I've had 2 of 4 treatments done so far to my posterior thighs. - Confused - Phoenix, AZ

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I've had 2 of 4 treatments done so far to my...

i've had 2 of 4 treatments done so far to my posterior thighs. it's been almost 3 months and i'm scheduled to go in for my next treatment; however, i won't be getting that area done again. i will try to swap my remaining payment into another procedure. otherwise, i feel pretty comfortable that i'd get the very small saddle bag portion of my thighs done. i'm too scared to get the large area of my thighs done because it really does swell and hurt extremely bad, for days. i still can't sit on the toilet without proping myself up because the injection sites are still lumpy and bruised. i prop my legs up on the dashboard as the passenger in a car; and i prop my legs up on a bag when sitting in class because it's very uncomfortable otherwise due to the pressure on bruised areas. (and i wait 4 weeks between treatments.) after my hour-long jogs, you can see where every injection was done because they are purple and raised. the lumps have decreased in size from the 1st injections, so i know they will eventually go away...but when the area treated swells about 3 times its normal size (for about 5 days in my case), it's scary to imagine what damage is being done to the surrounding tissues. i had an rn for my treatments. i would suggest going to a board cert. plastic surgeon if you are planning to do this procedure because when you hurt and swell, you may get scared about what is happening to your body, what's normal, what you can do to make things better, and possibly medication...a doc will most likely have follow-up appointments to check on your health and well-being; where-as, "some" of these med-spas and the such are not very good at communication before, after, and in between procedures. mine isn't. they made this procedure seem like i would be bruised and sore for 3 days, i'd go in for 4 treatments total, and about a week after the 3rd treatment that i'd be ready to sport a sexy bikini...that is completely inaccurate! they are nice and i don't want my money back at all, i just don't feel i was informed by them enough and accurately about possible side effects during and after treatments. i've also had a different rn for both treatments because there is a revolving door at these facilities. that makes it scary because one nurse may understand your treatment area differently than another. my first nurse treated my saddle bag as a part of the posterior thigh treatment; and the second one didn't. another thing...i didn't get my abs done and it sounds like most of the complaints stem from the ab treatments vs. the legs. just an observation...i certainly wouldn't get ab treatments done based on the multitude of negative responses. but the leg work is good, it's just unbelievably difficult due to the bruising and lumps when you sit on that portion of the thigh daily...especially students, office workers, and travelers. it wasn't just a 3 day disruption for me, it's been a month since the last treatment. my thighs are soft, though...and noticeably thinner. a bathing suit (here in phoenix) is out of the question. not because of fat...rather the discoloration of skin in all of the injection areas that makes it appear that i have been beaten horribly...it is very very very slowly going away. :) maybe next year.
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