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I expect a fuller bust, natural looking,...

I expect a fuller bust, natural looking, eventually I do want children so I'm hoping I could breast feed.
I met with Dr. Ary Krau today, with the secretary I discussed cc's between 200-450cc's. She brought a 50cc, 250cc and 350cc I tried on the combo 250cc + 50cc, 350cc, 350cc +50cc determined all of them were not as big as I would like so she smiled and said she figured and went and brought 450cc's.
I tried all of these on with the surgical bra, honestly 450cc's feels like the right "natural" size and hopefully look.

My meeting with Dr. Krau was maybe 5 minutes? He recommended that regardless of how I scar, because my breasts are perky we should do a peri areole incision where scar is not noticeable. And then he was gone.

I have my pre-op appointment on December 2nd. And operation on December 17th. I'm wondering if I should have gone for 500cc's? To hopefully not have "boob greed". I will keep you posted. I have attached what I imagine I'll look like and what I want my breasts to look like.

Good evening ladies. I had surgery today at 11am....

Good evening ladies.

I had surgery today at 11am. By 11:45am Dr. Krau came in for a final review. He decided to do the implant through the Breast crease (under the boob) rather than through the nipple.  I wasn't too bummed out, because now he wouldn't need to cut through the Mamet ducts and there's a likely chance I can breastfeed later.  The reasons he provided were that I had a lot of breast tissue and it would be best in his opinion to go through the breast crease. He also stated there's less of a risk of capsular contracture, have you all heard of that being true? Over all, I am fairly pale, my breasts rarely see the sun and the times I have scarred their appearance is minimal. So let's see that the scarring looks like once I go to my follow up on Monday.  I plan, when granted the clearance, to massage them (despite the discomfort) and when I massage them, to do it with vitamin E oil and LOTS of shea butter etc.  SO how do I feel? Fine. If you all work out, this feels like I over did it on chest workouts and now I'm sore. The percocets help, I am constantly in and out of sleep. I'm super dehydrated from last nights fast, while in the office my body went through 2 IV bags.


When can I start massaging my breasts? They're so sore! I'm afraid to touch them because I don't want to mees with their placement.
I am terrified of them bottoming out.

Day 3 Post Op

The surgical assistant did my breast check up yesterday. He said by today I should stop taking the oxycodone and the muscle relaxant and just take 800mg of Tylenol.

For my check up at 10:30am yesterday I didn't take anything other than the antibiotic and muscle relaxant. 

Today, I woke up at 7 and was in and out of sleep. I took the muscle relaxant because I felt the muscles in my chest tensing along with my antibiotics. 

Roughly at 11am I put on the band that pushes the implants down.... this is a different kind of torture. It pushes the implants together and down, I don't even have it that tight!

In summary what I was told during my post operative review was, I have very little bruising which is good. I should start moving my arms around and tie my hair etc so the muscles get used to the movement again. He told me I could shower, just make sure I dry the tape covering the stitches with a hair dryer on "cool". My implants are a tad high, but not by much, so to wear the breast band until our next appointment in a week. 

Oxycodone (pain killer) is an opioid which is highly addictive. So are benzodiazepines (the muscle relaxant) knowing this, you all need to be self-aware of creating a dependency on these drugs. Both of these drugs can make you feel depressed so you need to be careful. 

That being said, I only take the oxy when the pain is so bad I can't breathe. Other than that I don't take it. The muscle relaxant I take only after the 8hr window as per instructions on my RX and gauge whether I take it if I feel muscle contractions.

He was very straight forward and has a kind face. I wish he could have maybe educated me more about the amount of CC's I was choosing. During the day of pre op he said the implant would go through the nipple and then on the day of operation he wanted to do it from the breast crease because I have a lot of dense breast tissue. His reasoning was basically he has "heard" that operations through the breast crease tend to reduce the probability of capsular contraction and infection. Post op, Dr. Krau wasn't there to check on his work. I'm wondering if he actually did perform surgery on me or if it was just his reputation they use to get clients to come in? We'll see next week for my second post op appointment. Sent him a text, as he placed his number in my phone in case I had questions, I'm still waiting for a response. Wait time for consultation and post op was great. Day of the surgery, I waited an hour and a half before going to the O.R. My operation time was 11, I was on the table by 1pm or so.

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