33 Years Old 2 Kids, Mommy Makeover with Breast Reduction - Coral Gables, FL

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I've been wanted to post to this website for a...

I've been wanted to post to this website for a while now, I can't believe I'm finally doing it! Hubby is out with his friends, kids in bed, pile of dishes in the kitchen but I don't care, is now or never :)
All my teenage years I struggle with large breast and it didn't stopped there, I have 2 beautiful healthy kids who I breastfeed until 2.5 and now I have back and neck ache all day at the time of this post I'm wearing size size 34 H! I live in NYC and my husband's family lives in florida, searching online both NY and FL prices were like night and day, finally I found CG Cosmetics and loved all the after photos specially because there's little scarring, my mom did tummy tuck a while back and the doctor left her with an ugly BB. Anyway, it took me over 4 months to give that first step of requesting information. I finally called and they assigned Norma, she's ok, she said since I'm out of town the best thing would be to send her photos to see what the doctor recommends as far procedures, by this time I mentioned I was interested in breast reduction and tummy tuck. The next day I sent her theses very same pictures and the next business day she sent me an email saying she had the respond from Dr. Freiman and to give her a call. It took me about 3 days to get in touch with her, finally she explain to me what the doctor had said, basically, liposuction, TT and breast lift. I said I wanted breast reduction and she said yes, that doctor will be removing extra breast and skin. Right away she said I would need to leave 1000 deposit, and she will send me the total cost, honestly it caught me off guard I wasn't expecting give my cc info the second time we spoke on the phone and without asking any medical records or anything. I told her I will call back with the info. A few days past and I called her again yesterday Tuesday 7/22 and she said when I wanted to do the surgery I said the sooner the better and that I will be flying out next week to florida and she said she can schedule me for next week! Also took me by surprise that they can do it so quickly! I have to mention that back in march my doctor told me my sugar was a bit high not too much, I have NEVER been diagnose with diabetes and I started seeing a nutriologist and since then I'm eating healthier and limit my carbs and sugar intake. I'm flying to FL next wednesday regardless but def. need/want to do this for me.
I know I want to do this and with Dr. Freiman but I wan't to know if this someone has feedback from this place and doctor to ease my concerns.
My sis in law made an appointment with same doctor to check him out and is tomorrow.
Any advise?

Date change and some other changes to BR

I called yesterday to confirm surgery.
I also wanted to triple check I will be getting a breast reduction not breast lift only. My bra size varies depending on the bra, sometimes I can be 36 DD- 34E 34G anyways she said it will be an extra 500 for pathology and I said fine. But that was I told her from the very beginning, she send me the quote based on what the doctor said on the pictures (I'll take that as a compliment) then she called me and said Dr. Hunsaker will be doing surgery instead Dr. Freiman because he specializes in breast reduction at that moment my jaw dropped and I feel like crying all this time searching and making that big decision, I said I will called her back. I went and look him up and got very mixed reviews and I couldn't find any before/after of his work. So I called back and decides to stay with Dr. Freiman. Crossing fingers.
I'm flying to Miami on Wednesday and have my blood test and pre-op with Dr. on Thursday. I will be traveling with my kids and hubby, all his family lives in Miami and my lovely Mother in law will be helping me with kids while I recover.

Faja, 3 day diet and Juicing!

So after they confirmed my surgery for Monday August 4th I got all this mixed emotions! I've been trying to loose weight for the longest. In march of this year I started seeing a weight lost doctor weekly I have to pay out of my pocket because insurance doesn't cover. I started because my doctor said my sugar was a bit higher than normal, I want to clarify that I have never being diagnosed Diabetic. She didn't gave me any diet just a list of "free" food and "limited" basically no carbs and sugar. I lost total of 16 pounds in 8 weeks with Qsymia, CLA and Max-Carnitine, all prescribed by the doctor, after spending 150 per visit weekly I figured I can do this myself, turned out I couldn't :( I guess the motivation of seeing the doctor every week was my motto. I stopped going for a month and a half and gained 2 pounds. I scheduled an appointment the minute I scheduled PS.
This past week I did this diet that it always works for me whenever I feel I need to get back on track. Is the 3 day diet and I lost 7 pounds by the 5th day. Today I'm doing juice for breakfast and I plan to do juicing a couple of days after PS, not sure if this is ok I will ask the doctor. What food did you eat after PS?

