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Hi everyone! I'm new here, looking for any...

Hi everyone! I'm new here, looking for any help/info/answers on my journey to getting a Breast augmentation. I'm currently a very small A cup, even AA. I have a somewhat tuberous Breast condition. I've had 3 online consults with 3 plastic surgeons in Miami. Dr Lenny Roudner, Dr tal Roudner, both of whom told me I likely need donut lift and recommended that I do the Gummy bear cohesive gel implants.
I was originally set on saline smooth round moderate profile and would like to be a small to medium C cup.
I also had a minor consult with Dr Jacob Freiman. He and his coordinator recommend no lift with saline implants and several other Dr's have seen my pics on here and all say I would be fine without a lift.
My biggest issue now is not only choosing a plastic surgeon AND trying to decide on implant type as well as yes or no to the lift.
I'd LOVE some feedback on surgeons. I was set on Dr Lenny or Tal Roudner. Then, I found Dr Freiman. I loved the price for Freiman, then, I found out he's not a member of the American society of plastic surgery although he is board certified. It scares me a bit and the price scares me as well. I'd LOVE to spend $3000 on my BA, however, I'm scared of the whole "you get what you pay for" type deal. I suppose I just don't understand why he's charging half the fee of other surgeons in Miami/Coral Gables.
I hope to get lots of feedback and thank you all in advance for your time and sharing your opinion/experiences with me! I've included a couple of current pics as well as what I'm wishing for!

Still up in the air. Help!!!

Hey everyone, it's been a while!! I've been saving like crazy and as of right now, I'm scheduled to have my surgery May 20 with Dr Lenny Roudner. By my photos, he suggested a donut lift with implants. I'm pretty set in that I want cohesive gel silicone implants (not the gummy bear though). I know the look and size I'd like to achieve also. However, I'm still stuck! I need help! I LOVE Dr Lenny's reputation and his amazing work BUT I'm really hesitant now to make 3 separate trips (pre-op, surgery, post op) to Miami all while spending the $6200 plus hotel, gas etc. I've been once again considering Dr Jacob Freiman. They're offering $3000 for silicone right now and he does NOT want to do a lift on me. I'm just really hesitant because, let's be honest, it's dirt cheap for the procedure AND he's not a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It freaks me out a bit even though I see great results from him. I've also considered staying local and having it done by Dr Erel Laufer in Dunedin. Does anyone have any experience here with these Docs and can you please give me your honest opinions? Help!! I still want to have my BA mid May and I NEED to make decisions and the right ones!!!!

My wish :)

For my boobs to look like these when all is said and done!

Anyone use the recovery kit from Eden Knows Implants??

Hey everyone. I spoke with my coordinator, Cindy yesterday at Dr Lenny's office. I'm 1 month and 3 days away from my surgery! I found the website Eden Knows Implants and see that she has a recovery kit with most everything you need after having a BA. Has anyone used this kit? What are your thoughts? I'm thinking of ordering it, it is a bit pricey at $159!

It's getting SO close!

So, my surgery is in 3 weeks!! I leave next Wednesday to drive to Miami for my pre op visit where Dr Lenny is going to check me out since he's only seen my photos and initially said donut lift with recommended mentor mod profile silicone implants. I'm definitely going with silicone and I'm definitely going with whatever Dr Lenny recommends. I have yet to meet him but I was referred to him and I just trust him 110%. The only surgeon out of probably 7-8 that I've dealt with thus far that I can honestly say that about.
I am freaking out though. They're doing my blood work at my ore op also and I'm so worried that something will be off and I won't be able to have my surgery! Like low iron or something? I'm not sure what they're looking for but I just hope I'm 100% healthy! I don't smoke or drink and I've always been healthy thus far!

I received my sinecch arnica Montana and my bromelain with quercetin. My pre op vitamins should be here tomorrow also.

I also found what are in my opinion the perfect boobs! This girl looks like she's my size and build and is likely short like me and I really really hope I can have a final result like this! They're beautiful! Let me know what you all think!

I forgot and important question!

Has anyone out there had their BA or any breast surgery with Dr Lenny? If so, what type of anesthesia was used? I've heard local with sedation and I've also read general? I'm curious if he uses the twilight also? Thanks for all of your help past, present, and future, ladies!!

Pre op was today!!

I drove to Miami today and had my pre op, surgery is in 3 weeks! I am a bit frustrated that I have to have a mammogram though before hand. I asked when I booked my surgery back in December if I would need a mammogram and my coordinator told me no, I even stressed to her that I would have just turned 31 which is Dr Lenny's requirement for breast surgery. Now, I have to go get one! Agghhhhh!
On the other hand, I have NO IDEA why everyone says Dr Lenny is rude or uncaring, he was 110% so kind and sweet to me! He was rather quick, however, he went over everything and even made small talk and asked me where I'm from and about the terrible Miami drivers (lol) he warned me to take extra care driving. He's such a nice man and I absolutely love him!

