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I've always wanted implants and decided to finally...

I've always wanted implants and decided to finally bite the bullet and get them done. I got them done 11/26/13 and am currently 4 days post op. Before the surgery I was about a 32 B and I got 375 CC salines under the muscle.

I have not been in much pain (with the help of my pain medications) and was even able to travel to Boston to see my family for Thanksgiving. I plan on going back to work this coming Monday.

I had my post op today (11/29/13) and my bandages were taken off and I was given a sports bra. My problem now is that I am FREAKING out about how high and firm they are. I know they are supposed to 'drop and fluff', but I just don't see it happening. Has anyone else felt this way and have any advice or tips that will help them drop? I am so scared that they will stay this high forever. I am starting to get very depressed about it because to me they look pretty ridiculous. I would really appreciate any input :).



I am pretty anxious and have been spending a lot of time googling anything that could go wrong (not dropping, CC, etc). They are just so high and hard I can't imagine them dropping and being soft eventually. I haven't seen much progress yet but just had surgery 5 days ago. Do these look normal to you guys? Sorry for being a Debbie downer.



So I posted a few days post op when I was starting to freak about about my boobs dropping (still am) but now I'm going to hopefully add background and update more consistently to also be helpful to others. Looking at everyone else's progress and updates has been so helpful to me and I feel really bad that my first posts weren't helpful to anyone at all and just selfish!

I am very petite/athletic at 5'2 and around 105 lbs. I was about a 32B before my procedure on 11/26/13 and my goal was to be a full C/small D. The doctor recommended going under the muscle to look more natural as I have little breast tissue and because of a lower risk of CC. He recommended silicone for the same reason. He said I should go about 350cc-400cc to achieve a full C to small D (even though he said a lot of that varied by the bra maker) and a more natural/not fake look. His office also sent me home with 350cc sizers and showed me different sizes on Vectra. I decided to go with 375cc based off the Vectra and because I was scared of going too small. I didn't think the sizers were very helpful when I put them in my bra and wore around compared to what I actually have now because the sizers are 1.) above everything and 2.) not positioned where the implant will be. His office recommended that I pick more based off the Vectra than based off the sizers. When I wore the 350cc sizers they looked enormous but I don't think my actual implants look that big at all and they are larger than the sizers.

I only consulted with one doctor in September and went with him (which I don't think anyone should do). I believe I went for my first visit to his office sometime in September and decided to get them done during Thanksgiving break since I don't get very much time off for work during the fall/winter and have wanted them for a long time. I put the deposit down that day (also not that smart probably) because I didn't want to lose a spot or anything. The office staff and nurses seemed nice and he had good credentials and pictures. So far at almost 2 weeks out I can't really say if he did a great job or a bad job because I'm still healing. He didn't have great bedside manner and some other things happened that really annoyed me but if everything turns out perfect I may not really care that much.

Day of Surgery:
I got to the hospital (which is about an hour away from me) an hr and a half before my surgery was scheduled to take place. I was told to be there an hour early but didn't want to be late. My sister brought me. The Dr. got there about 45 minutes late and all of the nurses kept coming into my room and reassuring us that he was coming; which I thought was odd. I know doctors are usually late but the nurses seemed very flustered about it and said they kept calling his cell phone and he wasn't picking up but they thought he would be there soon. Anyways he finally walked in and said 'lets do this' and marked me up and asked me if I was getting saline or silicone? That made me feel uneasy as well. Luckily all of the nurses and the anesthesiologist were caring and made me feel a lot better. Shortly after that I went in for surgery. I don't remember anything after the anesthesiologist told me he was giving me some meds until waking up afterwards. I felt a little nauseous but left the hospital within 30 minutes (I think they brought me to my sisters car in a wheelchair). We left for our hour ride home and I was surprised that the bumpy roads didn't bother me more/at all.
I believe we got home around 2 in the afternoon and I slept in bed and only woke up to take the medicines prescribed (my sister came in every 4, 6, 8 hrs etc to make sure I was taking my meds). MAKE SURE YOU EAT EVERY TIME YOU TAKE YOUR MEDICINE--I wasn't hungry but forced myself to eat because if you take a lot of them on an empty stomach you can get very nauseous/sick. Since I made myself eat I was fine but I think if I didn't I may have thrown up (I did another time I had surgery).

Post Op:

I am posting this 11 days after surgery and have luckily had minimal pain until yesterday (day 10). I had my surgery on a Tuesday so I slept that day away, the next day I slept in until around 10 and then worked from home (on the computer) for a while and then just lounged around. I was pretty groggy from the meds but was not in very much pain at all--maybe a 1 or 2 on a scale of 10. Day 3 was Thanksgiving so I went to visit family and was still in little pain. Day 4 I went for my first post op to get my bandages off and went to the mall for a little. I went back to work on Day 6 (drove there and switched to Tylenol). I had another post op and had my stitches removed on Day 8 and also got a band to try to force them to drop. The office staff and nurse said they usually don't give bands to patients yet but since I called about them being so high they gave me one. They also showed me a quick massage to do 3 times once a day (squeeze the bottom of the boob so the implant moves up and hold for ten seconds) to try to prevent CC. I think the combination of the band and the massages has been causing pain. I'm starting to experience 'zingers' and everything else that I see people post about. I actually feel a little better now that I am in some pain because I thought something was wrong when I wasn't in much.

Hopefully over the next few weeks my boobs will drop and I will have good news to report:) I will post pics of them in my next update.


Pic of day 5 v day 10. I feel like they look like theyve dropped a little but its not very noticeable.

3 weeks post op

Tomorrow will be my 3 week anniversary. They are still very high but are starting to get a little softer. I have been in some pain occasionally and have taken Tylenol and it's gone away. I've been wearing the band and doing massages but haven't noticed much of a difference in their shape or appearance. I have a check in with my ps on Thursday so hopefully he will let me know how I've progressed or not and I will will post then. I just feel like I'm walking around with 2 grape fruits plastered to my chest and it does not feel sexy at all so I've been kinda down.

Official anniversary

Today is officially my 3 week anniversary of having boobs. At this point I thought I would be a lot happier with them but I actually like my old ones better :(. I have a check in with my PS Thursday to hopefully talk about a revision. I am pretty sure I need one based on how high my implants are and the fact that they haven't settled. I really haven't seen much progress since a week after surgery. I hope that my appointment will put my mind at ease just from knowing my options.

Rushed PS visit

Does anyone else barely see their PS and get too nervous about asking questions? I haven't seen mine since my surgery until this afternoon. He just told me to wait and dismissed most questions I was asking which then made me stop asking questions. I only asked if I should start massaging more and if they looked high so I don't think that should have offended him.

He instructed me too keep wearing the band and not add any massages. He said that "they've dropped" but since he hasn't seen me since surgery I don't know how he would know how much they've really dropped (they haven't much). They are also so hard and he said they would get softer. I am trying to be patient but I have always felt like there was something wrong with and they are not dropping like everyone else's.

How does everyone else communicate with their PS? Is it ok to call and ask random questions or email?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for your support! I am so grateful for all of you.
PM me-- I will add once i have had more progress

I will review my doctor once I have had more follow up appointments. If you would like to know please send me a PM as well :)

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