Ultherapy Disaster. Denmark, DE

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I had ultherapy done in Denmark. I am 10 months...

I had ultherapy done in Denmark. I am 10 months after ultherapy done on my chin and under chin. My face lost rapidly fat - deep under the skin - already a couple of weeks after. Every single day since than have been a nightmare.

I know today that ultherapy is not based on ultrasound, but on a Focused ultrasound, which are 2 different things, and which focused ultrasound is well known for destroy tissue and ablation of adipose tissue. But what I also know today is that my face was destroyed also because the person who did ultherapy on me was totally irresponsible and did not follow not even the most basic safeness rules.

Having a visit to another clinic, where they have experience with ultherapy, the doctor was shocked and said he never seen such reaction like mine before. I was very swollen on the right side. That was not just random, as the person who performed ultherapy on me passed 4 extra times on exactly that region. I know it because I felt every single zap.

3 months after utherapy my face was so tight on the lower part, my smile was deformed. at the same time was very visible the face was smaller, and different shape. Even though I had ultherapy only on my chin, I lost fat all the way up to the temples, including above the eye lids.

4 months after, my collagen suddenly melted and my skin got very loose. I could pull the skin 2 cm away from my scalp.

Since than, I experience pain on the face - changing burning sensation on the chin, and on the sides of my face close to the ears, where also the skin is very dry and often now I get some kind of pimples, which I never before ultherapy had.

Even though my right side was not passed more than just once, the fat atrophy is much bigger than on the left side. My right side is hurting, some time I feel pain down to the bones, and all way into the ear. I have no chin line left what so ever.

I am 44 year, I have been looking much younger than my age. I have been training in the gym every day the last 10 years and have been eating well to keep my face and body preserved as good as possible. I have never before done anything to my face. My first plan was to make a bit of fillers, and than ultherapy was presented to me as the most innocent thing. I am shocked high tech companies are pushing this joke of "therapy" on the face of naive people like us. I am destroyed by the negligence of a clinic which have no minimum respect for the customers.

People please be aware. The best result you can get is no result. focused ultrasound is only for bellies.
N'age, Ida Bille Brahe


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