I decideed on 350 cc mentor silicone implants and the nurse told me that if they're too big and won't fit, he'll go down to 325 cc. I'm really hoping the 350 will work, I loved the way they look! I'm also definitely getting the donut lift since I have some sagging.
Now, I'm just freaking out bc of blood work and the mammogram. I'm very paranoid and worried about everything! I'm scared that's something will prevent me from having my surgery!

I have BOOBS :)

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well! I had my surgery on May 20. Ended up with the mentor mod plus silicone gel 350cc in both sides along with a donut mastopexy. I've stopped all pain meds as of 3 days ago and I'm 6 days post. Very minimal bruising I believe with the help of Arnica Montana and Bromelain with Quercetin. All I'm feeling now is some tightness in my chest and my sides near my ribs are very tender. My only major concern is my left breast, it's definitely more swollen and feels tighter and I drove for the first time today and went to the store and I swear my chest felt tighter with doing these activities.....am I crazy?! I'm so paranoid that my implants won't drop or something crazy lol. Also, being 6 days post, is it normal for your implants to feel pretty firm? I'm posting photos also and will caption them with how many days post for each. Would you ladies tell me if you see differences in each? I hope to see all of your stories with before and after pics soon!! Thanks for all of your help in here ladies, it helps SO MUCH!!!

This bra though!!!

Ladies! I went to Walmart today and bought this AMAZING Danskin bra. So soft and unlined and no wires! Holy comfortable!! Plus, it makes my boobs look great! I HIGHLY recommend ladies!!!

So worried :(

Hey everyone. I posted a question to the dr's about my concern because my left side was higher, a bit more swollen and also a bit tighter and I don't see my PS until Friday when I make the trip back to Miami. I woke today actually feeling much better and then a Dr saw my question and answered that I need to see my PS immediately bc he thinks it looks like hematoma. He knows my PS and contacted him about my post on here. I also contacted my PS well before I posted to the dr's and he recommended an ultrasound, I called yesterday where I had my mammogram and they couldn't get me in before Friday. So, My PS called me today and spoke with me and bc all these dr's on here re saying it looks like it could be a hematoma, I'm fresking out. I called the office back for an ultrasound and told her its urgent, she got a tech on the phone as well as they fit me in tomorrow morning for an ultrasound. I'm SO WORRIED. I can't afford another surgery at this point to fix a hematoma and nor do I have the time, I'm leaving in one week to visit family in Ohio! I'm making myself sick over here because of this left boob :( I'm so worried of a negative outcome. I'm also worried they won't tell me my results right away tomorrow and i don't do well with waiting :(

It's been FOREVER!!

Hey everyone!! So, I know it seems as though I had some issues after my surgery but, it was just me worrying and Dr Lenny taking the appropriate steps to make sure I was ok. Even if I would have had an issue, it wouldn't have been anything that would be considered Dr Lenny's fault. He is AMAZING! He's known as the boob doctor and actually performs more breast surgeries annually than any other plastic surgeon! THAT should tell you something!! Anyways, I'm 4 months post op and LOVE what Dr Lenny has given me! I'm officially a 32 DD in bras! Love it! Dr Lenny's pocket dissection is on point! My new lovelies are seriously amazing in size, shape and everything!

I'm so thankful every day that found out about Dr Boobner aka the "Boob God" as he truly is just that. By accident, I was told by a lady at a seasonal job I had that she had her boobs done and I told her I wanted mine done and she said "honey, the only plastic surgeon you need to see is Dr Boobner in Miami, he's the best of the best and does celebrities, models (etc) he did mine and I'm still beyond happy over 10 years later". I went home that night and googled Dr Boobner and found the fabulous man, Dr Leonard Roudner, the rest is basically history. I researched and researched him as well as probably 20-30 other PS's and every time, I came back to him, booked my surgery back in December for May 20. He's truly the elite in breast surgery and truly an amazing artist. I had a mild breast deformity (tuberous breasts) along with breast drooping and overall very small breasts and even though I'm only a couple days post op, I have absolutely no worries about my final result. It's very important that if you read that he's unprofessional and rude that you look the other way, I'm a nobody, just any other person off the street and he treated me so well, he was kind and personable and very sweet and professional. If you want a PS to hold your hand every second of the way and baby you, he's not for you BUT you should never expect that of a PS, you want amazing, beautiful results and family and friends to hold your hand thru the journey, trust me! He is very busy but excellent at managing his clients and truly has an amazing gift . Also, his staff is wonderful. My surgical nurse was Cybil and she is an absolute gem, she literally made me feel 100% at ease from the moment I walked in for mybsurgery. My anesthetist was amazing as well and they both took excellent care of me, I just wish I remembered her name :/ Bottom line, Dr Lenny specializes in breast surgery, he has performed over 18,000 breast augmentations and became known as the Boob God so much that he basically only does other procedures if it's in conjunction with a breast surgery because boobs are simply what he does and what he's known for :) I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr Lenny. He's simply the best and if anyone needs ANY breast Surgery, I will only recommend him because he's one in a million. Thanks for giving me what I've always been lacking, Dr Lenny!!! Boobs and self confidence!!

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