Panniculectomy with Dr. Cortes

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Just went to Dr.Cortes on 9/16/2013 for first...

Just went to Dr.Cortes on 9/16/2013 for first evaluation need to lose another 30 to 50lbs before BBL and thought lift hope to get it done in Jan or Feb 2014 got a lot if work to do but it can be done if anyone got any helpful hints please advise. Will post pics for every 10 lbs lost I hope all goes well!!!!


I scheduled my procedure today for February 4,2014. This is for my thought lift and butt job LOL!!!

1 month left

I have one month left wished it was two wanted to reschedule to March but no available dates if anyone wants to switch to February and has a March date please let me know thanks

Pics before


I am not having my surgery on feb 4 th due to personal reason weight being the main one I am losing inches talked with Lucy yesterday ordered a garment with sleeves to see if it will help with fluid loss going to see dr cortes on the 13th hopefully be can guide me better looking for surgery in June or maybe may have someone to help with weight loss so maybe all will be better!!!!


New date June 23rd yeppy this gives me plenty of time to hit the gym just want to lose more weight will post more photos after I lose 10 lbs

Losing it!!!!

Well down to 269 got my ban tightened on jan 31 6lbs so far got 39 left!!!!

New pics

Not a lot of a change but as promised here are some pics at down 10 lbs back smaller as is top of abdomen going to see Dr.Cortes on the 5th might change procedure to a TT and re do breast lets see what the expert says....

Appt in afternoon!!!

Going to see Doc tomorrow.... Hope he says he will do a tummy tuck losing so many inches hips down to 51 waste down to 42 but no pounds muscle does weigh more than fat but.... I hope the doc sees that!!!

Drum roll please.....

We'll seem the doc it's going to be a tummy tuck I have to weigh in in six weeks and going to fix my chi chi's then in December bbl and thigh lift

To weigh or not to weigh.....

We'll been exercising doing really good but my back is giving me fits was down to 267 on the 7th but now up to 278 seen doc today and it's water weight going to increase h2o to see if that helps grrr but trainer also thinks it maybe muscle don't know not going to weigh again till I see dr cortes next month

Water weight

Well so I was up all night peeing yeah no sleep lol but I weighed this morning down to 271 so it was water weight and I am still peeing a lot got a big liter of h2o and am drinking it and my back is better hopefully I can walk at the park tomorrow!!!

Yeppy.... Hopefully

Well got up this morning went that dang scale and talked really hard to it got on it and it said 269.4!!!!! All I can say is about time I am going to drink like a fish!!!!

Back troubles

Well had to goto the ER a couple of days ago my back pain is from an L1 fracture so he put me on some meds and it's feeling better so hopefully next week I can start walking again but no hard core working out until TT cause believes that my pannus caused it...

Getting better I think....

Getting better I think taking meds right now. I was put on prednisone which is a steroid it causes weight gain of course the scale is going up but I still drinking the h2o so in about a week or do hopefully I will lose it all plus some. I have a follow up with my pcp on the 2nd if all is good then on Monday I will start walking and only walking until doc days it's okay no weights or elliptical hopefully I can lose some weight by June got 13 weeks left!!!

Weight coming Down another appt set

Today I weighed 266 yeah I called the doc wants me to come see him on May 5 http weigh in I want to be at 255 I can do this I hope it makes him happy!!!

Second thoughts???

I am thinking that I may not want to do this anymore I am working hard but just not getting any where I really thought drinking myself to death and working out was going to get me some where close to the "flat side" my back is just physically not letting me do this. I think that some people are just ment to be big and that is me.... Here are updated pics

Going to do it!!!

Okay okay after talking with my hubby last night and me telling him that I was not going to do this he said UH YES YOU ARE!!!! I don't care what they naysayers say you are doing this!!!! My kids say mom please please get a flat tummy so I am doing the do lost another pound two months to go your right MZPHATBOOTY I got this!!!!

49 days!!!

