***NEW 5 DAY POST-OP PICS*** by BOOTY GURU DR. Mendieta!!!! 4/9

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I'm so excited!!! I've only seriously...

I'm so excited!!! I've only seriously looked into this since late February and I can't believe I'm already booked for April 9th :) I have to admit that I've been wanting a bigger booty for a really long time but never really thought about going through this. I'm 5'2 and my normal weight is 115-117lbs. I've had 2 babies in the past 2 years. After my babies I ended up at 153lbs and worked very hard to loose about 20lbs in 6 weeks. I'm now 132. My goal was to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 115-117lbs. But then I realized that if I ever wanted a booty with my own fat then this was the time before I kept loosing weight.

Choosing My Doctor: As soon as I googled BBL Dr...

Choosing My Doctor:

As soon as I googled BBL Dr. M came up and I fell in love with his work right away. I was very excited that the booty guru was here is South Florida :) Like any smart patient, I did research  more doctors but the more I would see the more I realized what amazing work Dr. M does. The way he sculpts patient's bodies is amazing! My only concern from what I've read from other patients is projection. I do want a lot of projection but more important to me than projection is shape. U can have a big ol booty but if u don't have good contouring then ur just going to look like a fat mess. I am confident that Dr. M is going to give me the curves I want and that my body can provide.

My First Consultation:

Right away I called and made a consultation appointment with Dr. M. My coordinator is Pinina, very nice and sweet girl. She was very straight forward with me on the phone. She advised me to not keep loosing weight because the Dr. could use all the fat I had now. She told me the price was $14,000 but they had special for $12,000. The cost of the consultation was $100 and it goes towards the procedure if I have it done within 3 months of the consultation. I gave my credit card right away to lock in my appointment and I went to see the Dr. a few days later on March 1, 2012. 

The office is very nice, VERY CLEAN. When I walked in I was greeted by the receptionist and the girls that were by the desk acknowledged my presence w a smile. I sat down to fill out my paper work and I was called in before I could finish filling it out. They took my photos and uploaded them to a large screen in the room. I took some wish pictures and a small list of questions. Dr. M was very personable, nice, funny and spent his time with me. According to my wish pictures Dr. M said 700cc on each side would do. I told him that I had planned to loose wight afterwards to tone up my legs a little and loose fat from my chin and arms. He advised me to gain 5 to 10lbs ( I was 131lbs when I saw him the first time). He wants to lipo my back, flanks (where I have lots of fat even when I work out), abdomen, knees and inner thighs. I didn't address my outer thighs or bra line. He said that he'd like round me out to give me more shape. I'm not too crazy about having anything "added" to my sides so that is still in debate. But then I think: he is the expert. I don't know, just something to think about. He edited the photos that were uploaded on the screen to give me an idea of my possible outcome. I was impressed! But then again, its just a picture. He saw me reading from my list of questions and he asked me if I had anymore questions before he left. I told him that I had kids (3 month old and 18 month old) and he said that I would definitely need help the first few days. And the best part of the consultation was when he asked to see pictures of them. Cuz lets face it: time is money. And I've never had a Dr. ask to see pictures is my family other than my OB/GYN that delivered them. Anyways, afterwards my husband and I sat with Pinina (my coordinator) and she answered a few more questions. I NEVER felt pressured to lock in a surgery date or put in a deposit or anything. In fact, she contacted me 10 days later via email. So I don't know where other girls get the impression that they just want your money. I wish I wouldn't of gone to see him so fast because then I had a whole new list if questions and a new wish for my booty size. 

After I replied to her email, I decided the best day for the procedure is April 9. I lost weight after the first  consultation even though I had stopped working out and dieting. I went down to 127. But now I'm up to 134 and I plan to go up to maybe 138. But I'm not sure all that weight gain is a good idea anyways cuz I still plan to loose weight after the surgery and my butt will go down w the weight loss. But I'm not going to have a tiny waist w gorilla arms. Yuk! Lol and I don't want lipo my arms. I told her that I needed to see him again before locking in April 9th. She said that was fine. I asked if I had to pay $100 for the consultation again and she said no. So now that I'm more prepared with better questions and have a better idea of my wish booty size, I'm really looking forward to seeing him again. 

My second consultation:

I was so nervous (I don't know why) maybe it was because it was a make it or break it consultation. The consultation was on March 22nd. I had my heart set on Dr. M so all I needed was to ask a few more questions and that was it. I went with a VERY long list of questions this time. I wanted to know more details about the lipo, the fat transfer, the operating room, recovery, risks, preparation, and most importantly how could I make my fat survive!!! I showed him a new picture of my wish booty. Now I want to aim for 1300cc on each side. I have to keep in mind that only 70-80% survives and I also plan to loose wight. If he could do something like that then that would be amazing and he would be my new BFF ;) He said that he will transfer anywhere from 700 to 1200cc. It depends how much fat he has to work with and how much can fit in my butt. But I did stress that I wanted a big big butt. Especially since I want to loose weight after my surgery. The equation is fairly easy: I need to gain about 5 to 8 lbs for him to take out the 4 liters of fat. And then with that, he is going to give me the biggest projection he can. What more can I ask for. We also agreed that he would lipo my bra line in addition to what he said last time. So I stressed that I wanted AGGRESSIVE lipo in my abdomen, flanks, back, and bra line. If he still needs more fat to complete the 4 liters then he will work on my outer thighs, knees and inner thighs. He said that he doesn't stop lipoing until he has the 4 liter limit or runs out if fat in the areas discussed =]

With all this said, I paid my deposit. My big booty day is April 9th!!! 


