My Journey is Just Starting! Connecticut, CT -LBL, BL, Arm lift, Medial/Bilateral thigh lift

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I have been following quite a few ladies and their...

I have been following quite a few ladies and their journeys after weight loss here and now I am starting my journey next week! Almost a year ago I just got fed up with myself and decided being so heavy was not who I wanted to be. At the time I was 227 pounds and only 5 feet tall. I qualified for weight loss surgery but just didn't feel it was the right fit for me. The local hospital also offered a doctor supervised weight loss program that I decided to give a try. Now 75 pounds later, I am in the best shape physically of my life. I'm an exercise nut and have changed the way I eat and view food. I no longer live to eat, I eat to live, plus I also found out I have a gluten allergy. All my stomach pain and troubles went away when I found this out! I was also determined to be better looking for my 50th birthday which was just in August! Now I have enormous amounts of loose hanging skin! Way more than I thought I would have! I was thinking when I started this journey I would just need a tummy tuck (because both of my children were 9lbs plus!) but yikes that is not the case! I have appointments starting next week with plastic surgeons in the Connecticut area. I am seeing Dr. Beth Collins, Dr. Rielly and a Dr. Pierce. If anyone has had these doctors I would love to hear from you. I think I will be looking for an arm lift, definitely a breast lift reduction with lift, lower body lift and thigh lift. I didn't post breasts, just don't feel brave enough! But believe me they are flat. I would love to hear what to expect! Will keep posting when I decide on who I go with! Have a few photos!

The consults have started!!

I just had my first appointment with a PS last week! I loved her. Felt very comfortable with her. She said my surgeries would be done in 3 stages. An LBL first, then when healed, Breasts and arms and finally thighs and if there was any tweaking she would do it then when she did the thighs! It felt like Christmas! I went home and couldn't sleep most of the night! I have my second consult this Monday and one next Tuesday and then decision time! Will keep everyone posted!

My surgery date is set!

Well I have finished my consults and have decided who I am going with for my surgeries! I picked Dr. Richard Restifo as my plastic surgeon. He was very knowledgable in what I needed to get rid of all this skin. He is very calm and laid back. I can't wait. It has felt like a dream going to all the consults. I give everyone who has made their first surgery date a lot of credit! I was shaking when I made mine and then could not sleep. I think it is because I am so excited to get rid of the excess skin and so afraid at the same time! My surgery date is October 21st! I will be having an abdominoplasty with buttock lift, brachioplasty and mastopexy. It will be done in the hospital and I will stay over one night at the hospital. Feel better that I will be at the hospital. My post-op is October 9th and I already have a running list of questions. If anyone has had these things done please feel free to share with me! I still can't believe it's really going to happen!

Had my pre-op!!

Ok I had my Pre-op!! Wow this is really going to happen!! I feel like I am on a big roller coaster with all the emotions I am going through!!! I met Dr. Rostifo's PA Ms. Roche and she was very nice and put me at ease as she explained each procedure and how this would go. She then took a load of pictures! Then I got all my papers, prescriptions to fill and off I went. My surgery is slotted for 8 hours. I may have as many as 8 drains. I have my sheets to keep tract of them and hope they don't stay in longer than two weeks! My husband has taken off the first week and is staying over night with me in the hospital. That alone gives me so much comfort! I have my two nightgowns that button down the front. Going to get the little bits of things the doctor recommends before the big day! I also go a nice pillow wedge system from amazon. It keeps you sitting reclining upright with another wedge for under the knees! And i bought two extra plain pillows and pillowcases to sit on!! I will be going into cooking mode this week! I am making a ton of crock pot freezer meals that my daughter can just toss into the crock pot before she runs off to work in the morning!

Just a few more pictures!

I tried to take a few more pictures before my surgery! Took pictures of my breast! They are so sad! Posting these pictures so I can refer back to them after to remember why I did this!

Well my surgery is done!

Didn't think I would be brave enough to do this but on October 21st I did it! It is 3 days after my surgery and I am moving alone slowly. My husband has been with me the whole time even staying in the hospital! I had. A bit of a set back in the hospital and had to stay an extra night. I kept on. Passing out! But a blood transfusion fixed that right up. I have walker and that helps a lot! Will post more later! When I. A bit better!

