30 years old, 176cm, 57kg , 1 Child, 295cc moderate. From 10B to 10D

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I had nice perfectly perky 10C cup breast for most...

I had nice perfectly perky 10C cup breast for most of my life. Before I fell pregnant I got super fit and lean and went down to a 10B, during my pregnancy i wen up to a 10DD. I breast fead my son on demand for 12 months and then on routine for 8 months more. After I cut his feeding to a routine my breast where completely empty, I instantly hated the fact that they sagged and felt empty. I went instantly back to a 10c. I'm into weight training/body building and as I've lost my body fat I'm now an 10A or 8B.
I hate my breast, I can't not wear a bra under anything because they look disgusting and during sex I hate seeing them. I just purely want to go back to a C cup and have fuller perkier breasts, as natural as possible. Whilst I like the idea of have bigger breast I hope to one day have another child and I don't want to go big now to only get pregnant and have my breast stretch far beyond their natural point because of large implants, as i invasion that would mean I'd end up needing a lift as well as larger implants later on.

Decision made 295cc moderate

been reading others reviews and checking out picks i've decided to go with 295 cc moderates, now i can relax, start putting on my vitamin D and looking forward to my new boobies


tomorrow is surgery day, my fasting starts now. I should be asleep but it feels like christmas eve I'm so excitably nervous. Worried about recovery and not being able to play and cuddle my little boy. argggg i should get some rest

Op day

So surgery is done and d

Op day

So surgery is done and dusted. I think I went in about 1pm. I had a bucket load of nervous/excited energy before hand and one of the lovely nurses sat with me and talk about random things which really calmed me down it was amazing. I went under in a flash and was out in recovery feeling great next thing. I don't feel pain, just uncomfortable, almost like when you push yourself to much running and you chest feels under pressure. I did try to shut my own car door and that hurt a little. I've been snacking on carrot sticks, blueberry a and protein bars. I'm into body building so in taking my protein supplement, branch chain amino acids and I'll take ZMA before I go to bed as I feel all these will help aid my recovery as they're all about muscle repair and growth. Not much else to say other then the fact that I'm delightfully sleepy and relaxing

Day 1 post op (morning)

So sleeping was hard cause sitting up is uncomfortable. If you haven't had surgery yet go buy a travel pillow to add to your pillow stack cause I felt a little stiff in the beck when my head would fall to the side. I have a pretty high pain threshold and honestly just feel like I did a crazy chest work out yesterday, more uncomfortable then painfull. I am feeling a little short of breath this morning but other then that good. I took some panadeine fort yesterday I took 1.5 tablets instead of two, but I have a really low tolerance for pain medication so I ended up throwing up several times. So today I'm not gonna take any pain meds and see how I go. I haven't taken my bra off yet, I don't want too, not cause I don't want to see them I just feel the suppor is conforting, so I may leave it on till I shower tonight or tomorrow. Took some photos in the bra though.

Day 1 post op

Day 2 post op - Morning

Yesterday afternoon I finally had a look at the request of the nurse to check my incision weren't bleeding to much, there is a spot of blood under my left breast but right is fine. They look Halarious, I'm gonna do my best to not look at them until they drop and fluff as I've read a lot of reviews where people have started to over analyze and get upset and later love them. I felt them really start to swell yesterday the selling moved under my arm and I feel very balloon like and uncomfortable it's not painful other then to touch but it is painful to touch me rib cage below he bra and at the sides under my arms. My friend tricked me into going out for dinner last and I wish I'd been stronger and said no as I felt horrible and sore after, she felt terribly guilty. When she wakes up today she is gonna help me have a shower which in nervous about but looking forward to getting this pen off my ballons hahaa I so badly want to stretch my arms back and stretch out my chest, as it feels mostly like I've been working my chest out a lot. I'm in a long distance relationship and only see me man on the weekends so today he is coming to pick me up and take me home. I'm really looking forward to to going home as I can't clean up after myself and feel like I'm making a mess of me friends house and being a bit of a burden. Also looking forward to seeing my three year old son when her returns from his Dad's tomorow afternoon, but also nervous as I'm worried with the amount of rest I need and want that I won't be giving him the attention he deserves, my mum is staying to help with him

