37 Year Old - Pearl Laser Treatment. Coquitlam, BC

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*Treatment results may vary

I will post details about my experience throughout...

I will post details about my experience throughout the healing process. Today I received my first Pearl Laser Treatment (Cutera) my settings were 2.2 with a 10% overlap (I wrote down everything as I knew I would be adding to social media after).

Before the treatment I applied a prescription grade numbing cream 23%/7% blend that I left on my skin 45 minutes prior to treatment, after removing the numbing cream to prepare for treatment my face was completely numb.

The treatment felt like warm pins or needles going in to the skin. I'm not sure if it's because of the numbing it felt like that or not. Discomfort level for this treatment for the most part was 4-5 out of 10.

Some areas of my face I felt more than others. About 20 minutes after the treatment I was on FIRE. Literally smoking hot, cold air or breeze from an air Zimmer makes the world of difference. Fanning the face with paper isn't enough and you can't use ice because you shouldn't touch your face.

About 1 hour after treatment I noticed a yellowish clear discharge coming out of my skin (which I was told to expect it's an occlusive barrier coating that comes out of the skin). I started to develop flu like symptoms that are similar to when you get a sun burn and after reading many reviews on laser im satisfied that it's my body's autoimmune response to the treatment.

ZO Medical Pomatrol was applied immediately after the treatment and I have Surfatrol (similar to vinnegar) to soak skin a few times a day to remove dead burnt skin.

It is extremely important that I keep my skin out of sunlight, continue applying the Pomatrol to keep skin moist and the vinnegar/Surfatrol soaks.

The burning heat died off about an hour or so after treatment and it's now about 8 hours after the treatment and my skin is now feeling: sensitive, tight, stiff, and very similar to a bad sun burn.

My one eye is almost swollen shut (expected as I did under the brow area and I always swell with ablative or semi ablative treatments).

It is not recommended that you do much after treatment. Go home and lay down with a couple antihistamines, clean sheets and sleep face up.

Contact dermatitis is very easy to catch with the barrier disrupted and therefore I must not touch my face without freshly washed hands.

I will post photos throughout the healing process.

Photos 24 post treatment

These photos I've taken myself 24 hours post treatment. My skin is very stiff, tight and crusty. Doesn't show as clearly in photo but the redness has a brownish hue to it. While doing my Cleanse ZO Surfatrol (similar to vinnegar) soak I could feel a lot dead skin coming off my face. I put glo minerals make up and colorescience spf on my face today, stung only for a second and then hours later my face feels completely fine with it on.
I'll post updates throughout the healing process.

Day 7 - Wonderful Results

Day: 4 skin was brownish and crusty with patches of very flakes skin. I probably cheated a little and in the shower was gently rubbing the dead skin off. The skin was constantly balling up in my hands and no matter how long I did it for the skin kept coming off.
Day 5: Skin looked much better pinkish with a few Brown patches still, very easy to cover with tinted spf from #zoskinhealth or #colorescience. People still commented that my face looked dry or like I had something done.
Day 6: Skin was a bit dry and pinkish still, but I can see the potential of the results now and I am very excited.
Day 7: My skin is 98% back to normal and I am VERY happy with my results. My skin is very tight, plump, juicey, smooth. The thick bumpy skin on my nose is gone and so smooth.

Would I do this treatment again? Yes maybe down the road. I may do more in my T-Zone area as the texture needs improving.

The settings that were used were 2.2 out of 4.5, I could have done a lower one 1.2-1.4 but the results I have now may not have been as good.

Recommend this treatment, client prep is a must as down time and initial response by the skin is very scary if you have not experienced this type of treatment before.

10 days post treatment

My face is feeling very tight still. When I look in the mirror my skin looks more youthful and fresh, a lighter pink hue to the skin than I had before.
Although the downtime for the first few days was horrendous I'm considering another one lol.
Im back on my ZO retamax, Brightalive, and Cebatrol and my skin is not feeling any extra sensitivity.
I would like to point out that anyone considering this treatment, should prepare their skin. Use a retinol and a strong antioxidant for a few months (stop retinol 2 weeks before treatment) to prepare skin, to improve cell renewal and have the best response to treatment possible.
I read other people's reviews, one person who normally doesn't heal properly had the treatment and had a bad experience: I would not recommend anyone try this unless they normally heal well from any type of injury.
Health should be very good and always go to a reputable place, even if you have to pay more.

Video of Pearl Laser Treatment

Here is a video of me having my first Pearl Laser Treatment by Cutera.
Body Bar Laser Clinic

This treatment is not yet available to the public by Body Bar Laser Clinic. I was a "model volunteer" for the trial phase. The treatment was performed by a trained professional who uses this treatment within their practice. I was well prepared for this treatment by discontinuing my retinol and AHA/BHA products a week prior. Not using any photosensitizing drugs, no health issues and I was well informed about all risks associated with this treatment I will rate the treatment however my ratings will change throughout the healing process.

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