Not a lot to see!

I tried to get some pictures! I'm still wrapped like a mummy! Go for my first post-op tomorrow!. My doctor and PA have been the best I could ever ask for. Hoping to see more tomorrow when bandages come off! My daughter and husband saw my belly and say it looks amazing! And my husband says there is something in the booty area! He gets me so silly and it hurts to laugh! Best advice so far is get a walker it's a great help! A mini fridge in the bedroom is quite nice too! I also bought this wadge system from Amazon and love it! Fluff extra pillows around it! I also got these disposable pads that you can find in potty training isle for kids. They are quite large and have a self sticking back to stick to sheets so if you leak you just toss the disposable pad and put on a new clean one! Underwear is not my friend right now just have a short oversized nightgown on and it's good! You also need someone with you for the first week or two! My husband has been great. My belly has been into fruit and cottage cheese. Not pushing a lot of heavy foods yet.

Here are my arms so far!

My daughter cut off my bandages because my poor arms just kept swelling!! What a difference it has made! So not the best to look at but love them!! The more they heal the better they will look!!

Here's a bunch of pictures one week to this day!

I can't believe. My surgery was last Wednesday already! I am 100% happy I had the abdominoplasty with butt lift, mastopexy and brachioplasty done all at once! I can't imagine going through the this in little bits! I'm just not that type of person! It has been a bit of a long road and because of all the skin that was removed I ended up passing out on the nurses twice! Quite scary! And ended up needing a blood transfusion and staying an extra night but it was all worth it! My husband was there the whole time. He is the best man a woman could find! I did have trouble with meds and nausea and did a lot of dry heaving! Ouch! I am very happy with everything so far and know it will look better as the swelling goes down! Having a touch of constipation but working on It! I'm in love with every new part of my body and can't wait to see it healed! Dr. Restifo and his staff have been wonderful through it all! My lighting is not he best but hope you guys can see some of the great work done!

Got photos working!

Here are the photos not the best but you can see such a difference already!

It's two weeks today!!

Well I am not up and running yet!???? Patience is not a strong point of mine! Still have all four drains in still! Was told to move so I don't get blood clots but that I'm moving too much and drains are making too much fluid out put! Just can't win! Trying to like resting!???? But know it will help me heal in the long run! I got some of those adult coloring books and pencils to keep me busy and they are quite fun! Also make me tired ( I think my families secret motive to getting them!) I find myself very cold but think it's because I have no more fat to keep me warm plus my blood loss probably didn't help either! Here are my new photos! Lighting stinks but love how I'm healing!

Feeling a bit crabby today!

This Wednesday will be my third week since surgery and I'll have to admit I'm a bit crabby today. Frustrated with drains. Frustrated with restrictive movement. Just blah. I'm very thankful that I was able to have all this work done it is gorgeous and I know some people never get this chance. Guess it's just me being a bit crabby! I am hoping to go to the doctor Tuesday to get at least one drain out. I'm thinking that will make me feel a bit more on the road to recovery, not to mention have my clothes might look better since they look lumpy with all the drains!???? Could have worse problems! Just keep saying things will get better. Just taking Tylenol now don't feel like anything works for the pain anyways and I just can't get comfy sleeping! Hope everyone else is having happy healing! I am just a touch stir crazy I guess!

This week will be four weeks!

This Wednesday it will be four weeks since I got my surgeries! Everything is coming along slowly and I still tire very easily but I am loving the results. Would like to feel a little more normal but hoping the last two drains come out tomorrow! (Dreading it too though because it is such a gross feeling!) Everyone cross their fingers for me! Thank you for all the kind words and support from everyone here! This site has helped me so much! Hugs to all of you!

One drain left!!

Well I went to the doctor today and he says everything is looking great but wants last drain in because it is still quite high!???? Not what I wanted but he said that maybe it could come out Friday if I rest and keep my activity down!! On the bright side I now have a belly button! It came out so cute! Waited 4 long weeks to see it!!!

Going into week five!