Day 1 afternoon

The fiber supplements and pro biopotic milk drinks seem to be keeping me regular regardless of the antibiotics and pain meds I took which is great. I also am only taking panadol and neurofin for the pain as the prescription meds are too strong for me

Day 3 post Op

Feeling a little less swollen today.
I have some bruising that's come up in between my boobs. I'm still having a nap once a day when I get sore afte being up for half a day but other then that I feel pretty good.
I had a moment today where my son fell off the couch and as I saw him fall out of the corner of my Eye I heard a loud bang as he hit a part of himself on the hard wood coffee table and I went to run, but obviously I can't and I just screamed and burst into tears because I couldn't run over and pick him up like I normally would. My Mum did all that but I just felt so helpless and then instantly terribly guilty and I started crying as I feel really selfish and like a bad Mum because I couldn't give him the minimum a mother should give her son which is comfort. I had a lot of guilt about this whole process to do with being a Mum and a single Mum. The time away from my son, the lack of interaction & affection I can give him while I recover, and the money I borrowed to get it done. It's the first really selfish thing I've ever done in my life and I feel terribly guilty. I'm probably just being over emotional and tired. But I look forward to being heeled and cuddleing my boy and a in few months putting him on my shoulder to walk to child care like we normally do

Day 3

Wonky heeling boobs are funny. Bruising came up between my cleavage today

Day 5

Had the worst sleep :( but that is my dreaded insomnia paying a visit not the boobs. But I woke up sore because I hadn't rested. Took two panadole and it seemed to ease. The swelling has gone down significantly so they look almost like actual boobs and less like deformitys hahaa. Also have a lot more movement in my arms today, can comfortably raid my elbows parallel to my shoulders which is nice, so I had a nice long shower scribed myself and could actually moisturize my body well. Happy with my progress excited for my follow up in two days. Still having a mid day nap which I am off to now. Xo

Day 7

Today is day 7, can't believe it's been a week! Time is flying.
I had my first post op appointment and the the nurse removed my dressing and placed the steriestrips on my incisions. She said all is well and that I can move how ever I feel comfortable and lie flat to sleep if I like. But I think I'll stay sleeping upright for another week. My nipples have become super sensitive almost to a painfull level. They kind of feel like your breast do when you're Breast feeding and get a let down just all day. Went out for lunch and had a pedicure today, feeling really good. Not much else to tell.

Day 10

Feeling great physically. Washed and blow dried my own hair today and I feel like a new women, hahaha look like a new women. I have so much more movement in my arms, and only feel muscle soreness every now and then. My nurse has me doing a stroking drainage type massage on my cleavage to release some of the swelling and it's almost completely gone now. I just use my moisturizer to stroke my two finger down my cleavage with a good amount of pressure from top to bottom. There is very little swelling on the boobs at all, I can tell because they are looking very round and implanty at the moment. Yesterday I gave in and tried on a few peices of clothing and swimsuits (something I was determined not to do till 2-3 weeks) but it was fun and funny as I look like a porn star at the moment they're so round and obviously fake. I've started to add a little arm movement exercise to my morning and night, after moisturize my breast and sides with VitE, I put my arms straight by myside Palm facing back and bring my arms forward and then up as far as I can before I feel resistance of uncomfortable (keeping elbows straight) then bring them out to the sides and down to the beginning, then I go in reverse. I repeat 3 times then do the same thing with my hand facing forward. Not sure if it's helped but if feels super good to move like that.

My breasts and particularly my nipples are extremely sensitive on and off, sometimes it's almost painful other times lightly stroking them with my finger tips feels as good as a head massage at the hair dressers. I try not to look at them to much because I know they will change and look better and better. They're getting softer by the day.