The countdown begins

Next Monday! Starting to feel antsy. Went to sleep around 1 am. I wasn't feeling like that until last night when my husband told me not to do it. "You don't need it" I woke up every hour last night finally at 5:30 I couldn't go back to sleep. I keep reading from other people about not been able to sleep well. :(

I ordered compression socks and the silicone tape and had it shipped to fl to my mother in law. I know I have to get pads and comfy undies, antibacterial soap, I'm buying the sport bra after I meet with doctor so he can suggest the size.
I should start packing today!

All aboard!

I'm on the plane to Miami. I will meet with doctor tomorrow at 10 for my pre-op. I slept for 2 hrs only. I've been waiting for 20 years to get my twinsies smaller. This is the the last stretch for me. Saw my doctor yesterday and gave me the ok and order blood work just in case. I will get results later today but she said everything was fine. Yay!!

I'm in Miami!

So I've been in Miami since Wednesday. I went to the clinic on Thursday morning as planned. The place is nice and clean, after reading other reviews I was expecting to be very loud but it wasn't. Right away they gave me the paperwork to fill up and next to me there was a girl who said 4 of her friends went the the clinic and they all look amazing and are super happy with the results. That was a nice to hear and felt more relaxed. Once I filled up the paperwork they send me to the back to take pics and had to sign A LOT of paperwork I read as fast as I could and it was pretty much that I'm aware the risk and side effects such as bruises, pain, scaring and such. Also they gave me a package of FAQ and at home care after surgery. They took pictures, they were 2 girls and they were sooooo nice, they made me feel super comfortable and once I was done with paperwork we were just waiting for doctor to come out surgery to meet me. It was about 10 mins. Not bad at all!
They put me into an examination room got undress and waited another 5 mins or so. Then there he was all smiles, he introduced himself and he said to talk to him, I basically said I have lots of back pain and stretch marks from pregnancies. We went over the incision for breast and tummy tuck scar will be as low possible. My mother in law went with me and she was super happy an relief he was that attentive.
I actually just got a called from the office today to double confirm for Monday. They told me not to eat anything, bring meds, bra, comfortable clothes and someone with me. Oh, and no Tea!

The time has come!

I'm done packing a few items for the clinic. They told me to bring:

Meds (doctor prescribed during pre-op)

I got the anti-embolism socks to prevent blood clogs and silicone tape (mepitac) to ask doctor how to apply it.

They asked me to be there at 6:30 so only little less than 7hrs from now.

I will update as soon as I can tomorrow.

Thank you all for your encouragement and wishes, you're all so inspirational!

On the flat side!!!!

Just quick update. Everything went well yesterday. I'm at my sis in law home. She lives close to clinic. I will stay here for a week. I'm coming in to see doctor today at 9. I feel fine except where the drains are located. 1 of them is clogged it seems there's a bit fat that's blocking.

Swollen and bit disappointed :(

Yesterday after I saw Dr. Ortega since Dr. Freiman was in surgery. He said I can take a shower today. It felt great. When I look myself at the mirrow I was bit disappointed that I still have stretch marks in my belly area and on the sides. I know doctor told me he can only remove what was bellow BB but I didn't thought I will still have so many :(
I love my breast! and don't get me wrong, I'm more than greatful everything came out great and there was no complications. I guess I had lots of expectations. Is only day 2 and I'm so swollen specially right bellow breast. I took off compressions garment since the tape needs to be completely dry. I haven't a had a BM since Monday morning. I'm taking colace but still no luck.