Now I'm going crazy anxious! I have my VitaMedica Recovery Support Program (which I start taking tomorrow) and SinEcch (additional Arnica Montana). I have a Boppy Pillow but I'm not sure of that's the best choice so I'm going to buy a couple more different pillow designs to see which works best.  I'm search for extra garments. I want to find a really good one that doesn't put pressure on my butt at all! And that compresses abdomen and flanks very well. So if anyone has any suggestions on this or anything else please share :) 

Pre op Consultation: Ok ladies! This is going...

Pre op Consultation:

Ok ladies! This is going at full steam! Lol I had the pre op appointment today. My medical clearance came through. Everything is good to go. I met w the surgical coordinator. She gave me a huge stack of papers to fill out and sign. She measured me for my garment. I will be using DESIGN VERONIQUE #B1655 in a Large.  It was $200 which is the same price as online. Then I saw Dr. Mendieta. I was very nervous to see him again. I guess it was the fear of not hearing what I wanted to hear. We addressed details about the lipo and also butt size. I was able to gain 7 lbs in 2 weeks. To take out the 4 liters he would lipo my abdomen, flanks, sides, full back and upper buttock. Then he will move on to my outer thighs, then knees and then inner thighs if needed to complete the 4 liters. Then I told him that I really wanted a BIG butt :) I showed him a pic of myself I photoshopped with a HUGE butt :) He hopes to give me 1000cc per side. If he can give me more then he will. It all depends if I have the 4 liters to take out, how much of the 4 liters is useful, and how much fat "fits" in my butt :) he told me that he will go into more specific details about the lipo and fat transfer on Monday before my surgery and to bring my wish pics. I then paid the balance and left very excited :) I still need to buy an extra garment and a couple more things like ice packs, gauze, arnica gel and things to clean my incisions. I also need to leave everything laid out for my husband with instructions :) I am very blessed to have him fully cooperate with this whole procedure. He has been nothing but amazing, supporting me 100%! I'm so blessed to have him in my life. I will post pre op pics along w measurements soon. 

I made it through! Lol I'm in a lot of pain right...

I made it through! Lol I'm in a lot of pain right now. Dr didn't put garment on me. He said he will tomorrow morning during my first post up. I have to apply DMSO every 4 hrs. He wants me to lay on my right side but it is VERY painful. I'm not sure y he wanted that. I was still zoned out when they told me. So I'm laying on my stomach. For some reason my hearing goes away when I stand and I feel like passing out and w nausea. Im going to call the dr now to let him know. They sent home w a "Gucci bag" a special bag the collects urine ;P I'm carving food! They said liquid diet for today but I'm hungry for food. Other than that I'm sleeping well :)

Dr. Constantino Mendieta is featured tonight on...

Dr. Constantino Mendieta is featured tonight on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT :) Check out the booty master on channel 4 CBS @ 7:00pm 4/10/12.

Dr. Constantino Mendieta is featured tonight on...

Dr. Constantino Mendieta is featured tonight on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT :) Check out the booty master on channel 4 CBS @ 7:00pm 4/10/12.

First Post-Op consulatation: The consultation...

First Post-Op consulatation:

The consultation went great, he said that I was stronger than many girls :) I guess it has to do with the VitaMedica Multivitamin Recovery Program and the SinEcch. He didn't put a garment on me after surgery cuz he was concerned about 2 areas, one on my abdomen and the other on the side of my stomach. He asked me to apply the DMSO every 4 to 6 hours to help w the circulation. He preferes for me to have circulation in that area more than compression. He said that I will get to wear the garment on Friday after my second post-op. I told him that it really hurt to lay on my side so on my stomach is ok. My hearing would go away when I would stand up cuz of my blood pressure dropping. I guess it drops more when u don't have a garment on. They took out the catheter (thank god I had one for the first 24 hrs!!!) He didn't have my chart at hand cuz he just popped in to see me between surgeries but he said that I got at least 1180cc per side! I'm 5'2" so that's a lot for little me :)

Bust: 36
Waist: 31
Hip: 40

MEASUREMENTS 2 DAYS POST-OP (idk how much I weigh right now)
Bust: 36
Waist: 29
Hip: 441/2

Ahhh!!! I love my big butt!!! Please advise what I can do to keep it big! Lol thanks :)

Morning of Surgery I weighed 141lbs (I gained 10 lbs in 1 month!!!)

I can't wait to post pics!!! I'm not up to standing in front of my iMac for a long time so I'll try to get on my lap top soon :)

Very quickly I wanted to share my photos. Please...

Very quickly I wanted to share my photos. Please KEEP IN MIND that I didn't have a garment on from Monday (after the surgery) until Friday. These pics were taken on Saturday morning so I only had the garment on for 24 hrs. Because of this, my abdomen, sides, back, lower back (right above the butt), hips and thighs are SUPER SWOLLEN. Much more swollen then a patient whose had a garment on since right after surgery. Im a little embarrassed to show these pics since I'm SUPER bruised but I've had a few ppl ask me for pics and I'm very excited to show what AMAZING work Dr. Mendieta has done. HE CONTOURS BODIES LIKE NO OTHER!!!! I had lipo in my abdomen, sides, FULL BACK (upper back, lower back, bra line), outer thighs, knees, and inner thighs. I am so swollen that I look bigger than what I started out with. Anyways.... the pics speak for themselves ;)

In the first set of pic I was weighing about 134.
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