45 Years Old, Silicone over Muscle 397 Cc 8.5 Year Old Implants Removed 9-17-15* 10 month update!

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Ok so i'll try to keep it brief...i was an A cup...

ok so i'll try to keep it brief...i was an A cup for 36 years however i was a 38 A which is kind of a weird size, right? hard size to find, seems most bras are more like a 38D!? anyway, i was always unhappy with my small breasts, even after having 3 children in my early 20's they really didn't change much, certainly didn't get bigger so when i had the opportunity to get breast implants i did! i chose silicone over the muscle because it was a simple procedure, only took 1 day off work and went right back to my normal life with much bigger boobs! the implants were supposed to make me a full C but i think i have developed more breast tissue of my own over the past few years because i became a D within a year or 2 and now am a DD! my weight has not changed, still 5'7" and 145 lbs...so i'm not sure exactly why they are bigger but they definitely are. so for about 8 years i really enjoyed them and all was well. i went for yearly mammograms but never did the recommended 3 year MRI because it's expensive and insurance wouldn't pay for it. :( then about 6 months ago i noticed my left breast had become harder, higher, sore, etc. i went to see my original plastic surgeon who said it wasn't ruptured and to just massage it/push it down and hopefully it would go back to the way it used to be...but it hasn't. it's definitely contracted and feels and looks like a softball at this point. i went for an MRI and it said there was only a "slight" contracture in both breasts and both were completely intact. (we'll see about that when they come out) well despite the fairly positive MRI my left breast doesn't feel good or look good anymore so i decided to have them both out. i don't want them replaced and i don't want further scars so i won't be doing a lift. (although i'm sure they could use a little lift at this point) again i only want to take 1 day off work, so no drains and no lift!

photos with implants

5 days until explant!

i am excited! i know they will be droopy and unattractive for months, possibly forever, but i'm ok with that! at least they will be mine and be soft and not feel like softballs... i have NO regrets having the implants in the first place, we've had a good 8.5 years together and it has been fun :) but now it's time to break up and move on... if the left one didn't start contracting i would have just left them alone... over the past few years i have wished that they were smaller but i wasn't about to go through more unnecessary surgery to downsize them.

just another photo

tomorrow is the day!

going to the surgery center at 1:30 pm...should be really hungry and cranky by then! oh well, totally worth it...i know i will feel so much better once they are gone! :)

All Done! :)

everything went well! i went to the surgery center at 1:30 and was out by 3:30, no problems. implants/capsules out and i'm all wrapped out, no peeking until saturday :( can't wait to see!

1 day post op

feeling fine, haven't taken any meds just anxious to see the results...can't wait for tomorrow afternoon :)

the reveal!

finally got to unwrap and shower today and all is well! they are saggy as i expected but honestly don't look much different than they did before the implants! i am definitely back to an A-B cup size which is fine with me. i feel lighter and free and have no regrets! :)

post op 48 hours

unwrapped today!

9 years ago and today (48 hours after explant)

i think i like them better now!?

no make up, no fake boobs and happy!

i feel free! :)

Post op day 3, all is well!

Still haven't taken any pain meds. Ready to go back to work tomorrow! :)

Post op day 4

Back to work today, went well, just pretty tired...

5 days post explanation

Saw the doctor today, he said they look good and I can get back to all my normal activities now.

6 days post op

Trying on bikini tops I used to fall out of...now I can wear them! :)

9 days since explant

So far so good! The steri strips finally came off the right one today and I must say both breasts are itchy around the incisions but I'm just rubbing some bacitracin on them and trying not to scratch!

11 days post op

Still itchy around my incisions but other than that no complaints! I believe I'm a 38 B now. (Down from a 38 D)

2 weeks tomorrow

Besides my incisions being itchy I have nothing to complain about! My boobs are pretty flabby and droopy at this point but that is exactly what I expected...I know they will firm up somewhat over the next couple months and I'm sure they will end up a nice small B cup. I'm going to continue to wear my sports bra for a couple months for compression.

Found a new sports bra I like!

It was at Walmart of all places...it has some push up padding in it and it gives my A-B's some cleavage! (No wire) it's the danskin 360 medium impact seamless keyhole sports bra. (Long name) there's nothing available at Walmart online but I'm sure you can find them on other sites or maybe in your local store? :)

3 weeks post op

Nothing new to report...still enjoying my new (old) A-B self! :)

1 month update!

All is well, boobs are starting to perk up a little. I think I'm a 38 B right now which is pretty much what I was before my implants. (They are slightly bigger now than pre BA) scars are healing nicely. I don't use anything on them, no creams, oils, etc. they heal best when left alone! (My opinion of course)

6 weeks post op

I love my new old boobies! They are small but all mine :) no regrets!

Almost 2 months post explant and very happy with my results!

Great decision, very happy to be the old me again!

10 months post implant removal!

Dr. Jonathan S. Schreiber

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