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I have wanted a breast procedure since I heard...

I have wanted a breast procedure since I heard there was such a thing! Even from my early teens, I had a problem with drooping. Through childbirth and weight fluctuations, it had only become worse. The time had finally arrived that my husband and I decided to move forward with surgery. I had a colleague that had a wonderful experience and excellent results with a local plastic surgeon. I also had a client that had a long, positive history with another local plastic surgeon. I started visiting their websites almost obsessively. I first scheduled at the office my colleague referred, but I really liked the work of the other doctor in the practice, Dr. Paul Papillion. The staff was wonderful!!!! After meeting and consulting with Dr. Papillion, we knew he was the one and didn't schedule any other consultations. My husband, who was somewhat leary, felt completely comfortable with Dr. Papillion. Our consultation was so long. He answered every single question we had, eased every apprehension, educated us on the best procedures......we left knowing everything we needed to make the right choices. I chose to do a full lift with 450cc, silicone, under the muscle. We scheduled my surgery for Feb. 3, which was about 6 weeks out. Now, the point of me writing this review is as follows: First, I could not find anyone online who was 5'1, 150lbs that had drooping 36DD natural breasts. Everyone was tall and thin (happy for you guys) or had literally no natural breast tissue left. I had a lot of boob, it was just low! Second, in the six weeks of waiting for my surgery date, my husband had grown more and more concerned and apprehensive about the lift procedure. We had seen so many poor women who had just been butchered. The implants, he was ALL about, but he really tried every way possible to avoid me needing a lift. Me, on the otherhand, wanted the lift the most and the implants were an added bonus. We had a few assertive conversations about it! Now that the procedure is completed and I'm moving swiftly through the recovery, he really encouraged me to post my story. We are hoping to ease some minds and encourage everyone to really do your research on your surgeons! It makes the difference and my surgeon is worth every single penny we spent!

A few of my favorite things

I looked all over the Internet trying to find what women felt most grateful for during their initial recovery period. I thought I would share my own personal thoughts.... First, my husband was crucial, so have someone great to help out! Get yourself a wedge pillow! I got my on Amazon for $20. You CAN NOT lie flat, this was the best investment, I'm still sleeping on it, almost 7 weeks later. Bendy straws are a must have, just trust me on this, it seems silly, but they are very helpful. I had lots of crackers, oatmeat, easy-Mac, yogurt and adult pudding on hand. It's fast, filling and light on your belly. I could not twist open anything...bottle tops, jars. I also could not pump soap out the first week. So plan accordingly for that. I numbered every bottle of meds I had. I made a list of the medicine number, what the medicine did( pain relief, muscle relaxer) and the directionsfor doses for my husband. I kept a pad and pen by my bed and he just wrote something like, #1 at 3:30 pm. That was way easier that writing out the name or relying on your memory. It was also easy to just scan the paper and find the number and time of your last dose of something. Loose clothing that buttons up to wear at home, but also to go to the doctors appts for the first few weeks. You will have a sudden bloat in your abdomen from your surgery within the first few days. I went through tons of gauze pads (non stick) and Neosporin. Some PS don't encourage Neosporin, so whatever yours recommends. I think it helped immensely. These Hanes Bandini things were perfect for me. Walmart, like 6 bucks. They are so comfortable, stretchy and don't provide a lot of lift or support. My PS did not want me wearing anything with lift or support because he wanted my implants to be able to drop naturally. I could not reach around to wipe or wash my goodies, so anything to help your care giver with that is a bonus. I got bath mesh sponges for the shower, they cover a lot of area in a few passes! On that note, we already had a shower head that he could remove from the wall mount and put directly on my head when rinsing the shampoo/ conditioner, that was a real bonus! Wow, I'm pretty high-maintenance! That's all I can think of now, I'll update if something comes to me later!

Recovery week 6 1/2

Hubs is working, so I snapped a shot of myself. Recovery is still moving forward wonderfully! My left breast doesn't look as red in person, I think my camera just magnified the coloring. I'm planning to start back to the gym this week. I'm looking forward to that. Dr. Papillion released me back to strength training except push-ups, bench presses or any chest specific lifts. I don't like chest day anyway, lol. I'm now only going in for follow-up visits with my PS monthly. Making progress!!!!! ????