I am going into week five of healing! Still have one drain in. I'm thinking it will be with me till next week! Output still high! Battling a little bit of opening on my breasts. Putting neosporin and bandages on them like doctor said. Left one seems to be getting better. Right one not so much and hurts a bit. Binder seems the be bothering it so trying to keep binder away from it. Went to Boston for the weekend! Had a blast rented a wheel chair but now I'm exhausted! Not protesting my husband at all to rest in bed today! Hope everyone else is having happy healing! I will post pictures of how my scars look this weekend!!

Took some pictures this will be week on Wednesday!!

I coming along nicely. Did a lot over the holiday. Very tired but had a lot of fun! Still get very tired. Took a few naps so I could keep up with all the fun!! Still taking the Motrin and valuim. Still have soreness every where. Able to bend a bit. Get tired if I am up and walking too much ( Black Friday sales)! Hope everyone had a great holiday! And everyone is healing well!!

My Journey is Just Starting! Connecticut, CT

I started my story under lower body lift! Hoping the real self sight can connect this review to it! I had an abdominoplasty with butt lift, mastopexy and brachioplasty all at the same time. I am healing up very nicely. I have a bunch of picture and my whole stories under lower body lift because I started posting before I finally picke my doctor. I talked about picking a doctor to the surgery to updating on my recovery so far which has been a bit long but I did have a lot of surgery done at once, which for me was good because I am a chicken and don't think I would be brave enough to do it in little bits!

So excited!!

Yesterday was a big day!! I got my last drain out!!!! It felt amazing taking a shower this morning without worrying about any tubes hanging around my neck!! At my pre-op I had asked Amanda the PA how long drains could stay in and she said anywhere from One to six weeks!! I was joking with her as she took it out that I had to be one of those people that kept one till 6 weeks! Now I'm just battling the swelling in my legs!! They feel huge!! Fluffed in bed with them raised up! Husband thinks I was on my feet too much yesterday and weekend, trying to do too much!! What is everyone else doing for their leg swelling would love to hear! Instead of ankles I have cankles! Hope this swelling goes down soon!!

New pictures this Wednesday will be 8 weeks since my surgery!

Here I am almost 8 weeks out! I'll admit I still get a bit tired at times. Trying to get back into my old routine! (Although sleeping till 8 and having someone bring me tea for the six weeks while I was recuperating was lovely and I do miss it!????). I am back to getting up at 5:15 am to go down and exercise. Taking baby steps there! Just walked on the treadmill each day. It was hard to do since I was running 3-4 miles on the treadmill 3 times a week before this big surgery but I know I will get back to that eventually! Don't want to ruin all the beautiful work Dr. Restifo did! I am more sore now that I am exercising and still swollen but know that will eventually pass too! I still don't like the feeling of tightness in my belly without the binder and am such a nervous ninny without it! Amanda the PA suggested to try the spanx underwear (which are all sold out!) so I got some from Soma, and waiting for them to come! Until then I am wearing my daughter's little binder from her hysterectomy last year! (I save everything!). I have been trying to wear it a bit looser each week! I am trying to not view my pictures as imperfect! I am trying to think positive and with exercise I will be perfect! My daughter bought me a bracelet for My 50th birthday which says "Love Yourself" to remind me to not be so critical of myself! I do still think about my inner thighs though! But I am going to give my body are year to heal and see what they look like next year around this time!

The most important things!

In all the frenzy to make sure I post pictures and update everyone on my progress I forgot the most important success to my healing! I think I have done so well because of my huge crazy family that supports each other! I am fortunate to live in a multigenerational home! My parents have their own mini house attached to the main house, my daughter, son-in-law and two children live in the main house and my husband and I live in another addition we called the turret! I could not have done these surgeries without them! My parents took over taking care of their great grandkids, my daughter is also a nurse practitioner which helped me a ton with meds, nausea, the drains and calling the doctor if things didn't seem right and of course my husband who has done everything for me that he can and is still doing a lot for me! He has been my biggest cheer leader! He helps me a lot! I guess this shows that if anyone decides on doing these surgeries it helps a bunch to have a good support system to help you heal!????