I have 49 days left and have list no more weight but I signed a contract with my coworker shes can't smoke and I can't eat anything off the phase one Atkins diet till surgery!!! I hope this helps

See the doc today!!!

I am for sure having TT with lipo to abdomen, flanks, muscle repair and fat transfer to hips I am going to try something new with my diet thanks to my bariatric life a RS friend who mentioned the primal diet I am going to start this I hope I can budge to scale to the 240's but praying for the 230's by June as of today with close on jeans mind you I was 272 but in the am naked I am 266 so in 48 days let's see what kind of damage I can do!!!

40 days

Need I say more 40 days shit getting real preop appt on June 5th!!! Getting ready kinda but nervous yes!!!

5 weeks

Going to the gym 7 days a week till surgery here is updated photos at the gym

Pre-op appt today!!!

Appt went well got three more weeks!!! Surgery set for 5am on the 23rd. He did explain that I may need more abdo lipo after procedure for better contouring but I am okay my belly button WILL NOT BE FLOATING will move lap band port if needed my incision will be made above belly button and pulled down it will come around sides to tatoo but not messing it up and it will not go on my thighs so let's just see how it will turn out I am very pleased with him he answered every question let me know every side effect even gave me pictures of what to expect very pleased just ready to get it done!!! Will post pics the night before. I am starting a cleanse on the 4th which will last till the 14th then the liquid diet to start on the 15th. Hope more weight will be lost then!!! For now I will continue to follow others journey until it's my time which is coming real soon. Happy healing to all that have made it to the flag side and I will be seeing you soon!!

Hospital appointment

Yesterday pre op nurse called went over health stuff made my appointment to go get blood work done it will be on June 16th at 1030am at houston northwest sooo hope hemaglobin is good!!! Will update then ttyl!!!!

14 days

Nervous but excited but ready will post pics the night before !!!

Change in procedure

Well talked with Dr. Cortes office changing procedure to a panniculectomy I hope this is better for me as I hope I will look better I will still have Dunlop as my belly still will have done lopped over my pants but hopefully I will look okay I know I won't be hot but I hope I look better any who waiting on dr cortes to talk to me about procedure and expectations of look keep you posted!!

Dr.Cortes is Awesome!!!

Talked with him he assured me that having this operation was the safest way to achieve my goal body!!! He was very sincere to his capabilities as a surgeon and same for me he does not want any complications and to eliminate all risk in my procedure to the minimum. Ladies you can not ask any better than that in a surgeon I was nervous at first but now am at ease he truly is the best!!!! Can't wait a week away!!

One day left.....

On my way to the hotel!!!! I feel about as good as you would one day pre lol post pics later!!!!

It's here!!!

Fixing to leave the hotel!!! Oh my nerves!!! Ttyl peeps!!!

Out and doing well

Doc says took out 20-30 pounds will have to see no scale here some pis of hotel, before and after !!!

Here are some more before pics of me lying down

More pics 1 day post

I just can not believe this is me!!!

I know in have a ways to go I am not hourglass but baby come check me out in December I can see my whooha!!! The nurse came in yesterday as I was waking up in my room she said oh honey you are showing you vagina off every where I said what my belly covers that she said humm no that's gone I reached down as if I was a boy grabbing his pecker it's gone!!! I feel like a 2 year old discovering it just can't keep my hands off he pulled up tight and all luv my body just got to get in the gym to do the rest!!! Sorry for the TMI but I haven't seen myself since I was 20 ans I am 32 now!!!


Took my first shower even got on the scale day of surgery 272 today 245 very swollen a wet head and all this binding stuff here are pics


Here is side by side comparison


My drains are filling up and I am leaking around on of the sites able to get up and down better going to work tomorrow for a bit but all will be fine!!! Will post pics tonight after shower!!!

More pics

Lots of swelling!!!

1 week post!!!

