot more natural and soft but still firm.

I have a little unevenness in the left check where most of my scar tissue is.
I still have a good bit of fat left on my abdomen. I'm gonna try to exercise to get rid of it, if I can't get it off I may consider more liposuction or a tummy tuck in a few years.
But I will get it done here in Atlanta to make sue I have the proper follow up care.
This has been a long and emotional process but over all I'm happy with my results. I look really good I'm my clothes and my fiance tells me how good I look all the time. He also makes sue I know he thinks I am beautiful either way. so now we are working on our wedding plans, honeymoon plans and a family vacation. I'm so excited to start shopping for summer clothes! I no longer have to worry about my big belly looking pregnant and wearing over-sized shirts to hide it. Also my jeans fit better and I have a more womanly/curvy body. I still have some swelling in my left butt cheek and abdomen so I'll keep you posted! !

He left a lot of fat or my stomach.

I know I had a large a mother of fat on my stomach but I thought the doctor had taken all of it out. Now that I'm healing and the swelling in subsiding, I realized without my garment my stomach still sticks out of my clothes. My stomach is very uneven and you can see the lumps and bumps through my shirt. My button looks good in clothes but is still a little uneven. The scar tissue on my back is tight and stings when I change positions while laying down. I do have an overall improvement but I'm considering more liposuction next year. I will post photos as soon as I remember to let my fiancée take some more.



For everyone wondering this is the $4000 special

What I got was the $4000 special with "12th as of lipo" Bullshit! He did my lower back and love handles and some from my stomach. He didn't do my full back because my bra rolls are still here. I still have to wear a girdle with my clothes on. But button looks good in clothes but my stomach doesn't look so hot. I have lost weight but my stomach has gotten bigger since surgery.

He left my stomach uneven. I have dents from uneven lipo. He did make some improvement in my body. Front office staff is very unprofessional and unorganized. They will say anything to get your money! I feel you are from out of town don't expect any contact from this office at all.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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