Double Mastectomy W/ Implants

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Hi everyone, A year ago I was diagnosed with...

Hi everyone,

A year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My sister began a family history three years earlier, she is stage four which saddens, because I got lucky. My husband and I were just moving in our new home and a double mastectomy was going to be my first Christmas in our new home.

I had the mastectomy and spoke at great length with my plastic surgeon my options. As a petite woman I did not have enough fat to create a breast with my tissue, so, I chose tissue expanders. Each expansion was followed by days of pain and just when I was feeling better it was time to expand again. I chose to forge ahead and not feel sorry for my self, but running around unpacking boxes created tear in the suture line. It just would not heal and my PS was concerned about leaving a potential colony for infection alone. We agreed to surgically close it and it was fine. I was horrified when I found both expanders had been emptied. My PS said he wanted to give it three months. I felt like I was given a second mastectomy.

The surgery was successful but a nerve was trapped in the suture line causing severe pain. I asked my PS if he would consider spitting in my expander port in the hopes of releasing the nerve, mission accomplished. My PS asked if I would consider coming in twice a week expanding a little each visit, I agreed with joy and hope. That was Feb. and by May, I was fully expanded to my original size, 38D. I went through the summer with terrible pain and discomfort and August 2ND I had the exchange surgery putting in 550cc silicone implants.

Now the wait for the next increment of my life of breast reconstruction, nipple and areola. I will be having that surgery in a few weeks using skin grafts from my abdomen for the areola and the nipple from my tissue above the implants. I am also having liposuction to be used for fat grafting to fill in hollow areas which will be done two or three times since fifty percent of the fat will die. The surgery is four hours and my PS said I will feel discomfort. I am very proud of my symmetry and know it's a safe bet the nipples will also be symmetrical.

Please remember everyone is different and pain affects us differently so don't let anyone tell you tissue expansion regardless of the CC's going in is not painful, it is. I am excited to finally putting a happy face on my new breasts, and yes, I call them breasts because they look like breasts. The one disappointment I have is the lack of projection. There is not anything that can be done, so I will just be happy my 38D bras fit well.

I will come back and let you know how my surgery went. I don't have much fat, but my PS says he will take it where he finds it. I hope for all of you ladies who have begun this journey will find some comfort in my story. If you have any questions, write me and I will be happy to respond. My PS is wonderful and I have a lot of faith and trust in him which is a priority. Ask questions, you deserve to know your options.

God Bless you,


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