I struggle with anxiety sometimes and this week has been extremely bad, long story short I've lost a lot in the last two years of my life and holidays like Easter, are always really painfull and I always end up alone and it makes it harder. Last night and yesterday my anxiety got the best of me and I began to question if I'd made the wrong decision getting my boobs done. My anxiety has nothing to do with my surgery but because I can't deal with the real issues my over active anxious mind ends up going to any negative thing it can conjur up and run away with, this week the weekness is my augmentation and my anxiety and insomnia are really working it. I try to sleep and it starts. I am no longer my "natural" organic self and does that make me and my life hypocritical? Did I go to big? Do I look fake? Did I ruin my figure? Should I have gone the smaller size? What will people think and what will they say? Am I setting a bad example for my child? Have I screwed myself financially? It's horrible, anxiety is just horrible. Eventually I fell asleep but I am exhausted today. But have left those thoughts behind. My boyfriend keep reminding me I'm not even two weeks post of, which I know. Logically I know they look great for where I'm at and they are only going to get better, but there is no logic in anxiety. Just gotta keep myself distracted and busy.

Today is a better day so tomorow should be better. I'll post some shots from yesterday including the porn boob swimsuit shot haha

Day 11

Today suck

Day 11

I hate it when I accidentally hit post and I have written much or anything ????
So as I was writing today sucked!!!
My insomnia is so bad because my life is extremely stressful and I'm dealing with a lot right now and the more stressed I am the harder it is to sleep, the less I sleep the more stressed I am. today I was a sooky, cranky moody, emotional wreck. After struggling an outfit that cover the ugly recover bra I stupidly decided that my boobs were so big they are making me look fat! ???? seriously what a lunatic. I'm so lucky my boyfriend is very patient and caring. He knows about all the heavy stuff going on in my life and has been very supportive. In saying that if I don't get my shit together I wouldn't be surprised if he left hahaha.
I'm not sure if my boobs were sore today because I accidentally ended up sleeping on my side flat on my bed. But I was very uncomfortable and sore today they felt big and like they were going to explode they are sensitive and my pec muscles are sore like I did a woke out. I'm going to write of today and be patient and kind to myself tomorow.

Tomorow I'm going to write down some affirmations to repeat in my head to counteract the negative thought patterns going on. Finger crossed I can start getting some rest. Time to pull out the chamomile tea, lavender and meditate.
Normally when I'm anxious or stressed I just push myself more with my works out and weight training and pour myself into yoga. Not exercising and not doing yoga is hard enough for my mental state but this resting leaves way to much time to think.

2 weeks post op!!!

Ok so yesterday was a bad day. My insomnia got so bad I had 3-4 hours sleep and my very first thoughts when I woke up were worries about trying to fall asleep later on that night.

I had an appointment with my psychologist and after an hour of over a very traumatic thing I've been dealing with for the past few months we discussed and decided I should go to the doctor and ask for some Valium to help me sleep. She explained that the emotional process I've been going through is grieving and That is what they do for people who are grieving. Taking medication is something I tried to avoid. I'm extremely healthy and I had putting chemicals and synthetics into my body, but the anxiety is getting worse because of the insomnia and the insomnia is fueling the anxiety and I need some help. So last night I took a Valium at 9:30pm and slept until my son woke up at 7am. I feel like a new women. I'm still tired but I have enough energy to be positive and present, and I just know after two more good sleeps I'll be back to my oldself.

Now for boob information! Haha my breast have been hard and sore which I suspected was due tony lack of sleep and today they are all ready softer which means I was right. They are still very round Andy don't think there is any swelling left, I'm just waiting excitedly for them to drop. Ever day I only look at them to moisturize in the morning and before bed and I allow myself to try on one piece of clothing every second day. The reason for that is they don't look as good as they will when they're settled and I don't need to fuel the insecurities with visuals of them not looking 100%

I'm informed enough to know they're not going to look great for months but is easy to be impatient and get carried away so I'm avoiding them. I did however film a video of my squeezing them and lifting them so I can film again in two weeks to compare. I've decided to only take progress photos every 3-4 days now as the changes are slowing and there is little difference in the past few pics. I can feel them dropping as I have slight pain in the lower crease and incisions which I didn't previously have. I can do light cardio from today so I'm gonna try and get a walk in every day and I've just bought a exercise bike for $20 second hand so I can jump on that, as I feel not exercising is adding to the insomnia.

