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A little terrified, hoping to get some insight on...

A little terrified, hoping to get some insight on here. I am new to this site as a member, but have been reviewing the site for about a year. I went for my consult on Monday of this week, and absolutely loved Dr. Guillory! Very personable, and friendly. I've wanted a tummy tuck since after my first child cause my skin was terribly stretched out, but I knew I wanted another child first. So here I am with my youngest now 3 years old! Any things you guys can share with me to help me asking this journey? Any info you feel would be helpful. Will post pics soon!

Finally was able to upload pictures!

13 days and counting!

This is gonna be the longest two weeks ever possibly. I'm a little nervous how it will actually look afterwards as in the new belly button and the scar itself. Hope it is in my panty line area. I'm sure I'll only get more nervous as the time gets closer, but more than ready to be on the flat side!!!

Better before photos.

12 days ;)

Any items you wished you would've had gotten before your surgery you needed/wanted afterwards?? Trying to be sure I have everything I would possibly need. Thanks ladies!

11 days!!!

Getting really excited!

9 days!!

Can't believe the closer it gets the less nervous I feel. I'm sure the day of I'll be on edge and terrified, but I'm enjoying this peace right now.

5 days to go.....

I'm losing my mind... Not literally, but I'm getting myself all worked up. Called my Dr today with tons of nonsense questions. Lol. Preop on Monday!

3 days....

Preop tomorrow!!!

Preop..... check :)

Surgery will be Wednesday... Very excited and nervous all together! Mainly because I've never had any type of surgery! Being put to sleep is what scares me the most. And being tubed! But I'll get over it. Paid for my surgery in full today, so no turning back!!

Tomorrow is day!!!

Surgery is at 8am!

Officially on the flat side!!

Surgery was at 8 am, was complete a little afterafter noon. Came home at 2pm. Have not taken my binder off but have drained the drains quite a few times. So far not walking hunched over, pretty straight. Said they removed over six lbs of skin! So far a little sore but that was expected :)

Day 1 :)

Well just took my binder off for the first time...... Wasn't painful at all, but I guess the pressure release got me cause u passed out. Lol. Binder is back on and I don't for see trying to l that again any time soon.

Dr appt tomorrow....

My drains have been emptying great til today. Dr wants to see me tomorrow to be sure they aren't kinked any where our if they are truly ready to come out so soon. They originally thought I would need them til next week or longer. We will see.

Day 2

Fixing to get ready for my appt... Laying down with binder open currently. Pain was pretty bad last night.... But I made it. Drains still not putting out more than about 10cc over a few hours. Also belly button.... Yuk. Any tips to help it heal right?


Without any bandages ;)

Advice on removing Adhesive and Tape???

Help ladies..... Any tips on removing the tape as painless as possible???? Have to remove it Monday for my post op appt... Thanks!!

Playing with pictures :)


First bowl movement a success! :) No pain.... Thank you Colace!!


Standing up straight still..... Thank goodness!

Bruising has caught up with me

Got some bruising going on today :)

Hmmmm... :) / ):

Not very pretty after removing the tape huh? :( It bled pretty bad, and I had to wash it with anti bacterial soap. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a pleasure either. Scared tomorrow is too soon to remove my stitches?? Especially with it still bleeding so much once I removed the tape. The center below my belly button is the worse cause I had pretty bad stretch marks in that are. Hoping my stretch marks will lay flat in my incision line cause they currently are not. Trying to be hopeful that it will look better than this! First time since surgery I'm wondering if I made the right decision going through with the surgery.... Everyone else's post op pictures look so different than mine.... Boohoo I guess. Lol

Post op appt yesterday ....

Went well... Had stitches removed and my belly button was cleaned :) Was very upset to hear two different people stitched me up cause one side is straight and pretty..... And well the other is not obviously. :( But I am healing up great!!! Have not taken pain meds in a few days and feel great! Appt was at 9am, didn't return home till about 9pm. Went and did a little shopping, lunch/dinner, and a movie .. What a great day.. Bad news....... Ugh. Still have both my drains. Lol. Hate these things! :)

Swollen :)

Just got out of shower, crazy swollen but no pain.

Swollen sitting down.


