Its official tummy is tucked as of 7/7/14

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I am 31 and the mother of 3 wonderful children,...

I am 31 and the mother of 3 wonderful children, 14, 3 and 8 months. I nursed all of my kids, the oldest for a year and a half, the second for 2 years, and the baby I plan on doing for 1 year. Keep that in mond when I say my weight -lol. I am currently 5' 8.5" and 200 lbs.

Since my first child my stomach has never been the same. I always thought about getting a Tummy tuck, however it was always just that.... a thought. I knew I wanted more children, and it would of been a waste of money. So now I'm ready to take that step. My stomach is a mess, no make that a Hot Mess! The stretch marks, and Jello type feel aren't bathing suit material. My husband says he loves me the way I am, however this is for me! I want to be able to wear form fitting dresses, and fitted shirts w/o worrying about my stomach showing. Never mind sitting pool side, and being able to relax.

I have been researching this site for quite some time, and have gained some very valuable information. I have my consult scheduled for the end of Feb. @ Jacobi Medical Center in Ny. I was considering Tijuana, but don't think I could be away from my babies for that long.

I'm so nervous. What should I expect? What ?'s do I ask. Has anyone else done this with a baby? I'm hoping they can do TT with some lipo. I'm debating if I want a breast lift, but will inquire about that when I go. Can't wait.... the count down is on to an Improved me! I'll be taking pictures later in the week. That will be the hard part showing the world stretch marks gone wild.

I went for my consultation on Tue. 2/14/12. The...

I went for my consultation on Tue. 2/14/12. The staff, and the Dr were really nice. He said he can do tuck, and lipo of flanks and back - hour glass I'm coming back - I have to go back in a month, as the Dr. wants me to lose 15 lbs. I think I can do it, maybe with a modified Atkins diet. I am soo excited, however I'm encountering some hesitation. I keep hearing I shouldn't get it done, and that people die from going under. Is anyone else going through this. When I go back to the Dr. I will get the final cost and what's included. Will keep you guys informed.

I forgot to mention my consultation was @ Lenox...

I forgot to mention my consultation was @ Lenox Hill aka MEETH. I was able to get in to see them with in 3 weeks, and the consultaion fee was $50 as to 195 @ Jacobi.
Also I have included my Glamour shots! LOL sorry for any blurry pics.

Ok ladies I'm down to 197.3 lbs.Probably would of...

Ok ladies I'm down to 197.3 lbs.Probably would of been more if I didn't cheat all weekend - lol Looks like I may be down the 15lbs for my next appt. Thank you Atkins! Although I have to say I think this diet is harder than Child birth.

Ok ladies down to 193.8..... slowly but surely!

Ok ladies down to 193.8..... slowly but surely!

I got the Dr.'s I spoke to mixed up - I spoke to 2...

I got the Dr.'s I spoke to mixed up - I spoke to 2 @ my first consultation. My Dr.'s name is Dr. Malamet.
I'm down to 191.....
It has been so nice out here, I've been out and about. Started another job, it's per diem so not to bad. So I've been orientating - fun, fun -., on top of my full time. Anywho. I went for my consultation, and I scheduled for 05/25/13. I'm soop nervous, and excited all at once. I know it's a way off, which is why I haven't started bugging out yet - lol. The total comes to around 5204. The hospital requires me to stay over night, or at the hotel across the street with a private nurse. I'm leaning towards the hotel with private nurse. No that's what I'm going to do - hotel. This is an extra 1200, this is just an estimate, cause I haven't spoken with the hotel yet. Here's the breakdown:
TT - 800
Liposuction - minor - 500
Hospital fee - 1600
New York State Surcharge - 154.08
Anesthesia - 1200
Oh al most forgot the pictures are extra - 150.
All in all it's not bad at all, I feel comfortable with the Dr.

Uggggh! I'm getting a lil discouraged, or just...

Uggggh! I'm getting a lil discouraged, or just thinking maybe I should get a different Dr. I emailed him so ?'s and he has yet to respond. I emailed him 3/28/12!! I don't think I'm being impatient. What do you think?

Pre - op, and pictures are scheduled for 5/15, Dr....

Pre - op, and pictures are scheduled for 5/15, Dr. appt to get clearance is 5/11, and I'm down to 185 lbs. Whoot whoot! I'm going to continue to watch my intake, and try to lose some more of this weight. I want some input from all my real selfers...... debating if I should let my hubby drive back and forth from surgery, or if we should get a car service? Trust and believe I would much rather him drive, but I'm starting to think it's going to be a Holiday weekend, and we are traveling to and from Ct. What do you ladies think? How was the commute back home after surgery for you? Keep in mind I will be staying the night @ the hotel. so how did you feel PO day 1?

Dr. Malamet can't do the surgery. Got the call...

Dr. Malamet can't do the surgery. Got the call today from Victoria. So now I have to wait for her to see who can do my surgery, and then meet with that surgeron. I'm bummed!!

Got the call.... she has a surgeon that can do it....

Got the call.... she has a surgeon that can do it. I just have to go up and meet with her, and decide. Going to try and move my picture date up. Got my excited back!!!!

I did it!!!

Hey ladies...I know it's been a while but I wanted everyone to know I am 1day post open today. Dr. Hamel @Complete LaserClinic in Nebo, NC did my procedure. I have to say I felt so comfortable.....he even said a prayer before the procedure! I had my surgery at noon, this procedure was done while I was awake! I loved being awake and aware of what was going on. The worst thing was the numbing and that was a quick burning cessation. Dr. Hamel took his time and him and Kerri (I could have her name wrong) answered all my questions. The ladies in the front were wonderful also.
Now post when everything wore off I had burning with a constant cramp feeling, similar to a contraction. I took the pain medication prescribed and am still taking every 4-6 hours..I just try to stay ahead of the pain. Im hoping to be off this before plane ride back home. I had my sis grab me some fiber one bars just to be prosctive. My tummy is too cute.I love it! So far so good, had my follow up today and everything looks good. Will update with pictures later.

here are some pictures

day 2

My stomach is soooo numb. I changed my dressings today there was handling anything on them. Pain is still present, but I am skipping some so hopefully friday ill be pain pill free!!! Check up tomorrow

26 days post op

I went back to work last week and said yes to some double shifts coming up. Everything is going well, still some numbness and tenderness but overall I'm happy. I can't wait to see the final results......but I know I have to wait! ???? I also cant wait for the ok to work out. ...tone up. Right now my measurements are 36- 31- 43.

just noticed

How do I change it from unsure to a thumbs up in my profile? I am so happy with my tummy!
Dr. Hamel @complete laser clinic

Excellent bedside manner. The staff were wonderful and everyone answered all questions. The premises were clean and very organized, I went to the offices in Nebo and Hickory. I have already recommended him to my friends! Dr. Hamel is in NC

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