Keep shopping online for lingerie day dreaming, filling my cart and then closing it hahahah. I loooove lingerie always have, it's my happy item, it makes me feel sexy and I love it. So I can't wait for the next four weeks to fly and I can't start wearing something sexy again. Ill just buy a few cheepys to get me through and then I have a tin I've been putting money in for a good proper lingerie shopping spree when I'm 6 months.
Anyways that's all for now.

Thanks for all the kind words whilst i was in my potty party.

2.5 weeks pot op

Feeling a lot better now I'm sleeping and my boobs have softened. Feeling better about them too. They still feel huge to me and my boyfriend keeps saying they look small (which is how I want them) but that they feel huge in his hands hahaha I said "that's because you're use to nothing!

Now I'm getting rest I can see the humor in how round and fake they look this early on and I'm enjoying the processes again. I can comfortably sleep flat and on my side which I do when my man is here otherwise I'm still sleeping 45 degree upright half on my side on the couch
A few days ago I put on a sexy teddy for my man and felt wonderful, he was very taken with the new ladies, but sex is a little tricky though.
I feel comfortable walking even at fast paced now. I bought a exersize bike for $20 second hand and I'm gonna start getting into cardio and doing some lower body stuff with resistance bands for the next two weeks then I'm super excited to get back to the gym and start doing heavy lower body work!

I'm into body building so I'm planning on competing Ina bikini comp later in the year
I love lingerie it's my happy purchase when I'm sad I buy it, I always wear it, like I never wear normal underwear cause it makes me feel feminine and sexy even if no one is seeing it and I keep strolling past the lingerie sections and looking and guessing at my size and arguing about buying it and if it doesn't for I can return it and I'm like "stop being stupid you can wear it for ages anyway" hahaha I packed up all my old bras for a friend ???? good bye my loves hhaha

I bought a rash shirt today that's tiny so it covers my boobs so I don't get burnt but still can get a tummy tan. Only $15 from target and my cleavage looks very nice when unzip hahah.
I've been making videos once a week to keep track of how they're softening. I won't bother posting them until there are significant differences.
Over all feeling great, positive and confident

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op.

So today I got my Steri strips of and the first look at my scars. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm freaking out. My left breast incision is so near and thing and reasonably smooth, my right is swollen and bump and messy, I'm confused as to why there is such a difference.
I am to commence massage on both breast to help them soften and drop and they have actually soften slot since I started sleeping well. But when I massage the incisions I can feel so many knots and bumps under the shin and a lot more and a lot large on the right incision.
The last nurse I saw at one week told me sleep however a comfy and have sex just no grabbing. She was really blazay. This today women was very stricken and by the book and I'm so confused as to who to listen too. She encouraged me to sleep upright as long as possible.
I'm trying not to think to much about the incision as the right one seems pretty horrible to me, I don't want my man to see it.

I also for a little down as I have a wedding coming up, I will be 5 weeks post op and the nurse said I can't have a night off from my bra. So now I have to attempt to find a dress that fits me, covers this stupid ugly recovery bra and also makes me look attractive. I can't find anything affordable online. Today is a potty party.
Though I'm looking forward to see how the massages three times a day affect my breast softness. More photos of my boobs and incision

