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I'm 39 yrs old..5 ft 5 inches and 70kgs and had my...

I'm 39 yrs old..5 ft 5 inches and 70kgs and had my one and only child (now 21) when I was 17 and I think because of my young age my stretch marks were severe. I have never felt happy with my body as very prone to cellulite and weight gain and now before I hit 40 I want a better looking body and to have the confidence to date again! 8 yrs ago I had a breast augmentation...taking me from a 34B to 34DD.
Five weeks ago I had a tummy tuck and liposuction to abdo and final procedure before I hit the big 40 will be a butt lift with fat transfer from back, thighs arms.
I am very happy with the tummy tuck results and cannot wait to improve the rest as I have a flat, square butt and damn fat I need toning lol...once my recovery from tummy tuck is complete I will aim to tone up before transformation in September this year.
BTW..I live in the United Kingdom and have researched many places to have the butt lift abroad as really expensive in the came across Comfort zone Cosmetics in Istanbul Turkey...fantastic reviews of the surgeon, staff, location and cost...
I have been obsessed with real self for months now and really want to be part of the realself community as its super supportive and helps other people with this whole process.
Butt lifts not common procedure in uk but joined this site now I want a better butt and hour glass definition!! I cant wait!!

To DR or not to DR...that is the question???? as I said previously the bbl is not a common surgical procedure in the UK, I read about two drs in DR that produce fantastic results dr Medina and Dr Rafael Estevez who by all accounts take great care of their patients and are great surgeons....but long way to travel and would the fat graft survive ten hours on a plane and 3 more on a coach. ...ahh what to do???

To DR!

Quote after quote after quote....decision is made Dra Baez for September. ..
Think I better start toning up...just used the plastic surgery app and cant wait for the new me! Can't believe how fat and saggy I have become. ..anytime I am having second thoughts about surgery I will look at the "after" pic from the app...that will instantly romove any doubts lol


The time has flown by and as my title says I have literally been working all hours! I work in accident and emergency and also anaesthetics so its been really stressful and busy-working 70 hour weeks to afford this surgery.
Anyway taking a coach from Cardiff to Heathrow on to Miami then to santo domingo.
Decided to stay in a hotel and have paid a deposit to Dra Tania Medina but still like Cabral's work!
Nearly packed and ready to go...will update my journey as it unfolds----the good the bad and the ugly lol

Tania Medina? Cabral? Baez?

So many great surgeons and as I'm going so far away I want a really "worth it" and a noticeable difference.

Tania medina barbie....

Dra Medina sent some fantastic pics of girls she has worked on....I'm really impressed small waists, nice butts...cant wait for my transformation!
All packed and ready to roll at 4am.....cant wait to get to the Dominican. ..

miami airport on to DR

Sitting in Miami airport waiting to board for DR.....nervous as hell and hoping against hope that there is a taxi driver waiting in DR holding a sign with my name on! Hope to hear from Dr Medina soon!! Gulp!!

tania medina and colleagues are the best!!!

Had surgery on the 1st of september felt terrible until today but had 10 litres of fat removed and lots put into my ass!! Itshuge!
The staff were amazing so kind and caring! Tania was so lovely and professional and really listened.
I felt dreadful until today but have been out in the zona colonial and have done some shopping!
Out tonight for chinese!

big puffy legs more cankles than ankles!

Cannot believe the size of my calfs and ankles they are unbelievably huge to the point the skin feels like it will split.
Need tp speak to tania medina as they are like elephant legs??? Is this normal?
Elevating them above my hip and hope this works.

big puffy calfs!!!

unable to sleep so will update....????

