My Process of Getting Porcelain Crowns on Front Teeth - Denmark

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I will describe my process here, because I find it...

I will describe my process here, because I find it very useful to read others' reviews. My decision path to get porcelain crowns on my both front teeth has been very long. I have always dreamt of having a perfect smile but was afraid to start the process. Now is the time and I finally made the step.
Let me first tell you why my smile is not perfect. 16 years ago I fell and broke my front teeth. The one of them got the nerve exposed, so I went through the root canal procedure to get a stift and a plast crone on it. The other one just got fixed with the plast. I got 5 years' guarantee on them. The teeth looked amazing and I was so happy at that time! After only a year or so one of them started to get darked than the other - probably because of the dead tooth underneath. I was devastated but didn't have the money to fix it. So time went on and I have been unhappy with the way they looked. Small pieces of plast would fall off and the teeth would get dark spots on the surfaces. Not perfect at all. So now I finally decided to fix it.
1st appointment: On the 27th of May I came to the dentists office and had a talk with him about it. He said, it was my decision but as soon as he starts to shave the tooth off, that's a point of no return. So I agreed and he started the aenestesia. OMG, it hurt quite a lot on the back side of the teeth :O I'm usually not sensitive to that kind, but this one was painful. Then he made a print of the teeth and then he started shaving the tooth and the old crone down. I started crying - it was so emotional for me to say good bye to the tooth which was still alive. I have hated both my front teeth from my childhood because they slightly looked at each other (misaligned), so I have dreamt of aligned teeth all the time. So when the dentist started the process I was very emotional: scared and happy at the same time. In the process he found out, that I had cavities in both the dead and the alive teeth. So he had to fix that first. Then he made one more print of the stumps to make a temporary set of teeth for me. Then he put those on and I was free to go. It's a one-piece and too white - I'm not happy with the look.
The aenestesia took long to go away. Even my nose was numb! Today I just have pain all the places of injections.
As you probably see in the picture, my gums don't align on the top, so he let me go and come back on the 10th of June to make a print for my porcelain crowns.

2nd appointment

I came to my second appointment where we had to prepair my teeth for the crones. The dentist had really hard time taking the temporaries off - I thought the teech would come off too :( he had to pull really hard. But finally they were off and he started his work. He made some imprints of my teeth and I was good to go to the technicians office.
I took a bike to the technician where we talked about what kind of teeth I wish to have. My main goals were to have the teeth that are aligned and of the same colour. We made a new appointment in a couple of weeks where I would get the crones.

3rd appointment

I came to the technician where he put the crones on to see if they fit. I was not happy with the result - they didn't look alike and the dark tooth would make the crone look darker than the other. Total disappointment. The technician talked to some experts on the phone and told me that he'd try to make the crones in another material so that they are not so transparent as the first pair.

4th and last appointment

I came to the technician and he tried the new pair on. The new pair looked much better than the first so he baked it and I took them to the dentist's office. He cemented the on and I was good to go.
I am still disappointed and unhappy with the result. The teeth look different and there is colour difference. I feel like I went through hell for no reason and I am left with a result that I'm not happy with. It's not easy to change the crones as I have read here and I'm not ready for another adventure now. I don't know what to do :(

The after photos.

Søren Tange

Søren is fine but he always mentioned how little time he had for me each time and that he had to hurry up. Quite unhappy with this! He was not too gentle when giving me anaestesia either and in general not gentle.

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