Size freak out, personal realization and peace

I've been really struggling with the size. The truth is I didn't want large breast. Just full breast again. I just wanted to be a small C like I use to. But in doing my research all the other ladies who got 275cc ended up B cups and the next option in moderate was 295 so I chose that. Now I know they aren't that big, but to me they feel huge, I would have prefer small breast, no cleavage and being able to wear a push up bra when I wanted a cleavage, like my post baby boobies were. If I could go back in time I would change then to 275. But I may have ended up still feeling the same. And we'll I can't go back in time so this whole thought process and worrying is a stupid negative waste of my time.
They're here now and I must learn to love them cause I can not afford a revision (financially and mentally ahhaa)
All this "resting" gives me to much time to think which has been my down fall up until now. But I've come to some realizations. I have been struggling of late with a feeling of a "loss of self" over the past three years, I had to let go of a 13 year relationship, a marriage, my idea of what my life was and what my future would be, I found out my husband wasn't who I thought he was and had been lying to me for years. I found what I thought was the love of my life, my happy ending and had that ripped out from under my feet, and I just recently I've lost contact with my family over some very heavy horrible stuff . The truth is I've lost a lot, my past isn't what I thought it was, my present ain't "what it's meant to be" and I have no f&$king clue what my future is going to be.
I've been left with a sense of isolation which has meant a change in attitude, it's just me and my son against be world. He and I are all I have and all I trust and so I am going to invest in US only. So I got this surgery for me, because I was sick of hating myself, and I've never done anything selfish and indulgent. I'm glad I got the surgery but I realize now it was a little grasp to get back something I lost. I've lost so much in the last few years and the Last 5 months I've felt like I lost myself. I think this is why I'm stressing and being silly because I wanted to look the same as I did post pregnancy, so I could feel the same, so I could feel like me. It's silly I know, but it was subconscious until now. And I can recognize the disappointment is only stemming on me looking different to how I imagined, how I use too.
Now I've realized this I can move on.
Cause I can't ever go back, I can't ever be who I was, not emotionally or physically, and I shouldn't want too. I should always be progressing and involving and improving.
This isn't the old me with my old perky little 20something breast, this is the new 30 year old me who's fitter then I've ever been with great gorgeous boobs to match.

I love these little realizations!
I'm feeling so much better and the scars are healing well. I'm only taking photos once a week now so I'll update you all in a few days Xoxox

Week 4

4 weeks today!!

I can't believe the 4 weeks have passed so quickly, well kind of. It's been an emotional rollacoaster thanks to outside unrelated issues. But I'm feeling good, feeling happy.

Today my right breast is weirdly sore, it started last night when I took off my bra and laid down whilst waiting for the silicone gel on my scars to dry. It's a little like an ache, and it hurts when I squeeze my breast also. But it's super soft and squishy today which is weird.

My right breast has dropped quicker but it was allready lower and the doc lowered my left incision to try and even them up. I've decided the right peck is automatically being massaged just simply because I'm right handed so I'm going to consciously try and use my left hand as my prominent hand as much as I can and see if that helps, as the left breast is still hard and high. The TCI says you can return to normal exercise from four weeks, but as I've been terribly inactive and I'm normally lifting weights 5-6 days a week and yoga 6 days, I'm just going to go hard on the cardio and yoga for a week and then start adding strength training back in week 5 (lower body of course)

My incisions have improved so much in only a week! Which makes me feel great. Some days I worry they look too fake and big or I get down about them so I try on a peace of lingerie, take a photo and make myself feel sexy again hahaha.
I'm so excited I only have two more weeks in this bra. It's comfy but very hard to dress for, because I don't normally wear sleeves, I'm more of a singlet kind of girl. Anyways all is good. Hope all you ladies and your new twins are well Xoxox

Week 4 post op

First day back at the gym. I did 20mins on the bike set on aerobic. Then leg press and crunches, inclined crunches and obliques, used the hip flexor machine (or the good girl bad girl machine) and a spot of yoga. I woke up this morning and my left breast was a little painfull but the same pain as the right yesterday and funly enough that breast has super softened over night. So maybe my choice to start trying to use my left hand instead of right actually worked. Who knows! All I know is I feel great. I'm so excited for them to get softer and the coming weeks

5 weeks

5 weeks today!! I've been back at the gym the past week trying for every second day working legs and abs and doing cardio at home when I can. Also practicing my yoga again which is helping me regain my sanity ????
My boobs feel soft and squishy some days and hard as rocks the next, I miss doing upper body work, I miss my deadlifts but I'm honestly just so thankful to be back training. I got the ok from the nurse to wear a regular underwire bra to a wedding on Saturday and my boyfriend said he'd take me shopping for one before the wedding. So I went and got fitted today and the women said you're a 10C, I was excited! "Oh I'm so happy I really didn't want to be a D, and they felt much bigger then a C to me" then I tried on the 10c and it was pretty obvious I needed a 10D ???? I think because they're moderate the projection isn't very big so they measure smaller then they are. She said "I hope you're still happy"
The truth is if I could go back and change it I'd go 275cc or possible the next down, but if I could go back in time the least of my life corrections would be my implant size Hahahaha
My attitude is this; they're larger then I wanted, but there isn't anything I can do about it now so I'm just gonna embrace it and enjoy it, I wanted to look like I use to, but I'll never be that person again, I must keep evolving and now so has my body.