Doing well went back to work today I started getting gas today this gas us horrible I don't know why after a week but damn did I need to fart stomach too weak in lower abdomen to do the do but!!! I am surviving yesterday was my sons b-day had 1st follow up with dr cortes drains removed put into my first garment a 4 XL and the lovely Deanna got a good laugh I said it's way to big well we will put lipo foam in to help I said okay it's a butt out one soo I put it on and I was like this is weird she was like it's okay it's like a thong I said it's not as I turned she started laughing I said I told you my poor little ass did not even stick out at all not even a little it was so sad it was funny she said well dr cortes will have fun with you you will have an ass when he is through!! But loving it at dinner last night I got all kinds of lucks by these oilfield crews it was too funny on of my patients told my hubby be need to step up his game she said she thought I was nice looking but now I am just down right gorgeous now that I skinny lol I ain't skinny but today I bought my first XL scrub set can't wait for my bbl!!!

Hard words!!!!

There are a few words within our English language in which no one likes to here that is educate and too lose weight!!!! If you can't read this blog for the literal meaning of the words that I am going to use in this post please do not read!!! I feel that when I came to this community blog of real self I felt lots of support and found a wealth of information to use while I was educating myself on my procedures that I wanted to have done. I found this site a very uplifting environment but over the last few months I have come to realize that there are a lot and do mean a lot of people that are coming to this site to porposfully use it to bring down physicians. As a health care worker and a patient of many doctors and a colleague to even more physicians I feel for you and social media!!!! This has become a place not just this site but social media in general is becoming a place for bullying!!! I believe that ALL of us women and men that use this site do it so we can use it to improve our selves but I general some blogs are wonderful and they are up lifting while there are a number and growing number that are here that are becoming negative. I like to think that people are good that we all have souls and are truly just but I am learning that people are cruel hateful and unjust. People are ignorant and dumb. I am not name calling. I want to publicly thank my family for raising me with the knowledge if you can't say something nice then don't say it at all!!! I hold true to this we all want to give our doctors wish pics of these hotter than hell women that are airbrushed by professional artist and say make me look like this!!! I have never herd a doctor and do mean doctor 100% guarantee a procedure wether it be a heart transplant or a bbl. Read your consents EDUCATE yourself. If you need to lose weight do that and if you can't then talk with your surgeon about better options safer options and if not and you are determined this is the way it is going to be then be prepared for your complications. Don't get on a public blog bash a doctor because you went in looking like What's Eating Gilbert Grapes mom and did not come out looking like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. To come on here to get that gossip kind of attention THAT is DRAMA and cyber bullying. Also use your education think about what you are doing if you travel outside your comfort zone your hometown your country keep in mind that you pay for what you get!!! Know medical standards and medical practices for where you are going!!! This is important! I am not against traveling abrod for treatments, surgeries or any other at way for seeking medical attention but again Educate yourself know what can and could go wrong!!! Side effects know what that is and what those words mean!!!! Also the word possibility!!!! These things with in those writings happen that is why they are listed there sooo if they happen don't get on here saying how bad your doctor is and how you lack care so on and so forth cause it's not his fault. If you travel abrod and can only stay a week or two make sure you have back up for care cause you will need it after major surgeries after having babies any medical procedure you have follow up!!! If you choose not to go cause you look frumpy lumpy and you are pissed please be advised your doc can't help you you can't agree on a plan of care!!!! I know we all work hard and in this day in age other than billionaires who has 10k lying around for these procedures I don't know anyone but what I do know is that if you don't look totally like your wish pic but look better why In the hell would you demand a refund???? Explain that!!! Now if you are truly wronged and I mean you know its malpractice like you went in for breast implants and got a bbl with implants then you got a case but don't get on hear until the courts settle your case!! Cause your statements can and will be used in court. I have read lots of blogs that are here and most of us are unknown to the general public cause we don't want our close relationship with the world to know that we have a disease like HIV or cancer or hell a saggy vaniga or little penis or just extra fat cause you would be shunned from your community so we go to secret places like this and share our stories cause we are human and need care love and support that is why we are here onReal Self. We don't need hate there is plenty if that where we live that's why we are secret that why you don't know my name or where I work or anything at all but my words my little journey and my before and after pic that's it. I don't like stepping on feet but if I did I am not going to apologize because you most likely were being wrong but if I did and my words and thoughts may have been misinterpreted then I will as I would further explain and if this is Greek to you then continue reading through blogs as you will find what I am talking about and if you are on here looking for answers and support then I hope you find it cause these procedures are tuff and you swell and hurt and no one knows what you are going through unless they have been here and done this even some of our most real life support systems don't understand but the patients here on Real Self do know we understand and if you have a complication I hope all is good but get through it be for you blog about it notify like got and infection grr got a burn grr but don't bash. And if you got a little extra fat in an area or a nipple is not right talk try to get it fixed but don't bash don't bully!!!

