680 cc saline implants...

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I found a really good plastic surgeon here in...

I found a really good plastic surgeon here in North Carolina named dr Hamel and he had a deal going on for the month of January a saline boob job only costed $2500!!! Crazy right!!! I'm so excited and ready for this day to come. I am only 5'3 and weighing 160. Has anyone else gone that small to that big?

Going bigger :)

After a lot of consideration and going to another consultation and trying on sizers and doing a 3D imaging I'm thinking I am now gonna go with 700cc hp saline under the muscle ... The 500 cc just seem to dissapear on my body... My husband says it's because I am very broad shouldered. Hopefully there will look good on me. Scared I will look funny... But like they say go big or go home huh lol...

Anyone my size ever get 700cc??

I'm kinda worried cause I don't wanna look fat lol I want to look perportional... If anyone else could give me their stats and how big they went that would be greAt lol... I am 5'3 165lbs bwd is 14 my hips are 41 inches...

Ba was today!!

Went In at 11 took an Ativan to mellow out a little... Then I had to take 2 more on top of a muscle relaxer... I had my surgery ......AWAKE..... It was scary as hell I ain't gonna lie I was crying lol... I ended up with 680cc mod+ ... Right now i am back home bad feel like I have a huge elephant sitting on my chest... It isn't very pleasant... And I'm in pain but the meds aren't really working they have me on percocets ... I'm icing them now hopefully this with help a lot..... Oh and btw the laying in a 45 degree angle is awful it's killing my back horribly :( but so far I like what I see

Me before

3 days post op

Still wrapper up for a week... So ready to see these things haha ... I'm so anxious... The pain is starting to subside... But I'm on point with my pain meds ... Work up hurting bad at like 5 am... Wasn't very pleasant at all... And it sucks to try and do anything I never really understood how much of my chest muscles I've actually used lol... I can't get in or out of bed with out help. Can't get dressed ... Can't even put on deodorant and this sleeping is horrible on my back :(

I'm so excited

So far in happy I know thus have a lot more dropping and fluffing to go :)

Sports bra

Morning boob is real

I've been up for the past hour with horrible morning boob and it isn't a jok3... Only thing that seems to help mine is a heating pad and I'm running out of options to try and get comfortable :( uhhh I just want to sleep on my side once again:(. How long do you guys wear the white strap to hold ur boobs down? And how tight should I have it on?

Swelling in stomach

How in the world do u get that mess to go away???

3 days post op

I'm really starting to love these things... I know they still have a few months to give me my final result... My back is still killing me from sleeping in weird positions... Can't get comfortable to save my life... Any one have any tricks?

How to get rid of this horrific morning boob???

The horrible morning boob that wakes you up after finally finding a comfortable position to fall asleep but you jump from a jolt of pain in your boobs that are absolutely horrible and one fine any thing that could else ease these pains

When could everyone else begin to massage their breast?

When were you actually told that you could massage your breast??? Also how long did they tell you to not lift anything over a certain amount??
One of told me not to pick my 18 month old up for 2 weeks and then another told me not to for a month.

5 days post op

There isn't much of a change. I still have a small amount of pain, but it's tolerable .... I still can't lift my arm up to high but I'm getting there.... Still can't sleep on my side or stomach which sucks but Owell.... Morning boob is still there.... But as far as looks it's still very high and this strap is killing my underarms!!! Any suggestions on how to help that?

1 week

Yay I'm @ my 1 week post op :) so exciting... They have changed so much over the past week... Still having to wear this breast strap and it sucks and is very uncomfortable but I guess I gotta do what I gotta do lol

2 weeks post op

I got released today!!! My ps told me I can resume all physical activity... Yay gym here I come lol... I've been massaging like crazy I'm so ready for the to drop n fluff and just be pretty lol I'm ready to go bathing suit n bra shopping haha.

4 weeks post op!!!

They are looking so much better!! Getting prettier as time goes on...

4 weeks post op

7 weeks post op

Love these things :)

2 months post op

It's crazy how much they have changed... And I know they still have a lil but more changing to do... This was the best decision I could have ever made

5 months post op

I am in love!!! If you want beautiful breast def go see complete laser clinic in nebo nc! This was the best decision i have ever made! You cant even tell mine arent real!! I havent had any complications went for my 3 month check up awhile back and got released to where i dont have to go back :) yay!!! If u have any questions u can def ask me!

Almost 1 year

Still in love with my results!
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