Has been awful. Lol. Look like I have a little baby bump.. All my swelling is above my belly button. But no pain. Been laughing so hard my little muscles have been aching, but I laugh at everything so I'm surprised I've held off this long. When I see something funny I've been trying to redirect myself immediately. Lol. It's a little difficult. :) Hope everyone has a good Friday!!

Not as swollen today...

Headed to my appt.... Praying he will take these drains out! Lol. Really don't have anything to update, just wanted to share updated photos. Hope everyone has a good Monday!

So..... ugh!

Still have both drains.... BS. One of the two is collecting less than the required amount to have it removed avd my Dr is making me wait. So easy to say I left my appt today ticked. I hate these things. Lol. I still have a stitch that is in my incision area that wasn't removed when all the rest were cause the end wasn't visible... Well it wasn't removed today either! So that upset me also. I will not be cut open again later to remove it. Just feel like everyone was so short today.... My appt didn't last ten minutes! Don't return for three weeks, other than to have drains removed when output is less than 30cc on both sides. Grrrr.


Been a good day, relaxed most of the day.... Ready to go back to work... Sitting at home is not my thing. Lol. Still have both drains, and of course one is ready to be pulled but I've still got it. Here's a couple pics from today :)


Everything is starting to look a little red to me??

Drains out!!

Drains were removed yesterday... One side was clotted over, but it was my side that was draining the most so I'm going it will be okay. Wasn't supposed to return for three weeks, but Dr is concerned that it will need to be aspirated since it was clogged so badly. I sure hope not. That would feel awful. :( Also as you can see directly below my belly button/above my vagina my incision doesn't look to good. She said it is going to be a wound possibly..... And of course my dumb self googled tummy tuck incision wounds and OMG that had better not be what's happening to me!!! Plus side.... I feel 1000x better without those dumb drains! Just wished this one area would heal up cause I will be returning to work on the first. FYI.... My drain holes have neosporin on them.


Pics from today after shower :)


Wore blue jeans yesterday.... They were not tight at all, they were pretty loose... Only wore them maybe four hours and when I took them off I had awful lines and bulges. Obviously had my binder on underneath them. Still this morning almost twelve hours later these awful bulges ate still there!!! :( Appt this afternoon to be sure I'm not collecting fluid after drains were removed Friday. Wish me luck.... I do not believe it needs to be aspirated, it doesn't look like I'm collecting fluid in my opinion.... But another good thing.... Was 219 the day of surgery, now currently at 209!


Had appt to be sure I wasn't retaining fluid after having drains pulledpulled out Friday. He felt around and said my tummy was too firm to tell so he stuxk needle in just in case there was some there. Well there was. Not much at all, only half of one syringe filled up. He said that was very good. Said typically he can get three or four syringes full from patients. So that made me happy :)

Day 20

Updated picture with panties on. Sorry about the bleep image.... I thought it was funny!



Just a couple updated pics :)


Picture standing up from just now after taking off my garment.... Other pic was last night before I feel asleep :)

Ken doll???

Is this what is consider a Ken doll?? It is a little poochy.... Lol. (Sorry about the color the flash made it look funny!)


Little update on pics.


Look pregnant today! Lol. But did buy some bio-oil and put on my incision and belly button today :)

Constant swell....

For whatever reason it looks as though I have been swollen in my upper abdomen for the last two days. Makes me look pregnant, not digging that look at all. I have on a compression tank as well as a full abdomen compression corset over that and still swollen like crazy! My luck.


Just a couple updated pics :) Loving that my panties no longer till down on the sides!!!


Dr told me yesterday to quit wearing my binder.... This was the result after working twelve hours last night wearing my duty belt. :(

Anyone else?

Having this bump type swelling?? Sorry pic is kinda dark.

Swelling or a problem??

My swelling is constant..... This is how I look pretty much 24/7 now. What do you guys suggest?? I'm missing my flat stomach!!

What is going on?!

September 10 & today. Huge difference ):

14 Months Later....

Still loving it! Considering tattoo over scar?

Still couldn't be happier with my results! I feel as if I need to get into some sort of workouts to keep my stomach flat, but I still have issues with swelling after I eat. Which sucks and makes me look pregnant as can be, but it is what it is. lol. I'll update with photos soon! I'm considering covering my belly button scar with a circular tattoo........ Any one done this??

Updated Pics!

Stil loving it! I still deal with swelling here and there, but it's OK. Lol
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