Instant Tattoo Regret. Watercolor on Forearm - Copenhagen, Denmark

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I hate my self so much and think my life i partly...

I hate my self so much and think my life i partly ruined :( :(

I had have this tattoo fore two day and haven't liked it at all. Its is beautiful but not fore me. Its my first tattoo.

Its way too visible.

My biggest fear is, that it can go away. I have spoken to a Picosure place, and sent him pictures. He says that it can be removed and that it will take about 6 sessions. After that, its free if more is needed.
He has all the new machines, including 532nm.

Please tell me, that it is possible that this tattoo can be removed? Its is located on me inner forearm.

Sad again

Does anybody think it is possible to get it removed?
(It the octopus you can see the skin in some places)

The healing (from being tattooed). Before any treatments.

I think its healing pretty nicely. Some areas has scabs, I'm a little worried that the ink is deep in those places.
As the peeling began, my skin started showing up in the octopus. Even some of the black lines are transparent. I think its due to the watercolor effect.
Hope this makes the removal possible :)

Feeling a lot better. Feeling a bit like at complete idiot; first for getting it, than for wanting it removed and last for making a little ink such a big deal.
But I have a felling that those mixed feelings will continue.

Also, if any of you think I sound a big dramatic, if can add that I suffer from anxiety.

14 days after treatment 1

I got a infection i a blister, but only because my son grabbed my arm and the blister came off, it was early and there wasn't any new skin under yet. But it is almost healed by now.
How do you think i look?


Picosure treatment number 2.

Its been about 6 months since my first treatment. But finally I found the time and had my second treatment. This time both the blue and orange/yellow was treaded with to different settings.
Is been a week now.

2nd treamtment vs. no treatment.

It might be a bit lighter when taking picture off.
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