Out with the kids

Now I have no real compression garment yet. I am in a 4 XL that it tooo big but I wear it 24/7 only to take it off for a bath!! That's it.

Oops for got pics

I have my garment on and jeans with my 1st XL t-shirt !!!

Two week follow up

Went to see dr yesterday for two week follow up was out into a 2XL columbian garment which is awesome according to the lovely Janaris they say that's really good for only being two weeks out it's compressed but comfortable I like it I don't feel so sore with it at dr visit I weighed 262 they say I have lots of swelling which I know I do doc asked what I weighed after surgery I told him 245 so that's about how much swelling I got I also bought a waist cincher that is a 2 XL now that is a beast

Typed up long blog gone grrr

This is short and sweet swollen like all get out and haters are real..

20 days post!!!

Well tomorrow will be three weeks!!! Oh how time flys but the swelling stays lol nothing much to update on except that bbl and thigh lift scheduled for December 2nd!!! So excited!!! And I have new nakie pics!!!


I had to do a separate post to thank some of my real self sisters just true friends that I have met that have really helped me that would be MZPHATBOOTY, LADYB2011, AZDee reddgoddess!! You guys have really helped me a lot and you deserve a thanks !!! I got a package for MZPHATBOOTY that LADYB2011 gave her and now me thanks a bunches!!!


So I am looking for a job change.... I used to work for this nursing home for 3 years the cooperate office had an over haul and hired the worst most stupid people on earth that knew nothing about Texas law in the healthcare industry so long story I lost my job back in December.... I was totally heartbroken for if I have done wrong then hey I messed up... Well the company sold out and all of my coworkers have been begging me to come back none has seen me since I left except one nurse and she was like you won't even recognize her!!! So I went yesterday and put in my app... person number one was sitting on the porch she was like I ohhhhh OMG!!!! Gosh you look great.... Girl get in there you would have thought I was a movie star everyone was like who is here where there I would turn sweetly and say hey guys and it would start again you see they seen me go from 346 to 250 they all wanted to feed me lol I felt loved by them it was amazing I was really scared to go in there but.... I felt love I really miss it there they thought I was so skinny lol by far but getting there!!!

Looking back...

I look in the mirror and don't recognize me.... I touch my body and don't recognize it... I know it's me because I can see... But it's so hard to believe .....

With that to say it's hard to even remember me the old way I am so happy the way I am but... I want to be the wow factor like my personality feel great swelling we all know that but getting back to norm!!! Here's some pics!!?

One month post!!!

Doing great got new scrubs XL pants and XL top!!! Exciting getting ready for bbl and thigh lift scheduled for December 2nd going to start with losing 15 pounds this next month keep you posted!!!

Swelling swelling!!

Here is a pic of my tummy early in the am then one mid afternoon need to wear garment at all times this hurts!!


Didn't load first time!!

Caption for above

First three pics are before work and the last three are mid shift not even a full eight hours

Still swollen

Looking into a corset hopefully it will help the swelling

Had follow up today!!!

Love my doc he and his staff are so awesome not much to say other than need to start to work out and got a selfie to post!!!

20 Days!!!!

In 20 days I will be having a thigh and butt lift!!!! Follow me only new review!!!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He is awesome cares about you as a surgeon wants you too look your best and be healthy !!! TEAM CORTES!!! If you have a bad experience it is because you did not listen!!!! Just luv him!!!

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