Let The p** p** out

So here I am on my 3rd say postop, everything feels the same in my insicions, I didn't had a BM in 3 days and my upper stomach was so super swollen. I called the doctors office so see what I can do. They told me to stop meds and just keep taking Tylenol. My mother in law got a suppository and that did the trick. I now feel less bloated and hopefully everything comes back to normal. I'm just to take a shower and loving my belly button yay!

Tiny waist!

Look at my back! I'm so happy all the muffin top is gone!! Can't imagine how will it look after all the swelling is gone!!

No undies!

4 days later and I only feel bit better. Still swollen and i opted for no underwear. I tried wearing underwear and it bothers me a lot where the drains are and makes it way more sensitive that whiteout. I'm wearing very thin cotton yoga pants I bought 4 and I'm keeping in rotation and changing 2 a day. So far is the only way I fell comfortable. My boobs seem lot smaller but I feel like a got implants! The doctor said it should be a full C or small D either way I'm happy! I walt for about 5 mins but my back is killing me. Took a "long" shower and my mother in law gave me a mini lymphatic massage and felt great afterwards. Can't wait for drains to come out!

Walking (almost) straight!

I can't believe I'm walking almost straight! I ventured to a Mani-pedi yesterday and it felt awesome! I thought I was going to be uncomfortable but surprisingly I wasn't.
Yesterday i had another BM not going to lie, was very painful and before going to sleep I made myself a laxative tea and had another BM this morning. I haven't take any painkillers at all for almost 3 days, I noticed it was affecting my vision and got scared, my sight is still kinda blurry but not as bad.
Today I was able to take a shower all by myself, I put some makeup and I already feel like a new person (kinda). I'm very swollen and all my stomach area is numb still. Going to doctors office tomorrow morning to remove my drains since I'm draining very little to almost nothing since yesterday. I also plan to bring my CG and hopeful I can start wearing it.

1 Week Anniversary!

I had my drains out yesterday, not going to lie it hurted so bad one more than the other one. I was bit disappointed that once again my surgeon wasn't the one who saw me, I also asked about how much was removed and they couldn't tell me. Dr. Ortega removed stiches from breast, belly button and TT and then cleaned it with alcohol that didn't even stained. After he put new tape in my insicions he said after a week I can start using silicone tape and cream he suggested biocorneum I searched for it and in amazon goes for about $90 and can last up to 2 months according to some reviews. He also said to increase activities as I feel but no working out for at least 6 weeks. He said to wear CG day and night for at least 3 months I had brought one with me it was Salome brand in XL but they run super small the lady when I bought it said was a M since they run so small. I squeezed into and felt I was going to tear apart. Surprisingly was not as bad as I though I felt like nothing had ever happen to me so I decided to sleep with it. It was a bad a idea since I woke up like 4 times feeling numb. Today I wore a more loose one and tomorrow I will put the other one again and sleep with the less thigh one.

On a side note my sister in law is celebrating my niece this weekend in Disney world in Orlando and I forgot to ask him if would be ok for me to go considering the driving and walking. My kids (5 and 6) are dying to go and more likely I will stay while my hubby takes them, has any of you done something similar within the first 2 weeks PO? Just curious.

Game changer!

10 Days!!!!!
I can't believe it's been 10 days today! I'm going to say I feel like my old (new) myself! I feel I'm 80% yesterday I cooked dinner by myself and been walking a lot and not spending lots of time sitting down at once. I'm walking almost straight all the way. I still have tapes dr. put Monday. I might take them out tomorrow following advice of PoshMonmyof2 and start wearing silicone tape. I had ordered while in NYC is called mepitac. I also order the serum and ill start putting on once the scar heals a bit more. I looooove how low my insicion is and how my undies look without rolling down my pouch yay! Still swolling but everydays it gets better. Happy healing RS friends!


