51 Year Old Male - CoolSculpting

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I just had my abs done yesterday and will update...

I just had my abs done yesterday and will update this at 30, 60 and 90 days. I will be posting before/after pics.

Ok had my abs done yesterday afternoon 2/22/12. The techician (I did't see a doctor) explained everything to me then I was propped up on a bed while she connected the Zilteq machine. The machine literally sucks the fat up into the applicator (large) this is the most uncomfortable part. It was a little painful, but mostly wierd. Once that was done they started the cooling process. This was not bad probably went numb after 10 or 15 minutes. the tech left after 5 minutes and gave me a call button similar to a hospital to call if I needed her. The first 10-15 minutes are definately the most uncomfortable part. I took a book and started reading and trying to not think about it. The machine counts down from 60 minutes to zero. The tech left at 53 minutes I read my book and when I looked up it was at 4 minutes, so not bad at all.

When it is over the tech pulled the applicator off and all the frozen fat is sticking out like a big stick of butter. She then massaged the area until it was flat. I was mainly numb but had that pins and needles feeling. At first the treated area was very red, but by the time I got home 20 minutes later it was much better. I took half a sleeping pill at bedtime to make sure that I didn't wake up if I rolled over on it.

I jogged this morning with no problem, it is sensative to the touch and has the pins and needles and still mainly numb feeling. Also feels a little like I did 1000 sit ups. But really not painful, again just a little wierd. I went to work this morning not problem.

I have been thin my whole life and could eat whatever I wanted until I got into my 30s, that is when I had to start exercising. Now at 51 I am not a fanatic, but exercise 3-4 times a week and try to watch what I eat but definately enjoy the the finer things in life, like chocolate!

My hope is that this will get rid of some of the fat around my abs. If I see good results I plan on having my love handles done.

In my opinion for what the tech had to do the procedure is very expensive. I'm sure the Zeltiq maching is not cheap but still at 1500.00 for the abs and another 1400.00 if I have my love handles done they are definately making a major profit margin.

At this point of course I don't have any results, but from my experience I would not let the procedure deter me mine was very smooth. The procedure is new therefor very expensive, if you are not in a hurry I would wait until it has been around longer and hopefully is less expensive.

I will update at 30, 60 and 90 days maybe more if I have results to share. Also the tech told me to drink a lot of water to facilitate the dead fat cells cleansing from my body, I had not heard that in any of my research, but it makes sense to me so I am attached to a water bottle.

Day 4 my abs are still pretty much numb and have...

Day 4 my abs are still pretty much numb and have the pins and needles sensation if touched. Not really any pain just sore like you did a ton of sit ups. All that is better than day 1 so hopefully will fade soon. Still drinking lots of water.

Day 8 my stomach is still numb, but a smaller area...

Day 8 my stomach is still numb, but a smaller area than in the beginning. Kind of like you feel when the dentist numbs you. It is most numb at my belly button and gets better as you move away from it, not sure why. Not really any pain, still some soreness but getting better. Another thing the tech mentioned is that I might feel bloated and it has been that way although getting better. Don't know that I am actually bigger just kind of feels that way, of course I am drinking tons of water so I'm sure that doesn't help.
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