Rough day

I wish doctors could give you a heads up like "hey, when you take your tegaderm off for two days for your incisions to get air then put it back on for two weeks you might have a bit of burning and pain you might not of had before. Tomorrow I can put the tegaderm back on and can't wait! I didn't sleep at all last night. I'm still on the Advil/Tylenol schedule for more the muscle spasms. That's another thing I wish they would warn you! Oh you don't need the binder unless you exercise but you belly is going to feel really tight and get a lot of zings and spasms you may not have felt before. The pain and discomfort is actually making me a bit on the nauseous side. Just keep on trying to remind myself it's going to get better but I feel like I'm going backwards!

Plus still having healing trouble with breasts!!

My poor breasts just seem to get worse. I go to the doctor next Tuesday hopefully he will have some suggestions. Not only are they taking so long to heal my body hates the surgery tape and is peeling off my skin every day and bleeding! I am using the tape for sensitive skin! Jeez! Only part that just won't heal!!

I will be 10 weeks out this Wednesday!

Boy! This is quite a journey!! I am still amazed when I look in the mirror at myself! There have been ups and downs but no regrets. Still feel very tight below my belly button and every little twinge has me scared! Have upped my exercise and ordered new sports bras! Still have good and bad days but mostly good now. Swelling seems to have gone down a bit.

Oh no a cold!

I am 12 weeks out tomorrow and healing along nicely! But I got the dreaded cold going through my house. I have been coughing non-stop and my belly feels like it has done a thousand crunches. I have been taking cough medicine to help alleviate the coughing, sucking on cough drops and drinking lots of fluids. I have also put my binder back on because my stomach feels like it will rip open when I cough. I also took a Valium today because my poor stomach muscles feel like they are in one big knot. I have warmed up my beans too to put on my stomach to ease the muscles. Hope this cold goes quick. At least I have pushed myself to keep up my exercise, I have worked so hard to get back to where I was before my surgeries! Hope everyone else is having smooth healing!

13 weeks out! Found before my journey picture!

I am 13 weeks out from surgery and moving along nicely now! I found a picture of myself before I started my weightloss journey! Boy what a difference! Now I'm thinking of summer and have purchased my first bikini since I was 14!!

4 months out!

Here I am four months out from all my surgeries! I am happy with how everything is settling! There is a bit of tightness in my left arm but my surgeon said it would work itself out over time! I do go every two weeks to massage envy and my massage therapist knows about scar tissue and has been working on braking down the scar tissue in my arms! It's not the most relaxing thing but I see improvements already. I am amazed by my butt, was worried about it when it was first done! Thought it looked lumpy! But now it's looking so much better and the surgeon said it is still a bit swollen and will only get better. I am just in love with everything my surgeon did! So luck that I found him! I would recommend him to anyone! I am back to all my crazy exercising! I am almost back up to running 3-4 miles every other day and I have found this arm weight lifting circuit on Pinterest that I have been doing with my 10lb weights 3 days a week! I am now looking into the varicose veins and spider veins on my legs! I will start a separate journey on that!! I am 100% happy with everything I did! I am going to give my body a full year to heal and then might think about my thighs, we will see. That journey seems too scary to me right now!

Thigh lift

Well I finally worked up the courage to make a consult for a thigh lift with my PS. I have been thinking about it every time I look in the mirror and see how far I have come! Darn thighs! You think I could have one spot where my body bounced back!! :) Oh well! My consult is going to be April 8th so I will keep everyone posted! I was going to start a new review but figured all of my other procedures are under this body lift review so I didn't want people to lose me!! Here are some photos of my poor thighs! I'm hoping for a scar that only goes midway down my thigh but will have to see what the doctor says! If anyone has some suggestions or ways they got through their thigh lifts please share with me!!! Of course thats my cat Boo! He needed to get in the act!!

Posting picture update of scars so far?

This is for you Tande!! I will be 6 months out from my LBL w/butt flap augmentation, breast lift and arm lift! I am so excited with how everything is settling! Love, love, love my body now!! Being naked is no longer a problem!! :). I have the t-scar for my arms. I stopped using mederma it was making me itch! Now I just use "the body shop" coconut butter! I have always used this lotion love it!

