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Cool-lipo was suggested as a means...

Cool-lipo was suggested as a means of improving a pouchy, sagging neck area. I'm in my mid-fifties and my neck was that of a 70-ish.....too much sunbathing all my life did some real damage to the elasticity. 

The procedure was truly pain-free....I was given some oral meds and then had some nerve blocks in my neck.  One incision on each side of my jawline was made for the cannula used to lipo out the extra fat.  An incision under my chin was also added in order to take a small tuck. (Nothing near what a neck lift would accomplish). I had stiches put in under my chin, but nothing on the other side incisions. (Those healed fine on their own within a couple of weeks; chin stitches out , 2 weeks post.) 

The worst part for me was having to wear a neck/chin strap 24/7 for 2 weeks.  Three months later, now, I'm not really that pleased with the results.  While I don't have the fatty neck, I DO have very loose skin that still sags and pooches somewhat, .even after the small tuck that was taken. 

It was suggested that I have the one-session re:pair fraxel done, but at $2000 (for the neck onlyI!)  don't know if I want to continue at this point.  Would like some feedback from the doctors as to their opinion of the re:pair in respect to tightening.

Cool-lipo was suggested as a means...

It's Feb. 2015 and it's been 5 and 1/2 years since my neck/face lift. I couldn't be happier! Everything is still tight and holding. I'm 65 now and don't regret taking the plunge for the "big one". I don't kick myself anymore for wasting the $$ and time on the worthless Cool-lipo. Don't do it ladies and gents. Save up your money and go directly to a facelift. I still have a problem area under my chin from trying to take a short cut with the Cool-lipo.
Good luck to everyone!!
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