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I'm 42, 5'7", 150 lbs, 36DDD. I've wanted a...

I'm 42, 5'7", 150 lbs, 36DDD.
I've wanted a reduction as long as I can remember. My breasts have always felt large and heavy. After my third breastfed child, my breasts were just huge, saggy bags of flesh. I buy high quality bras, but nothing fits well, nor gives the support I need.
I've had neck and shoulder pain for most of my adult life, but never sought out treatment for it. Recently, my breast size and weight has prevented me from running or even walking briskly. Obviously I haven't worn a button down shirt in ages, and if a t shirt fits everywhere else, it's super tight around the chest. I hate all of my clothes.
After a friend of mine got a lift and loved it, I decided to bite the bullet and visit a plastic surgeon just to see what my options were. After reading several stories on here about bcbsil, I wasn't super optimistic about a reduction being covered.
The PS said he would be happy to submit paperwork but first, according to bcbs, I needed at least six weeks of physical therapy. So I went to physical therapy. Insurance only covers 4 weeks' worth without a referral, so I called my family dr and he was happy to send one. (Thank goodness!)
PT was nice, but made my symptoms worse. The therapist indicated my reduced range of motion and increased pain in the report he sent the the Plastic surgeon.
I met a second time with the PS, he took measurements, pictures and some detailed information, and about a week later, submitted the paperwork.
I eagerly checked my mailbox daily for five weeks until the approval letter arrived. Surgery is scheduled for four weeks from now. In all, this process will have taken me 4 1/2 months from the first PS visit to surgery date.
We have met our out of pocket maximum for the year, so I'm expecting everything (surgeon, surgery center, anesthesia) to cost around $1200. I only know for sure that I will owe the PS $297.
I'll post results and final cost after surgery. I'm more than elated to have these giant weights removed and start a new chapter in my life!

Three days post op.

Surgery went very smoothly. It took less than two hours for the surgery itself, then another hour or so to drag me out of anesthesia.
The doc took about 500g out of each breast and I immediately felt so much lighter with zero back pain. I had no drains, and just some thick gauze pads over each breast. He had me pick up a cheap front-closure sports bra at Walmart to hold the gauze in place. It totally did the trick.
I felt very tired the first day, but haven't been in a lot of pain at all.
A friend suggested I take some of the narcotics the dr sent home with me so I can sleep, so I took a half last night since I'm a lightweight. It did knock me out for a few hours, but also made me sick to my stomach so in all, it wasn't worth the trade off. I've just taken 2 ibuprofen every six hours as needed.
I still have lots of sensation in my nipples- almost more so than before. I took a shower on the day after surgery and replaced the gauze and put on a fresh bra. I had my husband in the shower with me to do most of the washing because I was so woozy and nauseated when I looked at my incisions. No big thing. He got all of the blood off, dried me off and helped me dress. I showered today on my own- no problems washing my hair or getting dressed.
I bought two different sizes in the marena b2 on eBay- large and xl. The xl is a little loose but feels better. (I'm a 36 band size in a regular bra.) I don't really think the fancy bra is all that necessary. The $7 wal mart special does the trick just fine but going in to surgery I wanted the best.
I did buy some button front pajamas for ease in dressing, and I'm glad I had them. But today I've got a regular t shirt on, again, no problems with lifting my arms. I didn't have the under arm lipo so that may be why.
I've had moments of "what have I done?" when thinking about the huge incisions and my now-tiny breasts, but I just pray and remind myself what I left behind. My clothes already fit so much better.
I don't know anyone who regrets this surgery, and neither do I.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Guillory and his staff are warm, knowledgeable and helpful. I have no complaints.

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