Thank you RS for all your comments and support. It sure is a roller coaster of emotions. Most days I feel like getting dress and ready to go out and about but not today. I've been rearing about why my upper belly is still so swollen and hard I know I'm only 12 days PO and feel great but is bothering me a lot. Is so hard to suck in stomach but that still stays out. Doctor said it will take at least 2 months for the swelling to come down but I've been reading a lot how for most people it stays like that. That was one of my body parts whenever I lost lots of weight I would feel like a dent now is the other way around. I have an appointment on the 25th. I'm flying back to NYC on sept 3rd. Kids start school next day.
I almost forgot to mention that on Thursday night I had a mini date and had a glass of wine :O I'm not taking pain killers for over a week. I plan to go back to juicing to see if that will help with my swelling. I found this recipe for anti-inflammatory pain relif and plan to drinking it every other day.

Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief

Forgot to share recipe :)

2 weeks!!!

I think these days have been the longest of my entire life. Is definitely a milestone for me.
I was able to remove all the tape from breast and TT this morning and I liked what I saw for the most part. My TT insicion is clean and Dr. Freiman did a lovely work down there all my underwear looks great and my insicion is below all of them.
My right breast I think is less swollen than left one or he lifted it more than right one.
After I removed all the tape I noticed there was a little bit of the clear stiching coming out of right breast so I decided to come in for a follow up, basically you can just show up without an appointment if you're PO. Since I was a bit scared I'm developing a seroma it was worth the visit. Dr. Ortega once again it was the one who saw me and said everything looks great he just cut the extra stich and suggested to put a small face towel underneath cg for extra pressure. He said to keep and eye and if it gets better to come in anyway otherwise he will see me next Monday. He also suggested to wear a "tabla" I have to mention I'm Latina so he talked to me in Spanish all the appointment. Anyways is basically a board made out of stuff cardboard but to wait at least a week to wear it. The whole thing lasted 10 mins. I also asked what size would I be and he basically cup my breast with his hand and said full C or small D either way I'm happy because my previous size was 34FF.
Hubby was with me and after the visit I googled "fajas colombianas"
Or Colombian CG and found a place near by and got board and another CG since the one I was wearing started to fit bit loose and was soooo uncomfortable. The girl
Suggested some chewable tablets made out of calendula and papaya and she said she recommended it to help with the inflammation I ended up buying them, I'll let you know if they make and improvement :)
I also got a new CG and this one is amaaaazing! Love it love it! I got size L and fits snugg and it has an extra clip to make it tighter. It was $107 and the 3rd CG I bought but I think if I'm already spending over 10k between flights and surgery $107 is not that bad. Oh I also got my period and I'm extremely glad it came in now and not last week yay!

Seroma going down

I started doing the towel under my CG and I was able at last to sleep with it. It went down considerably but is still there. I'm not sure fluid is leaving my body or just dispersing.
Love what I see so far yippee!

No more Bruises

Today I woke up to no bruising yay!!! Not much have changed but def feel less and less bloated except for my upper stomach it has gone down thanks to a face towel between my skin and cg.
I've been drinking a lot of water with hibiscus only, no sugar! it helps with bloating and is a natural diuretic. My bb is healing and looking cuter everyday :)
I ordered another post surgical bra in amazon got a size L and feels amazing! What else, I'm still scared of sneezing or coughing lol

Almost 3 weeks!

So tomorrow will be my 3 week anniversary. I wear cg all day and most of the night until I wake up because of the swelling and have to change to my spanx. The swelling on top of my stomach is still there and I'm afraid the doctor will say is a seroma. I have my 3 week PO tomorrow so if you guys have questions feel free to ask away and ill ask the doctor tomorrow.
I tried on a bra I had forever and never fitted size bra is 34DD. Although I'm still super swollen on my lower stomach and hips I don't think there's more swell on my boobs.
I started biocorneum I apply in the morning and at bedtime. I asked if I can combine mepitac and biocoreum but he said to alternate. Hope everybody is having a relaxing Sunday! xx

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