I messaged a friend on Monday telling her I was upset as I told her about my surgery in confidence and made it clear i wished to keep it a secret,and because of her at least four other people know. 3 of those people would never have found out cause I never see them and I don't care about them. I told her I didn't need people I don't know or care about, judging or staring at me. I explained I didn't wish to fight I just wanted to tell her I was upset, and she hasn't written back. In fact she has ignored my messages all together since. I'm a bit shocked, but someone warned me I may lose friends over this, I didn't think it would be possible. It's just such a private thing I really did it for myself and I don't wish to discuss it with people I don't care about, or answe a hindered questions. Just because I bought them doesn't make them any less MY BOOBs and not something you ask a women about.

I had a really bad few days as there has been a lot going on in my life so after the fitting I went and spent a bit of money I don't have buying a few bras to cheer myself up, cause as of next week my boobs are free from this post op bra!!! Woohooo lingerie always cheers me up and I miss wearing it.
I'm excited to see my surgeon next week, I'm excited for the next stage. I'm excited to be training. I'm excited to show of my new body on saturday. (Im excited because I actually don't know anyone going, for the wedding is my boyfriends work mate ahahha so I can bring them out with out my people seeing)
I've posted a few photos my nipples are lobbed sided but they were post surgery, so I don't care and I shared a photo with my nipples cover so you can see they aren't as different as they appear, but my left still needs to drop a little and it's getting more massage then the right. Incisions haven't changed much in the past week. That's all for me

Size freak out almost 6 weeks

So in two days shy of 6 weeks and the size thing is bothering me. I went to a wedding on Saturday and got to wear a normal bra and an old dress that now looks completely different on me. I wish I felt sexy but I honestly just felt self conscious and silly. I feel like they are so big I look very porno. I wasn't sure weather to post about this as I'm all over the shop, and I'm not sure if it's because of all the other extremely stressful things going on in my life or if it's normal and so it would be comforting to anyone going threw the same.

I never wanted to be big breasted I just wanted breasts. I explained this to my surgeon one my consultation and I wish I'd stuck to those ideas stronger but I was worried I'd be upset they were to small as that is what the surgeon and nurses recommended. But I honestly just feel silly. They don't in any manner look real as there is so much upper pole and cleavage. I feel like I now can't wear the semi skimpy clothing I use to wear because i just look slutty not sexy and all you see is boobs. I feel like I'm going to now have to dress and shop to cover them up, or they draw to much attention. My sister's sister-in-law asks her about a photo from the wedding I posted on Instagram saying "why is she wearing such a push up bra? Seriously what the f&$k is she doing!?!" One part of me was thinking "i always wore massive push up bras I just had nothing to show for it, stop being a judge mental b!tch" the other half of me is upset because the bra didn't even have padding. I wish I had thicker skin, but I hate the idea of people talking about me and judging me. It would be fine if I was happy and confident in my decision but I now feel the need to constantly tell people "I wanted them smaller but I can't do anything now"
I thought I'd made peace with the size last week but now I'm a mess again. Maybe I just have pms? Hahaha I should check that.
I'm looking forward to my 6 week appointment and what the doc has to say as I've only seen nurses since my surgery. Looking forward too wearing normal bras and so normal clothes, and then settling down and less upper pole. I really hope they look more realistic after a few months. Sorry for the freak out. I wanted to be honest about my insecurity. Not because I'm searching for approval, just simply because it is comforting to know that other people go through what you do. Nice to feel normal.