Thigh update

Ok my friends, I went for my thigh consult today. I am set for my thigh lift surgery on May 9th. Dr. Restifo is a wonderful doctor. I had 3 pages of questions and he sat and listened and answered every one of them. I feel so much better about this procedure now. I'm almost wondering way I was so nervous about it! I will be getting the l-shaped incision starting across the top of my thighs at the underwear line, going down mid groin and down past my knees a bit. It will be done as an outpatient at the hospital surgical center and I will go home that same day. I figured the scar will be a small trade off to get rid of the extra skin and firmer thighs! April 14th is my pre-op. I will keep everyone posted!

Thigh lift

Ok my surgery date was moved to May 13th. Let's not think about the fact that it is Friday the 13th!!! Went to my pre-op today. Got all my papers. They took all the pictures. Geez! I think he has more pictures of me than my family does!!:). Now I just need blood work and Doctor clearance which I don't think will be a problem!! My next post will probably be after I'm done with my surgery!!

Thigh lift surgery tomorrow.

Well the time has gone quickly and tomorrow is the day! I will be having my thigh lift! Thinking positive thoughts but my stomach is in knots!! I tried to take a few more pictures of my thighs!! Good bye extra skin! I have to be at the surgery center at 8:30 and my surgery is scheduled for 9:30. Have everything all set for when I come home!

I made it!

Well I am home from my surgery!! It went really well. The anesthesiologist was amazing! I woke up with no nausea!! First time ever!! My surgery was 3 hours. My pain is about a six right now with pain meds. I have to say this surgery smarts quite a bit but just keep telling myself its done and each day will get a little bit better and I will have beautiful legs for the summer!!

Had my post-op today!!

I went this afternoon for my post-op and got to see my legs! I just think my doctor is amazing. I love my legs!! I was so scared to do this surgery but feel it was a great decision!! I go next Tuesday and I'm hoping my drains will come out then!! Took a shower! It was wonderful!! Washing my compression garment now. Waiting for extra one to come so I will have a spare! I have some swelling which I'm sure will get less and less as the months go by!! Just so happy!!

Moving along!

Well my surgery was last Friday (may 13th). And I'm moving along slowly but not bad. I have been keeping it low key to keep my incisions healing nicely. Took my second shower today. It went much better. Just pinned my drains to my necklace I always were and things went well! I am alternating between lying flat in bed and sitting in my chair with ottoman. I am posting a few pictures of items I could not have done without for this surgery!! Find myself very tired so I have been just resting as much as I can!

13 days out from thigh surgery!

Ok so I went to the doctor yesterday and got both my drains out! Party time! The right drain stuck a bit so it was not the nicest experience coming out and that leg is sore today, but no more drain! The doctor said all my incisions are looking great and healing just fine. The ugly bruise on my right leg we are watching if it swells or turns red I have to go have it drained but the doctor is hoping (and me too) that my body will absorb it. Putting ice on it and that seems to be helping it. My shower today was lovely with no drains! Trying to enjoy the little things. My staples are still in and know they will be in for a while. The doctor says that is the highest point of the incisions for stress so he likes to keep the staples in as long as he can. Go back to the doctor next Tuesday! That's fine by me! Happy healing everyone!!

Doctor yesterday.

So I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday. I think he made me come back so he could look at my right knee, since it was so bruised and swollen the last time. He could not believe how great it looks now! I have been putting ice on it since he told me too and it has made a huge difference! I also think removing the drain helped a lot with that knee too, since that drain was down to putting out less than 2 ml. Otherwise he said I am doing great and to keep on taking it easy. All of the incisions are healing great. I did tell him that the compression garment was rubbing my incisions and inflaming and irratating them and he gave me the all clear to stop wearing it!! He says he does not see any real benefit in wearing it longer. Being without my binder has made me a bit more nervous but my legs though,they feel tight, but feel much better with out it!! I am now wearing little boxer shorts from old navy! They were a tip from another real selfer who had a thigh lift! They are comfy and do not irratate my incisions! I go back June 16th to have the staples taken out! Excited and nervous about it! Keep up all the great healing! Hugs to everyone! I added a picture of my cat Boo! He is enjoying my convelenance very much!!

5 weeks!!!

