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I expect a fuller bust, natural looking,...

I expect a fuller bust, natural looking, eventually I do want children so I'm hoping I could breast feed.
I met with Dr. Ary Krau today, with the secretary I discussed cc's between 200-450cc's. She brought a 50cc, 250cc and 350cc I tried on the combo 250cc + 50cc, 350cc, 350cc +50cc determined all of them were not as big as I would like so she smiled and said she figured and went and brought 450cc's.
I tried all of these on with the surgical bra, honestly 450cc's feels like the right "natural" size and hopefully look.

My meeting with Dr. Krau was maybe 5 minutes? He recommended that regardless of how I scar, because my breasts are perky we should do a peri areole incision where scar is not noticeable. And then he was gone.

I have my pre-op appointment on December 2nd. And operation on December 17th. I'm wondering if I should have gone for 500cc's? To hopefully not have "boob greed". I will keep you posted. I have attached what I imagine I'll look like and what I want my breasts to look like.
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