I would though recommend to any fitchics who just want some shape rather hen big breast to go the smaller options as my implant is small compared to most and I still feel huge

6 weeks post op

6 weeks today!! Woohooo! So I saw my surgeon for the first time since the surgery and I was torturing myself about the size driving in and had a little cry.
He was shocked when I told him I wish I'd gone smaller and that I feel like I now have to dress really conservative for it to not be noticeable. He was shocked as he is use to women wishing they went bigger. I expressed my concerns, and how I wanted to look natural and not be noticeable and once they were out I felt better. I also had a list of questions about sleeping, bras and maybe 5-10 regarding weightlifting and yoga ???? the nurse laughed about how many specific exercise questions I had.
I can now wear any bra I want so I went straight to Kmart and jump tested the sport bras and bought two. I'm going to just buy cheap bras for now. I started a little piggy bank pre surgery in order to fund all the new bras (and matching undies of course) I'll have to buy. But I'm going to wait for the six months mark as my breast will be more settled then, and I will have lost the body fat I want as well so my size may be different. But the moment I hit six months I'm going and buying my gorgeous new breast some equally gorgeous new lingerie. I've always love lingerie and only bought cheap or what's on sale, this time round I'm going to buy high quality stuff, because you don't buy a Ferrari and park it on the street every night!

The nurse who was there was really helpful, I spoke about the thick scar tissue I could feel from the internal stitches and she told me to use quite a rough pinching technique to help dissolve the stitches and soften the tissue so I began that tonight.
I asked about what to sleep in and after discussing it with them I decided I will still sleep in my post op bra (except on weekends when my boyfriends here????????????????) It's comfy and supportive so why not give that extra support at night.
I spoke about nipple sensitivity and they said it will probably fade but in a few people it doesn't or it can go numb. I'm not too concerned really, it's no big deal but would be nice if it went back to normal. (Your nipples are a little dead after breast feeding anyway haha)

I mentioned some movement or exercises felt like I was pulling on the internal stitches and should I avoid them or just get use to it and they said not to worry I can't tear anything open at this point, so I have permission to return to my full yoga practice!!!

As soon as I got home I put on my new sports bra (actually I put on a crop top over my sports bra, as I put on the bra in the car park at the shops because I was so eager to get out of the post op bra) and I sprinted out my front door and did interval sprints around the block. It felt a little weird and uncomfortable physically the pulling as they bounced and my tight pectoral being stretched as I hit the pavement. But it felt amazing mentally! (But I'm pretty sure I almost died from lack of fitness????)
I came home and did an amazing glutes and arm work out. Did plenty of bicep curls, some presses and tricep kickbacks. I attempted some tricep dips but they worked my peck to much and I felt uncomfortable, so I'm gonna leave them alone for a few weeks. I've decided to avoid isolating chest exercises until three most post op, to help the muscle relax and try and reduce some of my upper pole. I'll still do exersizing that include my pecs as stablisers to help build strength. But god dam it feels great to not be physically limited! Can't wait to get back to the body I was proud of post surgery. I'm going to post some of my new bras and I'll do another post of video comparisons for softness because I found those so interesting from other ladies. But I'm going to delete this app of my phone in a few days. After this post I'll respond to comments and then I'm going to have a break from the forum for a few weeks and only post once a month. This network is amazing and you ladies have been so supportive but I'm not using this ap in a healthy way. I get focused on other peoples results and comparing myself, spend hours scrolling and it's silly and destructive. So I will be in touch!, just not as often. I feel great and it's amazing to be able to wear normal bras and normal clothes again!! Woohooo boobies!

6 week photos

8 weeks post op

8 weeks post op

8 weeks today! They've soften up really nicely and I've been pinch massaging the scars very vigorously so I feel they're has been a lot of improvement on the internet scar tissue. My right breast I can barely feel anything under the skin my left still has a chunk I can feel which I hope eases eventually. I had bought some cheap bras to try and last me 6 months but they're quite uncomfortable so j may have to fork out some $$ sooner for nicer stuff. I have one or two sexy bras, two sports bras and and three tshirt bras.
I don't think the scars have changed much which is a a little disheartening. But I know that will probably take a year before they're not noticeable. I'm still very self conscious about how big they are and finding 10d sports bras that are quality is impossible they just never seem to have my size. I've been covering them up a lot and wearing baggy T-shirts. It's good we are coming into winter as it makes it easier to keep them hidden and by the time the layers come off I'll be more comfortable with them. I went to the beach the other day with my son and was super paranoid about people looking at me thinking "look how fake her boobs are" seriously what an idiot! Hahaha most days I don't notice them, but I am very much enjoying having them in the bedroom. Im still manage them once or twice a day.
I've been depressed and suffers some pretty bad anxiety due to my relationship falling apart so I've been slacking of my exercise which isn't helping me feel good about myself but when I do train I train hard. I did deadlifts yesterday forge first time since my surgery and felt great. Today i feel like someone beat me up Hahahaha but it's just DOMS. For the most part I'm happy, and I know the more they settle and the more time goes on, the happier I'll be with them. Hope you're all well

