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Okay, I've been stalking these boards for...

okay, I've been stalking these boards for months as I got up the courage to do the Ulthera. Well after reading so many positive posts I took the plunge this morning. So the first thing I have to say is Yes, it does Hurt! In some spots, not so bad-- but in others felt like I was getting my teeth drilled without novacain. My doc gave me percoset and some other mild pill....they suggested next time if I repeat the procedure down the road they go with a stronger pill like Vicodin. So if you make sure you get a fairly strong pain killer I think you will be okay but with the weak stuff it was rough.

Okay, so now onto the procedure and results. First of all, my dermatologist is more of an artist than just a scientist. She really spends time with your face and bone structure so that she uses the right strength and hits in the right spots to give very specific results for your face. If a doctor is good, no two procedures will be done the same. In my case, more sagging was noted on one side that the other (how very attractive for me) so the doctor used heaving doses on that side to help even things out. She spent a lot of time on my jawline and neck and then in my jowl area (which was quite howly jowly). She also did above my eyes to help with a brow lift. So now for results. Yes, I could see results right after the procedure...my eyes seemed to open up, my jowls looked a lot less jowly and my chin line already looked smoother and more defined. That's pretty good for something that is going to take 4 months to see the full results. So all in all, I'm cautiously optimistic...and like the others before me on this board, I will try to write in every week over the next 4 months to give you all some good info to work with.

Okay, so it has been about 3 weeks since I've...

Okay, so it has been about 3 weeks since I've done the full face Ulthera. Nothing dramatic yet but my jawline is definitely more cut and sharp and I think I'm seeing the fine lines in the jowl area starting to fade away...not sure if it's wishful thinking on my part but that's what it seems like. In looking back on it, I still say it really hurt...and would recommend medication. I'm also not a baby about pain...but this was intense. Will update more as time goes by.

Well, I'm at the two month mark now and while...

Well, I'm at the two month mark now and while I do see a little lifting on my eyelids and a more defined jawline, I wouldn't say I see any dramatic improvement. Let me put it this way---no one has told me that I look particularly good. But the literature and my doctor said 3 months so I'm going to wait another 4 weeks before I can for certain say whether this works well or not. So the net net is that I do see some minor improvements. Here will be the real test. ..I'm going away with a bunch of my girlfriends from college for a girls weekend on the first weekend in June. They haven't seen me in about 5 months and I will be hitting my 3 months after the Ulthera...these girls will be brutally honest...will let you know how it goes.

Okay, here we go...today is the 12 week mark after...

Okay, here we go...today is the 12 week mark after Ulthera...so I see that some doctors say you'll still see improvement in months 4-6 which I'm hoping will happen...so was it worth it? to be honest, I still don't know. Do I think I look better? Yes, my jawline is improved and my jowls are diminished but sadly, not a single family member or friend who didn't know I had done the procedure has commented about my appearance. I'm not sure what I was expecting people to say but I didn't even get a "you look good--did you lose weight?" So, not sure what to tell you...I was a good candidate in terms of age and skin type...I see an improvement in lower portion of face but not upper portion. Was it worth the money...I guess it depends on how much money you've got. Am I happy I did it....yes because I do see some improvement and any improvement makes me happy but it's not significant. I'll post again in a few weeks when I have a college girls reunion...they'll be brutally honest.

So now I'm I'm about 7 months post Ulthera...I do...

So now I'm I'm about 7 months post Ulthera...I do see improvement...my skin, especially on my lower face and jaw and neck is much tighter but it is not a significant improvement...but that said, it also didn't cost what a facelift costs nor did it require any downtime or recovery...I think if you did this every other year and did some laser work like fraxel in conjunction you would probably get nice but not dramatic results. If you are someone with a significant issue in one spot this probably isn't the way to go...I am just experiencing general aging with no one particular major problem. I think I would do it again and am planning on doing some laser work this fall

One more thing on the pain that some people...

One more thing on the pain that some people experience and others don't...I felt it was extremely painful on certain parts of the face...on the more bony parts like the brow..it killed because the ultrasound vibrates on the bone...on the more fleshy parts it didn't hurt as much. I think, (and I'm not a medical professional so I could be wrong but....) the reason some people experience more pain than others has less to do with personal pain tolerance...I believe some doctors are more aggressive with how strong the current is so they can better results. My guess is those that had more pain, likely will have better results...those who found it comfortable probably had a much lower frequency and results will be less significant. I am not someone who is a baby about pain and at certain times I nearly jumped off the table.
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I feel my doctor is very skilled in aesthetic procedures but she is also a surgeon and understands the muscles, bones and tissues and how the form the face.

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