Mondors disease

I wanted to add a separate update on this. (Note: I had a full anchor lift) Since my second week of surgery, I've had this pain under my right breast. At first it was just right under my breast, right at the edge of my rib on the front side. Then it started migrating down to my belly button and around and back up to my breast. I assumed it was ab pain even though it really didn't feel that deep. I asked my PS about it and he felt like it was abdominal related, maybe nerves that were coming back online. After a few weeks of it just getting worse, I finally decided to get to the bottom of it. I lifted my arm and pushed around where it hurt until I found the culprit. I felt a little tube running from my breast to my belly button. In the right light you could see it poking out. I was just really confused at that point. At my next appt, I asked Dr. Papillion. He gave me the really big, technical name that makes you think of instantaneous death! Apparently it this Monders disease. I've read conflicting thoughts on how common it is. Everyone seems to agree it will most certainly not lead to instantaneous death, but just needs time to heal. He recommended heat and massage. He will revisit it at my next appt (if its still there) and will make a decision from there if I will need further treatments. It hurts like hell but will hopefully be sorting itself out soon. I'll keep you posted!

2 months post op update

I'm 2 months out! Everything is completely healed, all incisions are closed. I'm looking forward to a hot bath! My husband and I started back to the gym this week, it feels good and I maintained a lot more strength and muscle than I had anticipated. I started scar therapy this week as well. My PS recommended a silicone gel twice per day and massage. The picture looks so much more red and angry than real life. I think for 8 weeks everything is looking good! The girls have dropped and settled in perfectly. Still have the Mondors cord, but it's not nearly as painful. Underwire bras are off limits for another month, so I'm having some trouble finding a large cup bra without underwire. I'll keep you posted. Surely I'm not the only one.

2 months post-op

Here's the girls looking good. I'm a happy girl.....with a happy husband!

Scar therapy

I found this ingenius little gadget I wanted to share. I've been using it since Tuesday and I'm kind of in love. It's a silicone gel plus massager for scars. It works wonderfully. My PS really stressed the importance of massaging my scars to keep the tissue soft and broken up and recommended a silicone gel twice daily. I got it on Amazon, it wasn't expensive, and it's super convenient.

New bra

The time has come to start transitioning into an actual bra. The Bandinis were great to get me through the beginning stages of healing. My PS doesn't recommend underwire until after 3 months of recovery. I searched the Internet and was having trouble finding what I needed, which was a large cup bra without underwire. I finally broke down and bought nursing bras, lol! They fit the bill perfectly and were not expensive. So here is a shot of me wearing it, you probably wouldn't even know it was a nursing bras if I didn't mention it. You gotta do whatch gotta do! P.S. My husband rather liked the concept of these nursing bras!

17 weeks post op

I'm just over 4 months out. Everything is going perfectly. I'm healed up and scars are looking less and less obvious. Dr. Papillion said I'm right where he would expect me to be in my recovery. I'm incredibly happy with my results. The girls have dropped and are softer than I had imagined possible! I've settled into a 36 DDD, one size larger than my before. I'm very happy with the size and shape. For the first time in my life, bras are comfortable and fit appropriately. I've definitely reached the point where they feel like a part of me instead of feeling unnatural, sometimes I forget I've had it done. Still feel really blessed to have such a great Doctor, an attentive, supportive husband and the resources to have this life improving procedure!

P.S. I had a quick liposuction consultation at my last Dr. Visit, that'll be my next adventure!

Almost 6 months out

Almost 6 months out. My camera always makes my scars more pink and irritated than in real life. I'm so happy with my size, healing, Dr. Papillion and my final results. Although it was probably the most painful thing I've ever experienced, I would definitely do it again. I'm still having trouble with that Mondors Cord, it flares up periodically. I'm planning on talking to my PS at my next appt. I'll keep updating!
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

My husband and I had narrowed our prospective surgeons down to two. When we met Dr. Papillion, we immediately knew he was our choice. He was so patient, answering every single question, explaining the best procedures to achieve ideal results, he listened to every concern and eased every apprehension we had. I can not say enough about Dr. Papillion, he is exactly who you want in the OR with you! He has also been so attentive and informative through my recovery, and the results are better than I had anticipated! The wonderful office staff and nurses are an added bonus! Cindi is a saint. I would 100 percent recommend Dr. Papillion and will be returning to him for my future treatments!

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