3 months Post OP

Hi Lovely Ladies.
Well things have changed so much since my surgery. I've had so many emotional stressful things in my life unrelated to my breast but i think in the beginning of recovery it was effecting the way I felt about my breast. BUT finally!!!! finally! I'm at peace with my breast. They always will be bigger then what I wanted, but I'm comfortable with them now, I like them and they feel like they're mine not some add on attachment which is great!!!. I've had one or two occasions where I've shown them off, but its winter so they're mostly hiding at the moment thanks to the winter layers hahaha.
I got breast implants because my empty post pregnancy and breast feeding boobs literally disgusted me. I'm a extremely very fit person and before my surgery I was very confident and proud of my body except my breast, i literally hated them, i was insecure, i felt like i could never not wear a bra, that I didn't look feminine, and during sex if i caught sight of them I would be turned off and be hoping my boyfriend wasn't looking at them too. Those hateful feelings about my own body are gone and that is so liberating!! sex is so much better because when my breast are getting attention i don't squirm with insecurities any more i can enjoy that. My nipples are no longer hypersensitive too which is great! because that was really annoying. I'm still massaging in the morning and at night and applying the silicone to my scars, I've been very rough massaging/pinching my scars to try and soften the lumps of the internal scars but haven't notice much of a change in 2-3 weeks. My scars are fading nicely and honestly everything is going well. I've bought a few bra's on sale (i have a lingerie addiction) but I haven't yet lost the body fat I gained from my surgery because I've been studying really hard and dealing with a gut wrenching break up so my work outs have been few and far between. So I'm going to be getting back into it soon and I'll wait till 6 months post op to buy some nice expensive stuff as I'm worried I may drop a bra size if I loose the rest of my natural tissue with my body building obsession.
Overal I am so happy and glad I've got them gone. I do feel guilty about the money as Since my surgery Ive had my computer die, which i need for work, a expensive specialist appointment for my child, car registration which require 4 new tyres and so I've had to borrow money from family members which is something I've never had to do before. It makes me feel irresponsible and like a bad Mum to be honest, and it's not pleasant to feel guilty and ashamed of the only selfish thing you ever did for yourself in your life, especially when it makes you feel so good about yourself. I can't help but think people are going to be like "oh.. she is crying poor but has enough money for cosmetic surgery!! well thats her own fault" I'm still paying off my surgery and will be until i finish my study and can start making more money.

The only other concern I have is now I'm single, i feel insecure about my scars, My ex boyfriend is an incredibly beautiful man he was so supportive of my surgery and my emotional struggles after, I still love him and I'm not sure I'll ever stop because he is incredible, but we just couldn't make it work.
But now I have to think about the time when I'm ready to get back out there, and how I'm going to be insecure about my scars, there is a misconception and stigma attached to the bad stereotype of a girl with "fake tits" and I don't want people to mis judge who I am,.
I guess any man stupid enough to do so is probably not intelligent enough for me fall in love with and so i shouldn't care about his opinion, but its still something that crosses my mind.
Hope you're all well, I'll check back on comment over the next few days and then won't post for another month.
Dr Chiu

I had my consultation, Dr Chiu was nice and has a good sense of humour which is great because I use humour as a coping method hahaha. He suggested I go 400cc which is WAY to big for me, I kept trying on smaller and smaller and though Im booked in Im losing up between 275cc and 295cc moderates. Doctor was encouraging larger as he said most people who go smaller are disappointed and wish they went larger. But Im not getting implants for size, i just want fullness, I just want to be able to wear a dress with out a bra, and not hate my breast

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