60 Year Old in Good Shape Except for Tummy. Connecticut, CT

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Finally decided to get smart lipo on my abdomen. I...

Finally decided to get smart lipo on my abdomen. I have been contemplating getting something done for a long time. I want to look better in clothes and not have to try to hide my tummy. I have a scheduled procedure for August 28. I am nervous because I have a low tolerance to pain. I will update after it is done.


I arrived at my scheduled appointment today at 7:30 am after a restless night. My husband dropped me off and my daughter was going to pick me up. I was greeted by the physician who informed me the machine "is dead"!
She then proceeded to tell me it was serviced this past week and now it is not even turning on. Of course I was upset. I had to mentally prepare myself for this procedure. It was something I contemplated a long time. I had arranged rides to and from. I wanted this done now because I have a lot of commitments and it is never easy to take time off from work and clear my schedule. It is NEVER easy to get a few days clear with a busy life. I am a business owner and a hands on grandmother who typically has grandchildren all weekend.
The doctor was upset as well, but REALLY???
She admitted she normally would have the room set up the evening before and the machine would have been checked.
I had to call my daughter for a ride home.
Here is my dilemma, do I reschedule? Or do i request a refund or something off the cost? The procedure had to be prepaid before hand.

Procedure went well

I was rescheduled for Saturday. The machine had a fuse out.
Drs are so smart but obviously have no common sense. I would have checked the fuses first before I canceled a procedure.
I arrived at 7:30 on Saturday. I was measured, weighed, photographed and had my tummy written on the spots to lipo. I was given a Valium and a shot in the arm then brought into the room. It took about 45 minutes to numb up the entire abdomen. The procedure did not hurt in fact I relaxed enough to dose off. It was slightly uncomfortable in spots when the fat was suctioned out and the sound was really weird. By 10 am, I was dressed and ready to go home.
I was given antibiotics and pain meds to take home. Honestly I felt pretty good, I slept fine Saturday night and took Sunday to rest , nap. I had taken the pain meds probably 4 times. I really do not like taking pain medication because it messes with the bowels. I was extremely constipated from it. So as of now I am in pain but it is worse not being able to go to the bathroom. I had a very restless night sleeping Sunday. Another issue I am having is that damn compression garment. It is difficult to put on myself. I need my husband to help. This should be interesting when he goes to work Monday morning and I am alone.

Follow up visit

Yesterday I went in for my follow up appointment.
I am concerned about an area that is bulging on the left.
Both Doctors who performed the procedure said it takes about 6 months to settle. The first surgeon did notice the area and said a redo could be done after 9 months. The second surgeon said it was because of my rib cage extending lower on the left side. Definitely seemed peculiar. If you look at where the small scars are where the candela went, it is uneven. One scar is higher than the other.
To me it seems as though they didn't go up far enough on the left side. There is a definite bulge on the left and I can see and feel the fat left. On the right side there is a noticeable decrease. My conclusion is they did not do it evenly, thus leaving one side protruded.
The rest of the abdomen looks okay. There is still unevenness that I feel will eventually go away.
I am disappointed as I did want to look better in clothes.
My next scheduled appointment is in January. I hope we can reschedule a follow up procedure to correct the left side
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