So I went to the doctor yesterday! I got his amazing PA Amanda! I just love her! She took out my 12 staples! They pinched a bit but it was not as bad as I was thinking it would be in my mind!! What a difference it is without the staples! There is still tightness and a touch of pulling but nothing like it was with staples in. Amanda said my incisions look beautiful and to keep up the great healing. I'm still swollen and she said 3-4 months before it will go down. I'm cleared for mini walks under a mile. 4 more weeks before I can bike or run and then I have to build up gradually. I'll get there! I can almost sit all the way on the potty, put on my own undies! I even put my socks and sneakers on and tied them today. I still have a long ways to go before I am back to my old flexible self!! Happy healing everyone!!

9 weeks from thigh lift and 9 months out from LBL, breast lift and arm lift!

Ok my friends! Here is my update! I'm 9 weeks out from my thigh lift! Back to all activities. Building back up to running my miles! Biking a bit uncomfortable when I first sit on the seat but it passes! Can bend , do pretty much everything I did before. Am I happy with my thigh lift? I dunno, not really seeing much difference right now but keep telling my self it takes a long while to heal before you see the final results! For my other surgeries I and so happy! The scars are getting fainter and fainter!! Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!!

Had to load pictures in batches

I tried to do some close-ups of my arms and waist where the scars are totally thin and white! I have been using bio oil on my 9 month scars and new gel a silicone scar gel on my legs. My doctor likes tegaderm on scars for 3 months after surgery but it won't stay on my legs so using the gel he recommended!

Here I am!!

I have been having a couple people ask where have I been!! I guess it has been a while since my last update! I'm 5 months out from my medial/bilateral thigh lift. My legs are doing good. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never have stick legs. My legs have a lot of muscle. My exercising doesn't help that either! I run about 12-15 miles a week and have added kickboxing 3 times a week to my schedule! So moving now is no issue! I still have the dark spot on my right leg near my knee from the bad bruise I got from surgery. Only bothers me when I see it in pictures! I do have a indent on my left leg like a bit too much lipo or something went on there but hey what can you do, right? I also think that a bit more skin could have been left on the left side of my lady bits , seems to pull a bit when I move my left leg open a bit, but doctor says I still have some swelling. I do swell a bit still but not like I use to! And my legs have gone on two trips to Disney and worked fine! Happy healing everyone!!

Happy Anniversary to me!!

Well everyone on October 21st was my one year anniversary for my arm lift, LBL w/ butt augmentation and breast lift!! I am very happy with my results. I have to say my doctor was right. It does take a whole year to heal and see the results. My scars are pink and white now, by this time next year I think they will be very hard to see! I am enjoying and still getting use to my new body! Some days it overwhelms me how far I have come and changed! Hope everyone else is doing well in their various stages of healing!! Thanks always for all of your support!

1 year anniversary for medial/ bilateral thigh lift, plus scar update on 3 previous surgeries!

I thought it was a good time to update! I have had a lot of people asking how are my scars doing. I am one year out from my thigh lift and about year and 7 months from my LBL, Butt augmentation, breast lift and arm lift. I'm am happy with my results. The scars are fading still. I am back to all my exercising! Run 5 miles 5 days a week and kickboxing 3 days a week! I go see my doctor on June 15th for my final overall check-up! Thank you everyone for all your support! I could not have gone through this without you all.

Went for my 1year thigh lift check up!!

So I went to my 1 year check-up for my thigh lift last week. My doctor also checked my scars from LBL, arm lift and breast lift. I have healed up quite nicely. But I had a few areas of concern that have been increasingly bothering me, with my added exercise and toning. I have loose skin at the top of my stomach which sags and the skin under my arms just flops over in all my bras. My doctor said these areas could be addressed. He said I would need a reverse tummy tuck to address the loose skin at the top of my stomach (which is due to a huge weight loss). And he could remove and tighten the skin under my arms so I no longer have a bulge of skin in each side. Of course that will be three more scars for me but I find at least for me that the scars don't bother me as much as I thought they would. I am posting some pictures to show the areas I'm concerned about. I'm looking to get these surgeries done the last week of November! I will keep everyone posted!!!
Orange Plastic Surgeon

I am very glad to have found Dr. Restifo. He is a very quiet, kind doctor. He is very laid back and listens to every concern or question you ask. His staff is also very wonderful and caring too. Would go back to him if I needed anything else done!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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