After landing in the DR after a twelve hour flight we were met by Tania medina's driver who speaks fantastic english. He took us to the clinic Dr Medina works from which is lovely, clean and modern.
The nurse did not speak english so it was a little tough checking in and completing the pre-op reviews....for some reason she wanted me to fill them in twice??
My friend and I slept in the clinic and next morning I was visited by Dr Tania Medina and her lovely assistant who were kind, professional and so easy to talk to. I had an Ecg, blood pressure check and history with another english speaking doctor and then I was taken to another hospital for x-ray which was quick and efficient.
Returning to the clinic my bloods were taken and a urine sample given.
Tania came to take pre op pics and to give me the blue pill. I didnt feel too nervous and then I walked a small distance to the operating room where a very handsome young man helped to prepare me for surgery.
I remember next waking up and feeling no pain but terrible, drained, sleepy and ill....I was unable to stop vomiting but my friend and the nurses were great. The nurse gave me iv fluids and iron and anti-nausea meds. The op lasted from 9.30 till 14.30 so five hours in all and ten litres of fat removed acquating to 2.2 lbs per litre-so said after that she put 1.5 litre in each cheek!
The next two days were hard going, I had a massage straight away sore but good by Ana who is skilled and lovely.
I needed a blood transfusion as Haemoglobin went from 13.4 to 8....I felt tired, dizzy and weak. After the transfusion I felt so much better!
I felt like I had been hit by a truck and even 5 days on I'm sore with painful incisions.
Tania Medina wanted me to stay for 3 nights in the clinic and I'm so glad I did...I slept all day and all night....the lovely nurses would wake me up and feed me....and I'm normally really independent! They were so kind....a truly lovely team!
Day 3 had more bloods taken, seen by Tania Medina and given the OK to return to the hotel.
The 3 night stay, the iron, the blood were not charged. How cool is that! Thanks Tania.

first post op pics but will take better as swelling reduces.

forgot butt shot....from no ass to hello ass

7 weeks post op....very happy with Tania Medina's work.

Have not been on realself as I was far too addicted to the was kinda of taking over my life!
Anyway its been 7 weeks since surgery and I am pleased with my results...posting a few pics which really do not do it justice.
I didnt want a huge ass just an uplifted one and I have got that.
I am starting the gym today to tone up as my thighs still are a little chubby but going to work on them!
I am going back to Tania Medina for a breast uplift in April and maybe a little more lipo on thighs....we shall see.
Does the itching ever go away? Its driving me insane still!!!!!
Goodluck to everyone having a procedure or is healing...takecare all.

4 months post op.

Haven't updated in along time but just had a msg asking about itching so will update now.
Its been 4 months since my bbl and it was quite a recovery. The pain in my lower back and hips was the hardest to cope with along with the itching which is fair to say drove me insane. I even bought a scratcher but think this made things worse as once I started itching one area it would set off my entire body! Keeping cool taking piriton and time were the only things that helped. My itching stopped around three months post op.....but in that time I still worried that I had a serious underlying disorder but glad and very relieved to say its much better and I guess its just the nerves healing but its nasty!
I had really bad swelling to my calfs and thighs but found putting pillows under the mattress really helped with that rather than resting my legs on top of a load of pillows as I would fall off to sleep and the pillows would be on the floor when I woke up.
My butt is bigger than I wanted it and measures at 46 inches despite sitting on it from day one. Overall I am very happy with Tania Medinas work. I still receive whatsapp messages asking how I am.....she is cool and she has just had twins! No sstopping the lady lol.
I found I became really complacent after the surgery as I loved my figure and thought I wouldn't put on weight after liposuction but I was very wrong and soon put on over a stone.....losing it now though.
Overall really happy with my shape and glad I had this procedure done.

5 months post op pic

8 months post op pics tania medina

There is no excuses but have not been to the gym or been eating clean in the last 8 months since surgery... think it's complacency just wish I could find some motivation.
Considering weight gain and lack of toning I am very happy with my figure and look good when dressed up....Tania Medina did a great job and think if I dieted and exercised like she told me to I would look good lol

8 months post op cont

One from behind

from behind

Updated photo's 2 years on

Tania Medina shaped me beautifully her liposuction skills are superb. My bottom though needs some attention therefore am going for round 2 sadly not with Tania Medina as I need a thigh lift and she would not combine a bbl with the thigh lift procedure. Therefore I am going to Dr Emmanuel Mallol as I have heard great things about him! Flights paid deposits payed via PayPal (very simple) booked with dream body divas recovery house. I am booked in for the 5th of December, only 5 weeks away so on strict iron regime as Hb was low in September.
All I have to get is spare FaJa, booty cushion and I am set!
Will update and add pics nearer the time.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Didnt go to Turkey went to Dr Tania Medina in DR. An amazing doctor and a lovely person. So glad I choose to have my surgery with her plus the Clinic she works from is pristine. A great team of people.

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