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So I have been thinking of getting a breast lift...

So I have been thinking of getting a breast lift since I was a teenager. My breast grow fast they were never perky. They have been sagging as far as I can remember. When I'm a bit fuller they are a D/E cup, when I lose weight they are a C/D cup. I have no interest in implants as I like the size, they just need to be lifted.

I have been losing weight and going to the gym...not only because of the procedure, but it has been a motivation to "get ready". I quit smoking over a year ago...but found myself smoking again due to some hard exams at university...super bad excuse but cant change it. So I stopped again 2 days ago, so will not have been smoking for 7 days on the day of the operation. I guess thats better than nothing?

So tuesday the 19th of august I am getting the procedure done. I am of coures nervous, so would love to hear/ talk to some of you who have had it done or about to get the same procedure. I will be having my operation in local anesthetics by choice. I do not like the thought of being "put to sleep".

I will of coures update as we get closer. Hope to hear from some of you.

4 days post-op

So, for days after my surgery I think it's time I made a review of how things went. Unfortunantly I was stupid enough not to take my own before pics, but will ask the doctor to send me the ones he took so you can get a better idea of what the change is.

On the morning of the surgery I went in to the clinic 1 hour before to get a pill to "calm me down". I was actually feeling calm and okay, but I thought it might be a good idea to take the pill as I would probably get more and more nervous as the time approched.

When it was surgery time I went into the theater and present was the surgeon and a nurse. He had before hand of coures drawn on me and we had a talk to be sure that we agreed on the same procedure that we talked about a few weeks before.
They used a (as I could see) a long needle to numbs my breasts. I decided that I wanted local anaesthesia as I felt more in control...the thought of general anaesthetic didnt do anything good for me.

Anyways, I could feel him poking the needle in my breasts, but it was no where near something I would call pain. I was very calm and they made it enjoyable as they chit chatted with me and put the radio on. When he started cutting I felt no pain. You can sense something is happening, but again - no pain. In my head the procedure went really fast. I think it took an hour. It was weirdly enough a pleasent experiance and I cant believe I spent so much time and energy being scared of it.

When he finished he put some gauze and platers on me and the nurse helped me get dressed. I couldnt believe I was feeling "normal". No pain, not shaking, no nothing. They made me sit for 20 minutes and drink a coca cola to get some sugar in, before my friend could take me home.
They gave me instructions, number to the surgeon in case of emergency and some painkillers.

I have only taken 2 paracetamol pills (which here are the lowest kind of painkillers) before bed on the first day. Other than that I havent used any painkillers - I have really felt fine. I was out for a walk the day after and every day since that.

The worst thing was the first night where I had a hard time falling a sleep because Im a person who sleeps on my stomach. And Im not allowed to do that. But now I have worked out a position that works.

All in all everything went better than expected. Now I just need to be patient to see what the result is going to be in the end. Im going for a check up in a few days, and stiches are going out 2,5 weeks after surgery.

Im satisfied so far with the result. I can see its still swollen and they have a bit of a weird shape due to how tight the plaster is. But all in all, good start.
Dr. Steenfoss

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