Hard Bruised Bleeding Stomach - Conyers, GA

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I had vaser lipo on my abs 16 days ago. During the...

I had vaser lipo on my abs 16 days ago. During the procedure he said I had a lot of fat on my stomach and was not going to be able to take the love handles on the same day. I was okay with that because I was much more concerned about the fat on my stomach. The procedure did not hurt at all. He too 3 and a half canisters of fat out. Which I think is like 5000cc. I'm not sure.

The problem is I was severly bruised after. I was padding my stomach the way they taught me. Gauze and tape it down. Well one time when I was gently pulling it off to put a new dressing on it pulled some of the skin off one bruise and it started to bleed. The problem is it hasn't stopped. When I take the gauze off it has some blood on it and hard like yellow stuff. It is like a scap that is trying to form but keeps getting peeled off every time I remove the dressing. The wound doesn't spell, it or really hurt. I also have my lower abs ( right above my panty line swollen, hard and protruding out. OPINIONS PLEASE.

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The doctor that performed the liposuction is a OB/GYN that started a MedSpa.

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